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[Written May 2021]

In the early 1980s there was a lot of unrest in Scientology resulting in individuals and groups acting independent of official Scientology. 1983 was the year in which I was thrown out of Scientology and I have arbitrarily taken that year as the beginning point for this collection and I'm starting the collection with a newly written book on the Scientology axioms.
A tentative plan is to follow this up with some small books issued in 1986; the "Get Ready for Life" series edited by Eric Townsend.
I am willing to consider publishing other books on the subject of Scientology and its application to improve well-being and general survival. So, if you get to write a book which looks good — we will publish it. 
The books below are for free download (as are the rest of the books on this site) and you are encouraged to refer others to the site.

Commentary on the Scientology Axioms by Nescis Nomen (1.5MB)
This PDF book of over 200 pages is a detailed study of all 58 Scientology Axioms comparing them with other Scientology data including the Logics and the early Dianetic Axioms. It comes as a bookmarked PDF file where with a large computer screen you can have the bookmarks on the left and navigate to different areas according to what you want to track down at the moment.
It is a book both for deep study and for reference where for example if you get interested in one axiom you can look it up and see the various references in the book. It includes a glossary which is newly made.
It is somewhat doubtful whether it would ever have passed the official churches Issue Authority. But we don't have any Issue Authority here.
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Understanding Life by Lawrence West (1.2MB)
Roundabout 1983, Scientology, the organisation, broke rather like an egg breaks. There was confusion. Out of the confusion the "FriScientology" or "Independent Movement" evolved. Much has been written but I have never seen a good attempt until now to integrate some of the basics, not to the degree that you see it in Commentary on the Scientology Axioms. However at the time the egg broke there were many "independents" who grabbed their pens or typewriters and wrote books. Lawrence West did so. He visited Denmark and I have a copy of the original book he printed. That book has now been updated to a professionally looking e-book and donated here. Gives you a completely different angle on the spirituality of mankind. (your spirituality.) Enjoy……

You Live As You Think, Ray and Pam Kemp (22MB)
This is a PDF of the second version of Ray and Pam Kemp's FriScientology book "You Live As You Think". December 24 PLEASE NOTE we've uploaded this with a page missing, and we are in the process of handling this. Those on the newsletter will be informed when it is done. It is intended for non-Scientologists and, issued in 1994, it is an example of the flourish of creativeness which came about after a number of people rejected the church of Scientology (or were thrown out of it). It is Pam and Ray's explanation of some of the basic principles they have come across, used and taught in helping other people. Made into a PDF file with chapters bookmarked in December 2021.