Scientology Dictionaries

The importance of understanding words was quite central in Scientology. It is therefore interesting that the first Scientology dictionary (called Abridged Dictionary) only came out in 1965, 15 years after the
beginning of it all, and the full official dictionary didn't come out until 1976. We are also slow on the uptake on, but here in 2023 is a Scientology dictionary (by Leo Swart) and we've got some more lined up for you which will come out at a slow rate.

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Dictionary of Scientology Terms by Leo Swart (12.5MB)
Leo Swart has spent many years in South African Scientology organisations auditing and supervising the auditing of others (Case-Supervisor). During that time, like any other long term experienced Scientology auditor, he has seen many amazing wins and many stupidities and misunderstandings of the Scientology technical writings. He has used his "retirement" time to write a dictionary aimed at clarifying points which he found were sometimes misunderstood. This is not conventional dictionary (any more than the official one is conventional). It is perhaps more an item for browsing, so I must stir my stumps get some more conventional Scientology dictionaries up on this site. But in the meantime download and browse this. Leo has done a very good job preparing this in word format and in publishing it we have merely turned it into a PDF file and added (in red) specific instructions on how to look up individual items.