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Ant's Scientology Passport

It was in early 1980 this one of "Ron's Merry pranks" took place. It is included here (under "Early Scientology History") both to give an idea of the background I have for writing critical comments on Scientology, and as an example of one of the things Ron "got up to" which are now lost in the mists of the past (except perhaps on this home page, and at the bottom of a few Scientoligist's junk room).

At the time these passports were a big thing. It was "an LRH order", and people jumped to it, and went around various terminals in the AOSHEU getting people to write in the appropriate parts. And, caught up in the rather blind enthusiasm of the time, I had the impression that this was something great on the 4th dynamic, and might even replace the British Passport which I had.
(Ant Dec. 2009).