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[Written May 2021]

In the early 1980s there was a lot of unrest in Scientology resulting in individuals and groups acting independent of official Scientology. 1983 was the year in which I was thrown out of Scientology and I have arbitrarily taken that year as the beginning point for this collection and I'm starting the collection with a newly written book on the Scientology axioms.
A tentative plan is to follow this up with some small books issued in 1986; the "Get Ready for Life" series edited by Eric Townsend.
I am willing to consider publishing other books on the subject of Scientology and its application to improve well-being and general survival. So, if you get to write a book which looks good — we will publish it. 
The books below are for free download (as are the rest of the books on this site) and you are encouraged to refer others to the site.

Commentary on the Scientology Axioms by Nescis Nomen (1.5MB)
This PDF book of over 200 pages is a detailed study of all 58 Scientology Axioms comparing them with other Scientology data including the Logics and the early Dianetic Axioms. It comes as a bookmarked PDF file where with a large computer screen you can have the bookmarks on the left and navigate to different areas according to what you want to track down at the moment.
It is a book both for deep study and for reference where for example if you get interested in one axiom you can look it up and see the various references in the book. It includes a glossary which is newly made.
It is somewhat doubtful whether it would ever have passed the official churches Issue Authority. But we don't have any Issue Authority here. The truth of the matter is that the official church of Scientology was at times is very critical and suppressive towards independent thought and research. Nescis Nomen came into Scientology before the schism in 1983, carefully studied the books and many recorded lectures of L.Ron Hubbard and this PDF book is the fruit of all those studies. Although he is anonymous one can write to him at the following address:

Effective Public Relations - LRH Notes included (172M)
Effective Public Relations" (Cutlip and Center, third edition, 1964). L.Ron Hubbard's notes on the book. Ron annotated his copy of this book and had copies made for course material for inclusion in the Public Relations syllabus for Church and Mission staff. This is a PDF of that edition with Ron's notes in red (with facing pages, odd numbered pages on the right). It is not suitable for small computer/mobile screens. Use a large screen. The chapters of this PDF version have been bookmarked.

Handbook of the Gods (1MB)
This is a light-hearted book of aphorisms written by Ray Kemp, starting with an explanation of its "source". I have made an attempt to bookmark it. Ray Kemp has mentioned it at times in his writings, so you might find it useful to know what he's talking about. For data on Ray Kemp see: Ray_(John_Raymond)_Kemp

How to Get More Out of Life (13,7 M)
From the 'Get Ready For Life Series' Written in 1986, but only made available on as a PDF in 2023 this is another item in Erik Townsend's Get Ready for Life serieS It is is a simple handbook on improving one's life with practical exercises to help you on your way. The PDF has been bookmarked so you can easily find your way.

How to Have More Money by Mike Wray (10.7M)
From the 'Get Ready For Life Series'
This booklet examines the nature of money and the many myths that surround the subject of money. It also shows how the obstacles that prevent a person having enough money are self-created.

How to Have More Time by Eric Townsend (9.7M)
From the 'Get Ready For Life Series'
This booklet explains some of the reasons why many of us feel under so much pressure in our daily lives.

Neither Foes Nor Loving Friends by Eric Townsend (13.9M)
From the 'Get Ready For Life Series'
A guide to identifying the causes of a major area of personal stress. Written in the 1980s by someone who had left the official Scientology body, this is a practical discussion of the subject referred to in official Scientology as SP (Suppressive Person) and PTS (Potential Trouble Source) with practical home work. It is bookmarked for use in a good PDF reader. Reissued in March 2024. The only change is improved typography.

The Road to Total Freedom by Roy Wallis (1976) (95M)
The Road to Total Freedom, by Roy Wallis. This book, issued in 1976, is an early study on the rotten side of Scientology organisations. In the early 1980s there was a large disruption of the Church of Scientology. Members left voluntarily or were thrown out. This is described to some degree at the following link: . In that article mention is made of Bent Corydon coming to Denmark and giving two lectures on Scientology and the FriScientology movement. He said that much of the data that he had given in his talks was based on Roy Wallis' book. Roy Wallis says of this book (in the preface): "I began my work on Scientology as a raw graduate student, fascinated by the relationship between beliefs, social organisation and society. While I had initially intended that Scientology be considered as one among a range of unorthodox system of belief to which I proposed to devote attention, I found myself increasingly interested by the rich body of material I was uncovering on this multifaceted movement. I have recounted at length elsewhere (in my contribution 'The moral career of a research project' to Colin Bell and Howard Newby, editors, Doing Sociological Research, Allen and Unwin, London, 1976) the history of my research on Scientology. It remains, however, to summarize a few points salient to the final production of this book. "As my opening remarks would suggest, the Church of Scientology was suspicious of my research. Having suffered at the hands of newspaper reporters, investigators for state and medical agencies, and government enquiries in many countries, my own work was readily placed by the leaders of the Church of Scientology into the category of hostile or critical commentary. My protestations that I had no axe to grind, and that I sought only to provide a coherent and as-nearly-objective account of Scientology as possible, were viewed with commendable scepticism by the church leadership."

Understanding Life by Lawrence West (1.2MB)
Roundabout 1983, Scientology, the organisation, broke rather like an egg breaks. There was confusion. Out of the confusion the "FriScientology" or "Independent Movement" evolved. Much has been written but I have never seen a good attempt until now to integrate some of the basics, not to the degree that you see it in Commentary on the Scientology Axioms. However at the time the egg broke there were many "independents" who grabbed their pens or typewriters and wrote books. Lawrence West did so. He visited Denmark and I have a copy of the original book he printed. That book has now been updated to a professionally looking e-book and donated here. Gives you a completely different angle on the spirituality of mankind. (your spirituality.) Enjoy……

You Live As You Think, Ray and Pam Kemp (22MB)
This is a PDF of the second version of Ray and Pam Kemp's FriScientology book "You Live As You Think". It is intended for non-Scientologists and, issued in 1994, it is an example of the flourish of creativeness which came about after a number of people rejected the church of Scientology (or were thrown out of it). It is Pam and Ray's explanation of some of the basic principles they have come across, used and taught in helping other people. Made into a PDF file with chapters bookmarked in December 2021.