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Data with regard to modern "Church" Scientology
"The Banality of Systemic Evil". This article, while referring to organisatons generally, also give an idea of why flaws in Scientology (and other cults, and countries) often do not get handled thus resulting in further worsening of situations.
A good summary of how David Miscavige has taken over the church and how it is now run, given by Chris Shelton in 2014.
About LRH book "changes" - excerpt from longer interview
English interview with Ant (Part one)
English interview with Ant (Part two)
Interview with Norwegian OT VIII who left "Church" within last ten years (Interesting data)
Scientolipedia is a newish site giving comment, biographies, history etc. about Scientology. In December 2014 it entered its Beta phase - so there is a lot of work to be done - care to help?
True LRH website contains detailed data on many of the changes made to LRH books in recent years.
Free Zone Centers
Rons Org Switzerland
Free Zone Internet Sites
"... not Free Zone or any of that. I just present independent research into Scientology and particularly it's history from all sorts of angles"
Biograghy - Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch Be sure to check around her death. Cursor over scn. words for explanation.
Ex Scientologist Message Board
IVy Magazine, which Ant edited from 1991 to 2008
Free Zone Practitioners
Practitioner, English and Danish, Skype and telephone
Kenneth Urquhart in 2017 gives his conclusions after his contact and working with L.Ron Hubbard including working as Hubbard's butler/valet in 65/6 and working with Hubbard while Hubbard C/Sed folders of preclears.