Ant's Scientology Story Part XII

Ant's Scientology Story Part XII

Being written in due course

This will deal with the first of my 30 years as a "Fri Scientologist".

Recovering from the shock of exclusion, meeting other "dissenters", Det Europaiske Informationscenter (DEI) a group of us working to communicate facts about the church and Scientology outside of it.  The beginning of our own Danish magazine

In this or the following I will cover the magazine International Viewpoints (IVy) and affiliated actions, going to congresses and conferences in Belgian, Holland Germany, England and once in USA (and our own IVy conferences in Denmark) and auditing I have done, both on others, co-auditing and auditing I have received.

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[Added July 2016] The following little email, send to the Internet list I ran which was associated with the magazine I was running from 1991 to 2008, tells a little of what I was doing. I just ran into it and it is put here as a sort of makeshift . At the moment filling in the last years of my life does not look as if it is going to happen very soon, as I am fairly busy working on contributing to Scientolipedia ( ].

Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2001 15:10:23 +0100
From: Antony Phillips
Subject: IVySU: Personal and IVy related personal

**  ivy-subscribers relaying. **

Dear Helper/wellwisher/friend,

This was written a few weeks ago, intended with a few other letters which have
not been written 

I thought I would send you some personal stuff which relates to what I am
writing about. I have noted that some people have regarded me as a died in the
wood, stick in the mud, orthodox Scientologist, who would not look at possible
alternatives or improvements. this hurt me at first, but I have got used to it

But you are friends, and I seem to be engaged in a sort of ten year battle
plan, so here I will spin the beans on my own "personal development"

Some six or so years ago I ran into Silva Mind Control, took two of their
courses (with numerous free retreads). Also a little more recently I had a look
at Shamanism from two angles, and found and find the area intensely
interesting. Unfortunately I did not get much out of either activity and this
could be due to the fact that I am what used to be called a black case. In
Silva, when I mocked up a laboratory I could not see it, and when I tried to
come back to my mocked up laboratory, I could not see (or remember) how I had
set it up, or what the tools I had there were so I could use them. And with
Shamanism, I fell asleep in Drum Journeys, even the one where the shaman went
and collected my Soul Animal for me.

I also have received a fair amount of Idenics (different from Identiks) from a
local practitioner trained in the USA. Though these sessions produced startling
lifts in tone after each session, I did not find anything I could use in life,
or get to understand the procedures, and I am not in a position to say that
the results/effects were other than transitory.

In the early part of 1999 I ran into Landmark Education. Having heard that the
man who started it had been in Scientology in the '50s I was very curious and
took the first course. At that time I was really weighed down, felt that
running IVy was an impossible burden, and announced (I think on the list
ivy-helpers-l) that I would shut down IVy at the end of the year. Help was
offered, which I accepted, and about six months later, when this help did not
materialise, I felt perfectly fine about continuing as Editor (etc.) This
was a remarkable change, and I feel it was due to the Landmark Education courses. I
have taken their four basic courses (Called Curriculum for Living) twice. They
also have a set of Communication Courses. Having (so to speak) Trs running out
of my ears, I was not keen on another Comm Course, but just before Christmas I
did take the first one, found it very different, and again it produced a
marked change in my relationships, especially on the 2D.

As a side remark, I am very impressed with the Landmark Education, the leaders
who take the main courses (with over 100 participants), and its organizational
structure. In 1991 the founder (whose name is rarely mentioned, and I doubt
whether many know who he is) retired, and made it over to the (I think) about
150 paid staff, each having a share not more than (I think) 3%.

A year or more ago I contacted John Mace and his techniques (I don't remember
now how), and was very enthusiastic about the Upset technique. I have always
wanted to be auditing others more and in recent years have not done much
auditing, and this looked a good go. I have been giving free sessions, as
apprenticeship, under Maces Guidance. In recent times I have managed to get
sessions myself, and have found them very valuable. I could write a lot about
the individual wins I have had as pc. But not here.

As for the future, while on the look out for further good things (and while
I am also doing things for my physical health) I intend to continue the Mace
auditing, and take the next Landmark Communication Course in June.
I have been assisting this weekend part time in the first Landmark Education
Communication Course, which is what prompted to brush the dust off this rather
old communication.

I thought you might be interested.

All best wishes,

                             Antony A Phillips