Other Earlier Editions of Scientology Books

Introduction to Scientology (23,669 kilobytes)
Introduction to Scientology is a volume of about 150 pages written by Richard deMille, Ph.D [1] and Published 1953, by Scientology Council. Richard DeMille was an early collaborator in the beginning of Scientology. At the beginning of the book "How to Lve Though an Executive" (1953) it states that the manuscript to that book was prepared by Richard DeMille. However there was a belief that it was written by Richard DeMille. He left Scientology but continued working in similar fields and wrote a book based on Scientology Creative Processing principles called "Put Your Mother on the Ceiling" which was still obtainable in 2018. See the Wikipedia article at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_de_Mille

Summary of Scientology (22,757 kilobytes)
Written by Jack Horner, See Scientolipedia: http://scientolipedia.org/info/Jack_Horner. Jack Horner was a doughty old-timer in the early fifties, teaching one of the early courses in Dianetics. This books gives another little slant on Scientology as it was at that time.