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[Written October 2018]

The books contained in this second collection can be considered subsidiary to those in the first collection. Those in the first collection were made by one man – see the introduction at the beginning of that section LINK HERE. Those in this section will not be found in the first collection and are rather a mixture of professionalism and accuracy in making and presenting digital copies. They represent, generally speaking, less important Scientology works and give more of a background picture to some aspects of what was going on in various parts of the Scientology world.
Signed: the real Antony (not yet returned from the dead not even reached it yet – one of the slow people in this universe)

All the happiness . . . By Edward Lefsen assisted by Ruth Minshull, 1976 (11,483 KB)
An example of the "self-determinedess" and initiative which was evident in the Scientology field in pre-Miscavige times.

An Outline of Dianetics (13.3M)
A brief symposium by four psychotherapists and a scientist giving an outline of Dianetics including the latest developments circa 1952. Very interesting pamphlet from the early days of Dianetics in London. This would have been bought by my father before I had heard of Scientology and I never discussed it with him.

Brain-Washing (19.8M)
An earlier edition of this book was published by HASI (the Scientology Org) in the fifties. It was regarded with some curiosity by people I knew at the time and the question was raised as to whether L Ron Hubbard had written it. So far as I can remember that edition did not have a publisher. This one publicly proclaims at the back that it is from the American St. Hill organization.

Efficiency by Ruth Minshull (25,268 kilobytes)
This book, Efficiency by Ruth Minshull, was one of a handful of books published by Ruth Minshull privately in the mid-seventies. It was given official Scientology authority (called "Issue Authority") and sold by permission in official Scientology organisations. At a point Ruth Minshull received a congratulatory letter from Ron Hubbard. The books issued by Ruth Minshull and some others at the same time written by others than L. Ron Hubbard and granted Issue Authority were also sold in Scientology organisations and they were all later banned.

Fundamentals of Scientology by Jack Horner (1956) (483 KB)
This is the same book as Summary of Scientology but printed in South Africa

Introduction to Scientology by Richard DeMille, 1953 (23,669 kilobytes)
Introduction to Scientology is a volume of about 150 pages written by Richard deMille, Ph.D and Published 1953, by Scientology Council. Richard DeMille was an early collaborator in the beginning of Scientology. At the beginning of the book "How to Live Though an Executive" (1953) it states that the manuscript to that book was prepared by Richard DeMille. However there was a belief that it was written by Richard DeMille. He left Scientology but continued working in similar fields and wrote a book based on Scientology Creative Processing principles called "Put Your Mother on the Ceiling" which was still obtainable in 2018. See the Wikipedia article at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_de_Mille

Introductory Processes and Assists (460K)
There are a large number of processes that L. Ron Hubbard has developed that fall under the heading of Introductory and Demonstration processes. Many of these processes are in early publications of Dianetics and Scientology and on taped lectures. Until all of these processes can be compiled into a book, the processes contained in this pack have been compiled so that they are readily available for use. Published by Scientology circa 1982 (This PDF version of it does need a bit of poshing up including bookmarking it. This comment written 2024 – there isn't a sign of it happening shortly — volunteers write to ant.phillips@post8.tele.dk)

Miracles for Breakfast by Ruth Minshull (1968) (170 KB)
This was Ruth Minshull's most popular book, dealing with the Scientology principles involved in looking after and bringing up children. In 1972 a Danish translation was issued (Mirakler ved Morgenbordet) which was also very popular.

Professional Product Debug Reference Pack (313M)
A full course pack for the Hubbard Professional Product Debug course.

Red and Green Volumes (8.3GB)
A large download containing a collection of all the Red and Green Volumes, old and new versions.
This is a large composite of 85 files in 19 directories. The most important of them is two versions of Scientology's "Red Volumes" (mostly Technical Bulletins) and Scientology's "Green Volumes" (mostly Policy Letters). They are all PDF files so you need a good PDF reader. The only directory you need to look at is the one marked "Main Home Page of the Volumes". This is a picture which is actually a menu with two lines.
The first line refers to issues after David Miscavige came to power. Certain material (including the name Antony Phillips and of others considered "suppressive persons") has been removed. But it does contain a few L Ron Hubbard issues which came out after the material in the next line.
The second line refers to issues compiled by Kenneth Delderfield and team in Copenhagen in the 1970s (before that date Policy Letters and HCO Bulletins were only duplicated from stencils, apart from one inconspicuous exception, the Scientology Basic Staff Handbook of 170 pages made soon after Pubs Org was formed in 1968)
The PDF files are bookmarked and in theory you can search the whole caboose for any word. With a good PDF reader you can extract any individual item or page or convert to a text file.
If you download them I would appreciate a report to ant.phillips@post8.tele.dk — but of course the item is free (part of FriScientology's palette of information).
First posted Dec 12 2021 .

Summary of Scientology by Jack Horner (1956) (22,757 kilobytes)
Jack Horner was a doughty old-timer in the early fifties, teaching one of the early courses in Dianetics. See Scientolipedia: http://scientolipedia.org/info/Jack_Horner. This books gives another little slant on Scientology as it was in the very early days and gives a viewpoint on how someone other than Hubbard viewed Scientology. Horner has also given an account of goings-on in Scientology in the very early days (see the link just mentioned).

The Phoenix Lectures (30.809 kb)
Though this book was published in 1968 it consists of lectures of L Ron Hubbard given in 1954.NOTE 2021 — this is in fact an OVERT PRODUCT that you may have downloaded from here. There is a 15 page errata document with about 15 corrections on each page. I am working on getting a better version up. END OF 2021 NOTE John Sanborn, who was around at the time, came to St Hill in 1968 and worked on compiling this book and Scientology 0-8. The first three lectures give a broad resume of how Scientology fits into the general world picture (going way back in history). There are also chapters on the running of key Scientology processes.
In the end of 2021 and during 2022 we are working on this, both exposing the mistakes and trying to find the 1982 edition where the mistakes are hopefully handled.

Ups and Downs by Ruth Minshull , probably 1970s (157 KB)
This PDF edition, which is searchable, was "Reproduced for the benefit of the Free Zone by the New Bridge Supply Company". It gives a very thorough independent view on the Scientology's look at the questions of suppressive persons and rollercoasters cases. It includes many references to L Ron Hubbard's work and many examples from daily life of application of the theories.

What is Scientology by Ruth Minshull (1969) (350 KB)
This book is an amusingly illustrated little booklet describing to newcomers what Scientology is (according to what Ruth Minshull reckoned the parts of it that would attract new people, I suppose).