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Video and MP3

VIDEO Part 1 and 2


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When I first conceived the idea of making this home page, I thought "with modern technology" it will be much easier just to say it, instead of writing it and then correcting grammar, phrasing and spelling".
So in January 2009 I made most of the only video you have here of me.

There was more work and trouble, toil and techniques to it than I thought there would be, and it probably is not the best media for the majority of my message.

However, so you can see my face in action, and judge to what degree I am a Scientology Robot, we finally have some of that video here, have made the whole available in sound for easy listening. In April 2011 I have added an audio  (mp3) file. It is Part 6, and you need to scroll down in the little box of audios to the right of this.

Additionally, since this project started, Ken Urquhart has made a video, which I would like you to have the opportunity of seeing, as it contributes to what I want to relay to you.

Ken Urquhart is also a fairly long term Scientologist - I first met him in about 1959, when he attended a group I and a friend ran. He gave the following talks at a Ron's Org conference in Russia, and I think what he says here is worthy of the attention of thoughtful Scientologists, and those interested in the positive sides of the subject.


[September 2016] The link below has been unavailable for some time. I have located a video which starts off with this on YouTube so I recommend you have a look at that. The link to it is:

[would someone like to check this against that transcript and let me know if it matches it the whole way through, ignoring of course the parts in Russian!]

From you can download the whole video. What you get is over an hour and a half, and the last part talking informally to a small group. You can download the transcript here.

The last part (a little group with much background noise) is difficult to sort out. I do consider worth trying to sort out some of it. But do hear what Ken has to say to the whole assembly.