Ant's Scientology Story Part XI

Ant's Scientology Story Part XI


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This will deal with my last 3 years under "Church" domination.


First leaving a good secure job to do a sort of "mission" for Pubs Org, going to England to get J.Arthur Rank to convert Clearing Course Films (highly confidential, so it needed an OT III to do it and Pubs did not have one) into film cassettes.

When I came back from that, I having inherited half of my parents fortune, I did audited NOTs and was able to do the first two parts of the Briefing Course of that time, and then The Happiness Rundown course and internship.  The training part very rewarding.


Then came the short bewildering period up to my being told by an Ethics Officer that I was suppressive, and I was not to speak to any one but her, and I was to come back when I had found the big overt (suppressive act) which I had been unable to find in the previous week or so (on the Deck Project Force).


I was free! It took me a little while to fully realise it!