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This site started in December 2009. This extra page of FriScientology practitioners has been added in February 2022. In the intervening years a good deal has been added concerning the good and bad points about Scientology and a fair number of details of its chequered history. The general aim has been to clear people's minds of some of the rubbish so that with an easy mind they can try the useful parts of Scientology. But in all that time we have never given any hint as to where you can get that from. So we are rectifying this on this page and in the course of the next few months we will present a small selection of FriScientology practitioners who are willing to give auditing, training, supervision and/or advice.

Practitioners are listed in good faith but, as we/I have not used all practitioners ourselves/myself, we/I cannot guarantee results. Wishing you well.

So I ask your patience while we work on it, and if you are a practitioner who would like his/her name here please write to my colleague Beth Guest at the following address:

(FriScientology/Free Zone refers to people providing Scientology services who have no connection to the Scientology official/original organisation. There have been other names, including Clearing Practitioners and Independents)

All best wishes, Ant

All practitioners were asked the following questions:-

  1. Where are you located?
  2. What services can you offer? Up to what level?
  3. What languages can you offer?
  4. Are you happy to work over the internet?
  5. Instructions for new customers, for example: Do you offer a free DofP with a quote for cost?
  6. A little bit about you (your qualifications if you like)
  7. Anything else you would like to add?

Heidrun Beer

  1. Denmark
  2. DEEP Clearing, Life Coaching, Life Wheel Coaching, Life Lesson Processing.
  3. English, German (my native tongue)
  4. We are happy to work over the internet
  5. We offer a free DofP with a quote for cost
  6. I am NED trained in the church but have delivered all levels up to NOTs under the supervision of Ralph Hilton and Clearbird (Rolf Dane).
    Most importantly I am Co-Developer of DEEP Clearing, a creation of Clearbird (Rolf Dane), which is the A. completion of the unfinished work LRH did on the GPM case and has B. been expanded by us to also cover GPMs between group minds (morphic fields = cultural group identities) and other identities either overlooked or otherwise not specified by LRH.
    Most of my work has been done with DEEP Clearing - see our websites (for the general public) and (for Scientologists).
  7. I have also developed my own body of work which has to do with "Life Wheels" (integration of 8 major life areas, not to be confused with Hubbard's 8 dynamics) and "Life Lessons" (having to do with between-lives "screenwriting" as researched by Michael Newton and Robert Schwartz). I am using these as a complementary system of item finders for DEEP Clearing sessions and, where indicated, gentle but thorough application of Ethics conditions.

Contact Details
Skype: hbeer541

Max Hauri @ Ron's Org Grenchen

  1. Grenchen, Switzerland
    The org is really the org - not someone’s living room and kitchen!
    We are very close to the station and close to the highway. It is easy to find all categories of accommodation from B&B to hotel or a furnished apartment. We are in the middle of the city, close to shopping malls and restaurants.
  2. Basically everything. From Div 6 course up to OT 48 including the Original OTs 4-7 and the Ls. All the auditing. We also delivier the SHSBC and Class VIII and Class X, XI and XII. We delivier all admin training including the OECs.
    We have a standard course room open from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm 7/7 all year long.
    We also have a co-auditing program running.
    Max provides an explanation of OT levels above OT8:
    Up to NOTs or Excal we are in the PreOT levels. (You may find that term several times on the Class VIII.) With completion of Excal you have handled the other-determined case (from the bottom of the bridge to Excal.) The OT levels from 9-16 are handling the self-determined case. You handle and as-is what you have created and threw into the paying field. With the levels 17-33 you handle the pan-determined actions. With 34-40 you become a Games Master (after all life is a game.) With 41-48 you are auditing new games.
  3. German, French, English, Spanish.
    Our course room always has the newest non-confidential course pack online in German, French and English.
    The RO (Ron’s Org) Grenchen is the Pubs of the German and French books. We are print them and we have books available in hard copy. See
  4. We do not audit via internet. We consider personal contact very important and we do not consider it standard to audit via internet. We do also not deliver courses via internet. It does not fit our standards.
  5. We always take time to explain and show what we do and that is certainly free; we also answer all questions. We do not deliver demo sessions and the like. We always speak first with potential customers to see if having services here fits both sides.
  6. We have 6 full time staff, four of them are Scientologists from the dawn of time! You may read here for more. I am happy to answer any additional questions you might have.
    Ron's Org was founded 1986 and has been a full time org since then. We started in the capital of Switzerland, Berne, and we moved several time in that area until we finally moved to Grenchen (2013).
    I put up the website: materials. (NB: C of S is not – and I believe I have proved this - in legal possession of copyright)
    (STSS: Stiching True Source Scientology)

Contact Details

Ron's Org Grenchen
Mazzinistrasse 7
CH-2540 Grenchen
+41 32 513 72 20

Michael Salihovich @ The Clearing Academy

  1. Belgrade, Serbia
  2. Standard Tech Training: Up to (and including) Class IV
    Standard Tech Auditing: Up to (and including) Grade IV (Assists, Life Repair, Grades)
    Also: training in Charles Berner's Mind-Clearing and other courses of his Abilitism Institute (from 1960s).
  3. English, and Serbo-Croatian
  4. We primarily work over internet, using Theta Meter for online sessions, and Learnworlds platform for online courses, doing checkouts via Zoom or Skype. Also, I can offer "in-the-room sessions" for those willing to travel to Belgrade.
  5. Initial interview and the first session are free of charge. Also, all new pcs have to complete C/S-1 with our online Academy first. We sign an Auditing Agreement with all clients, which regulates our relationship during the course of auditing. Generally, my auditing price is $45 per hour, subject to negotiations when needed.
  6. I did my first Scientology courses in 1984. A year before, in 1983, a friend returned from Saint Hill where he had been trained to Class V and attested to Clear. In then Yugoslavia, he started an association of citizens called Society for Psycho-physical Recreation. It was almost an undercover independent Org because he didn't want to continue with CoS and didn't want to use the word "Scientology" publicly in what was then Yugoslavia. So we were probably among the first, if not the first, Freezone Org in Europe! After the "great purge" in the CoS in the early 1980s, many of his friends from Saint Hill, like Alan Ambrose and Eric Ballard, started visiting us and delivering courses or auditing. Until the war in the Balkans (1991), we progressed through numerous courses, intensive training (like Standard Dianetics) and many hundreds of hours of co-auditing, during which I attained the state of Clear, though I did the DCSI and rehabbed it many years later.
    Our activities stopped during the war years, but there was organized a training of a select group of students on the Academy levels, which was called "School of Clearing" in public. I got a certificate in "Coaching According to Clearing Method" in that school (approximately equivalent to Class IV). After the war, thanks to the availability of a new invention called the Internet, I started reconnecting with old Scientology friends and making new ones. With the help of my new Freezone friends, I worked on further training in all the available ways. Whenever possible, I traveled to Switzerland (Ron's Org), Italy or the UK for additional training. I also used the Internet and whatever other resources available.
    In 2018, I completed my OT I-III supervised by the late John Nunez who C/Sed my sessions. After I successfully attested to OT III, I was offered the position of a Course Supervisor for an online group called AOGP, which I accepted. After few years I decided to continue as an independent auditor and course supervisor, and I established an online training and auditing hub which I called the Clearing Academy.
    Ralph Hilton, of Independent Scientology Austria, audited me on NOTs (OT IV and V) and C/Sed my sessions with pcs. After Ralph got ill I turned for continuation of my training and C/Sing to Randy Smith in California, USA. Randy welcomed me and is supervising me on my Solo NOTs course (OT VI), and he also occasionally C/Ses my pcs, as need arises.
    From 1984 until today, my spiritual Path has always been an exciting, fulfilling journey that hasn’t left me disappointed. I discovered and attained what I needed to attain, and I'm at a good place now. I know what I know, and I know what I don't know.
    I was never a member of the Church of Scientology and I was neither interested in that cult, nor the LRH personality cult. I have always been interested only in Truth, and in auditing as a practical way to discover the Truth.
    In my early teenage years, the magic of communication won my heart, and it became clear to me that auditing — in which one conscious being listens to and understands another conscious being who's presenting herself or himself — is truly a Path of Love and a Way Out.
    I wish to help fellow humans liberate themselves from trappings of their minds for as long as I live. I will never cease to audit or progress up the Bridge. Anyone who's willing to help me in that is a dear being and always welcome in my life.Life is short enough and tough enough that the only hope that remains is at least we try to be kind to each other. There are always various angles to each person's story, and nobody's to be judged. Deep at the bottom we are good beings after all. I wish all clients happiness, freedom from suffering, and ability to find the Truth.
  7. You can also highlight some of the success stories from our website:

Contact Details

Michael E. Salihovich
The Clearing Academy Director

Mike Goldstein @ Survival Services International, Inc.

  1. 1670 South Elkhart Street, Aurora, CO 80012
  2. Idenics – There are NO levels or agenda. We only work from the agenda of the client; what he or she wants to handle, resolve, change or improve. Idenics is a nonjudgmental and nonevaluative approach without suggestion, advice or opinion.
  3. Idenics processing is delivered in English, Dutch, French, Italian and German.
  4. We work with clients over the phone and internet.
  5. We offer a free introductory session so that a person can get an objective reality of how Idenics works before deciding to do the service. If a person wishes to continue, the charge is US$150 per hour for time used in session only, working on the client’s issues. Any time spent with questions is free and done out of session.
  6. worked personally with L. Ron Hubbard on the Apollo in the early 1970s. For more information on my background and history, and the history of Idenics go to

Contact Details

For more information on Idenics and contact details go to

Pat and Ray Krenik

  1. My name is Patricia Krenik, and my husband, Ray Krenik and I have run a small group called Revitalizing Ministry for 20 years. We are located in Elma, WA, United States of America
  2. We train here through the Academy Levels, Solo and Upper level sections. I do some training with phone checkouts--especially Solo Auditing Training when people have already had some auditor training.
  3. I only speak English, but I can read Spanish some.
  4. I am happy to work over Zoom, for actions I can do over Zoom. Not all actions can be done over Zoom
  5. When someone arrives here, we offer one free service. It may be a D of P. We also have some free courses that a person can study if they come here to be audited. Rooms are available here sometimes.
  6. My history with tech started in 1951 when I read the book Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health. I soon met a friend or two who had also read the book and who also had friends so much co-auditing was done. When the PABs came out we would audit the new processes as they arrived. There were no case supervisors in those days, no admin, but we did get a Mathison E-meter in 1952. We did group auditing and book auditing. I received my first professional certificate in 1956, the HCA. It was built around the book Creation of Human Ability. In 1958 I trained under LRH in the 19th ACC.
  7. In Washington D.C. When I returned home my then husband and I ran a franchise (now called a mission) of Scientology for two years in Seattle where we mostly ran co-audit courses.
    In 1970 I completed the Saint Hill Briefing Course at the old ASHO. In 1978 I was Qual Sec at the LA Org Foundation. I left the Sea org in 1983. Essentially I spent 30 years building Scientology, and 38 years since I left the COS training and auditing and studying everything I could get my hands on. I wrote a book on Scientology in 2005. The tech has been my life. I currently am a Case Supervisor for all grades and booster actions for the bridge.
    I would like to add that coming up the experimental route and then shifting to the current approach on auditing has given me a perspective on auditing that few auditors have. Like LRH once wrote, "there is no substitute for understanding."

Contact Details

I have a message phone, 360 482 4287, but best way to contact me is

Rolf Dane @ Ability One Group

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. We offer Grades, Dianetics etc. up to clear.
    We also do DEEP Clearing which handles the same areas as grades and life-repair, but dig deeper.
  3. We deliver in Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian
  4. We deliver here in Copenhagen in traditional fashion; We also deliver via internet and video telephony (skype etc.) and have done so for over 10 years now.
  5. We offer an interview and quote – and you don’t pay if you decide not to go ahead.
  6. Rolf Dane is a Class 8 auditor and OT7 from Church of Scientology and worked in the so-called Case Cracking Unit as an auditor at FSO in Clearwater. He is also a graduate from Applied Metapsychology Section 7. He has been in business as an auditor for over 25 years.
    He is the developer of DEEP Clearing that handles all the charge that was missed first time up the Bridge.
    Latest service added is a Rundown in finding and clearing a person's central purpose in life. Rolf Dane is the author of the Clearbird Materials, available for free on the internet.

Contact Details

Rolf Dane
Phone: +45-51918122

Scott Gordon - (FreeScientology) - Auditor Class 0+

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina (also Pueblo, Colorado USA)
  2. I can offer all auditing services - Grades, Dianetics, NED, FPRD, Marriage Counseling, Power - through Clear (anything except L's and NOTs)
  3. English (some limited Spanish)
  4. Internet/Distance auditing offered
  5. Free Introductory Consultation, Interview & Session for anyone
  6. Pro TRs, Pro Metering, Class 0 - very thorough basics while in the church 16 years with purpose to become auditor - Co-Audit after leaving church, of Grades, NED, FPRD & Power with Flag-trained IV Co-Audit twin - study, implementation and development of all LRH and related technologies as tech developer for project FreeScientology which ranges from introductory through OT VIII Expanded - hundreds of hours co-auditing and hundreds of hours professional auditing several dozen clients from newcomers to Clears and OTs - specializing in Life Repair, finding and filling in missed or neglected case actions of any kind - leader in the field for reviving Expanded Dianetics and related, neglected rundowns, which are a gradient to learning L's auditing, and will allow field auditors to eventually learn and audit most or all of the L's
  7. Projects: and
    A simplified Bridge that requires no prerequisites and works great for solo auditors re-doing Grades or who have no other option:
    Case Handlings for emergency assistance - metered or non-metered auditing- or for PTS (abusive) situations: (this includes auditing actions that can be done off the meter to accomplish a thorough Life Repair)
    Finder of Lost Tech and Developer of missing tech in the independent Scientology field (avid student of IVy magazine articles and tech developers, as well as a thorough, on-going study of LRH technology, from basics and model session to advanced and sequestered tech like Power Processing) and amateur (but expert) Scientology historian who has read everything available and knows the history of tech development cold (what is good, what wasn't what was claimed)
    FreeScientology is a project to extract all of the useful and valuable auditing technology and techniques for non-religious, secular use, with selected ethics and admin technologies re-worked for use in life improvement without dependency on any religion or authoritarian group - cross-compatible and supportive of Hubbard Scientology and TIR auditing procedure

Contact Details

Scott Gordon
(720) 707-5888 (USA phone receives text and some calls through Internet)

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