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From time to time I send out a newsletter informing of any new articles, etc. on this home page. Filling in this form below subscribes you to a list where you will be sent occasionally news of changes this site, and also our sister site,

Note that I/we have nothing to do with the Church of Scientology – I was thrown out of that body in March 1983, and have been working since then to preserve the positive aspects of the Scientology and Dianetics heritage and document its history including the negative sides, to help to preserve the positive side and as a sort of warning not to let that sort of thing happen again! You can see a short autobiography of me at the following site:

All we really need is your email address, so the other boxes below are optional, but it's nice to know who's receiving these letters and where they are, et cetera. The data isn't passed on to any other body or individual. Sometimes, if you click or double-click in a field (ready to enter data) a little helpline may show up (an additional bonus if you're lucky!).

Just to check that some troublemaker or practical joker is not putting your name on here out of fun or malice you will be sent an email and asked to confirm.

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