Early Scientology Book Editions

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[Ant writing, in February 2016]

I received the following some years ago and have had them in my dropbox and offered them occasionally to friends and acquaintances. My desire has been to have them "permanently" available on the Internet, but I have only just been able to get it up on my site (with help from a donor of space and a computer programmer, both much appreciated). Together they form a rather large block, the size being one of the reasons for the delay. They are historically important with regard to the study of Scientology's history and I'll be very happy if other people downloaded them and possibly mirrored them on other sites. They came with three README files, the first one being signed "The Librarian, November 2010". You find the first two README files after this introduction. The third README file contains the short explanations of each book which now appear after the book title below.

For the actual study of the theory of Scientology it might be better to take one of the PDF versions on Scientolipedia.org. The editions there are probably better for reading and were made from books published before Scientology books were rather severely edited, changed and even burnt!

There are 40 files in this collection. There are other early editions not in this collection and I wanted to keep this collection together so as they have been made by one person rather meticulously (explained in the README files). I have had some earlier editions of Scientology books in my dropbox and these are now (written October 2018) being placed here on Antology.info. Look to the left of this on Antology.info and click on the item "Other Earlier Editions of Scientology Books ". Quality may not always be as good but they do give an idea of another people's viewpoints on Scientology at various earlier stages in Scientology's rather complex history and use.

Antony Phillips 13 February 2017



     This folder contains scanned images of the earliest known editions of dianetics and scientology books and manuscripts. This folder is intended to serve as an archival reference library for original source materials. It was created to serve the needs of a small number of historical and religious scholars who are already familiar with the basic principles of scientology.
      Since the first editions of these books were published, they have undergone many revisions. The later editions often contain more information, and are better suited for study by casual readers as well as students on professional courses. Why then, issue this archive of early editions? There are two reasons: historical and religious.
      The historical reason that this archive is necessary is that important historical information contained in footnotes, dedications, prefaces, and appendices has been deleted from current editions. While much of this information may be obsolete and not useful to current readers, the history of the subject will be hard to decipher without access to the original documents.
      The second reason for this archive is religious. In the past, many religious have drifted away from the original teachings of their founders. In the process of transcribing scriptures, some information has been omitted, sentences have been re-worded, meanings have been altered, and material has been inserted not written by the original author. This process, if continued over centuries, can and has altered religions almost beyond recognition. I am determined that this process not happen to scientology.
     Therefore, I have created this folder as a benchmark against which later editions can be judged by seasoned professionals.
      While I believe this archive falls under the "fair use” provisions of the copyright laws, I do not wish to spend time and money contesting the issue in court. Therefore this folder is being distributed to a few select individuals anonymously. If you know, or suspect the identity of the person who sent you this folder, or who created it, please keep the information to yourself.
     Finally, please keep in mind that CDs, DVDs, or other media have a shelf life of about 10 years or less. If you wish to help to preserve this information for posterity, you should make backup copies every few years.
     I first learned of Hubbard’s work on Dianetics in 1949. In April 1950, I ordered the first book on the subject from the publisher a month before it was printed, thus receiving one of the first copies ever printed. I have remained connected with the subject continuously for over 60 years, during which I have ordered each new book as soon as it was published. I thus accumulated and preserved an almost unique collection of rare manuscript and first edition copies of all of the major works of dianetics and scientology. It is likely that this collection will be dispersed upon my death. It would be ideal if some university or institutional library would undertake to preserve this collection with the same care they would take with the Gutenberg Bible, but the more likely outcome of donating my collection to a library would be that they would sell off the books at $1.00 a copy. One might think that the Church of Scientology would be interested in preserving these early editions, but in 2007, with the advent of the "Golden Age of Knowledge” editions, the Church actively tried to collect and destroy as many previous editions as they could find. In any case, my copies are showing signs of deterioration. Many pages are turning yellow, and some are coming loose from their bindings.
     I therefore decided to create and distribute this digital archive, in order to preserve these editions for future generations. Their continued preservation is in your hands.

                        The Librarian
                        November, 2010


README - How to for Scientology Early Editions

How to Read the Files

     The pdf files are best viewed two pages at a time on a large wide-screen monitor. Make sure that you have the first page (the cover) on a screen by itself, and all subsequent screens with even numbered pages on the left and odd numbered pages on the right for most books. There are two exceptions:  Advanced Procedure and Axioms has irregular page numbers, and the magazine article Dianetics – The Evolution of a Science was scanned with two pages per image. Almost all files contain bookmarks, so you should have bookmark view turned on. On a small screen or E-book reader, it will be necessary to view only one page at a time.

How the Files Were Created

     Most books were scanned on a flat bed scanner at 600 dpi into png files. Most black and white pages were scanned in gray scale. The outside and inside covers or dust jackets were scanned in color. The (mostly) unmodified raw scans can be found in a very large separate folder called "Scientology Early Edition Scanned Images.”
     The raw scans were processed by a freeware Russian program called Scan Tailor, which deskews the images, crops the pages, and then restores the margins so that all pages have uniform size. It also does a good job of converting gray images to black-and-white and despeckling the images. The final page sizes were approximately equal to those of the originals.
     Speckles and smudges that Scan Tailor missed were then removed using Adobe Photoshop.
     Most of the covers were badly discolored. These were processed with Scan Tailor, converted to black-and-white, and smudges removed. Then, using Photoshop, the colors in the original images were sampled and used to restore the color in the black-and-white images.
     All processed images for a book were assembled into a pdf file. The OCR feature in Adobe Acrobat was used to create a searchable pdf image file with hidden text. Finally, I created bookmarks for all the major sections and subsections.

ACC Preparatory Manual, 1957 (5.3 MB)
This pamphlet summarizes the most important prerequisite knowledge and skills for an Advanced Clinical Course student.

Advanced Procedure and Axioms, November 1951 (8.2 MB)
Beginning on page 34, the Axioms are printed with some letters partially or wholly missing. These are not scanning errors, but errors in the original hard copy.

All About Radiation First Edition, 1957 (8 MB)
The first few pages of this edition are out of order, and the second page of the Table of Contents is missing.

Auditor’s Handbook including Intensive Procedure, July 1954 (7 MB)
This describes the auditing procedure taught in the Advanced Clinical Course in 1954. It was later incorporated into the book The Creation of Human Ability.

A Test of Whole Track Recall, 1968 (2.9 MB)
This was later published as a hard-cover book, Mission into Time, now out of print.

Chart of Attitudes December, 1951 (115 KB)
This is the chart that was included with Handbook for Preclears, December 1951. The chart was scanned in pieces, then “stitched” together with software.

Child Dianetics, First Edition October 1951 (13.2 MB)
This edition is notable in that it lists the actual authors of the chapters, instead of attributing the whole book to L. Ron Hubbard, who wrote the Introduction.

Control and the Mechanics of S.C.S. (3.6 MB)
This contains edited excerpts from three LRH lectures pertaining to the process S.C.S.

Dianetics – The Evolution of a Science (April 1950) (48.3 MB)
This is a facsimile of the article that appeared in Astounding Science Fiction, and differs from all subsequent editions. For example, engrams are termed “norns”, and illustrated in the drawings. The cover and the editorial by John W. Campbell are included in order to give the article context.

Dianetics ’55! Fourth Edition, 1961 (8.3 MB)
This fourth edition still retains two handwritten notes by LRH.

Dianetics ’55! Manuscript Edition, 1954 (20.8 MB)
Unfortunately, I no longer have the earliest edition of this book, which was the limited manuscript edition published in 1954 and released at the Unification Congress in December. Fortunately, I have been able to download this copy from the internet.

DMSMH, May 1950 First Edition, First Printing (15 MB)
I ordered the book from the publisher a month before it was published, so this is one of the first copies printed. It includes prefaces and appendices deleted from later editions. These are well worth study.

Electropsychometric Auditing, 1952 (6.6 MB)
The first LRH book on the E-Meter, based on the Mathieson meter. It may be notable for the errors and omissions that were corrected by later discoveries.

Handbook for Preclears (10.2MB)
No comment.

Have You Lived Before This Life (8.13 MB)
First edition. Compared with all later editions it has the peculiarity of including the addresses and names and even sometimes phone numbers of ordinary Scientology field auditors. See Scientolipedia: http://scientolipedia.org/info/Have_You_Lived_Before_This_Life

Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation, 1977 Printing (4.5 MB)
I am sorry to say that the original chart that came with the manuscript edition of Science of Survival has been lost, and this 1977 version is the earliest that I have.

Ibanez, Southon, Southon, & Benton (January 1951) Dianetic Processing – A Brief Survey of Research Projects and Preliminary Results (4.1 MB)
This is a complete description of the HDRF “validation” project,” portions of which were summarized in the introduction to Science of Survival.

Individual Track Map, 1952 (1.5 MB)
A careful examination of this copy shows that the version that appears in the 1991 edition of the Technical Volumes has been re-drawn and re-lettered.

John Sanborn (1955) The Co-Auditor’s Manual of Scientology (6.3 MB)
This was a standard text used for training professional auditors in the Academy.

John Sanborn (1959) The Hubbard Electrometer (5.4 MB)
For several years, this book was the main source of information on how to use the E-meter, especially the first American (battery-operated) meter.

Martha Courtis (1953) On Auditing (9.9 MB)
Using many cute and informative illustrations and graphs, this book presents the basics of auditing style and techniques ranging from effort processing to Scientology 8-8008.

Notes on the Lectures, First Edition 1951 (12.3 MB)
The names of the note-takers are listed in the front, but were deleted from later editions.

Science of Survival, Manuscript Edition, May 1951 (43.2 MB)
This is a rare lithographed copy of the manuscript with corrections in LRH’s pen. It is still a draft, and at least three sections are out of order. The order was corrected in the first printed edition, and further changes to the organization were made in the 2007 edition. Like the first printed edition, it contains an important Introduction with case histories and before-and-after psychometric test results. These are omitted in later editions. It is dedicated to Alexis Valerie Hubbard, the daughter of LRH and Sara N. Hubbard. This was later changed to another daughter, Diana, and the current edition omits the dedication.

Science of Survival, First Edition October 1951 (32.1 MB)
This edition corrects some errors in the Manuscript Edition, but shortens the Introduction. It is dedicated to Alexis Valerie Hubbard, the daughter of LRH and Sara N. Hubbard.

Science of Survival Supplements 1-3 (12 MB)
Each supplement contains an article by LRH, followed by articles about some off-beat techniques developed by others and referenced by footnotes in Science of Survival. The fourth Supplement is missing.

Scientology 0-8 (27.858 KB)
Scientology 0-8 (exceptionally, this was not done by The Librarian in the way he mentioned in his introduction to this area of Antology.info Books on Scientology). This is the first edition which came out in 1970. It contains much material from the 50s some of which had not been available easily earlier. It starts with a photograph of the dust cover, followed by an addeds preface giving an explanation of the cover picture and something of the publication history.

Scientology – The Fundamentals of Thought, First Edition, 1956 (6.7 MB)
This closely follows the Translator’s Edition, first serialized in the PABs. Major concepts are capitalized, followed by synonyms in parentheses. Scientology is defined as a branch of psychology.

Scientology 0-8 (28.6MB)
Scientology 0-8 (exceptionally, this was not done by The Librarian in the way he mentioned in his introduction to this area of Antology.info Books on Scientology). This is the first edition which came out in 1970. It contains much material from the 50s some of which had not been available easily earlier. It starts with a photograph of the dust cover, followed by an added preface giving an explanation of the cover picture and something of the publication history.

Scientology 8-8008, First Edition, about January 1953 (8.9 MB)
This undated edition was probably the one that was issued at or immediately following the Philadelphia Doctorate Course and reflects the state of technology at that time.

Scientology 8-8008, Third Edition, January 1956 (9.3 MB)
This edition contains a remarkable denunciation of Dianetics on pages 11-12, which I believe dates from 1952, shortly after LRH departed from the Wichita Hubbard Dianetics Foundation and started the HAS in Phoenix. I have reliable information that it appears in a 1953 British edition, but not the American one. It is an anachronism 1956, a year after the Unification Congress celebrated the return of Dianetics copyrights and trademarks to LRH.

Scientology 8-80, First edition 1952 (3.9 MB)
A footnote on page 56 (omitted in the latest edition) credits Evans Farber with developing negative commands for exteriorization.

Scientology A New Slant on Life, First Edition, 1965 (5.2 MB)
This book is a compilation of LRH magazine articles written for the general public. Later editions omitted some articles and added others. In the article “The True Story of Scientology”, Hubbard described himself as a Doctor of Philosophy, but changed that to “a philosopher” in later editions.

Scientology Clear Procedure Issue One, 1957 (3.4 MB)
This book describes how the first clears were produced in the 19th Advanced Clinical Course, using a combination of Help brackets and Creative processing. Later HCOBs expanded and clarified the procedures.

Self Analysis, First Edition August 1951 (13.5 MB)
No comment.

Self Analysis in Dianetics, 1952 (8.6 MB)
This is the British edition referred to by LRH in his spring 1953 lecture series (e.g. 5304C24 SOP 8). It is quite different from Self Analysis First Edition. Instead of straight-wire, it uses creative processing, as in Scientology 8-8008. The instructions replace “recall” by “mockup” in each of the lists. Flows, ridges, and exteriorization are referred to.

Silcox & Maynard (1955) Creative Learning – A Scientological Experiment in Schools (15.9 MB)
This book describes a very interesting experiment on using group processing on elementary school students. It is well worth repeating, in my opinion.

The Book Introducing the E-Meter, 1966 (84.3 MB)
This is a picture-book showing the parts of an E-meter, what they mean, and how to use them, based on the Mark V and Asimuth meters. Later editions are based on different meters.

The Book of Case Remedies, 1964 (2.2 MB)
A fascinating book in its original issue, with many gems of wisdom.

The Book of E-Meter Drills, First Edition, 1965 (4.1 MB)
It is notable that Mary Sue Hubbard was the main author, and L. Ron Hubbard wrote the Introduction.

The Creation of Human Ability, First Edition 1955 (11.8 MB)
This book is an anthology of writings by L. Ron Hubbard on the subject of theta clearing. The first part is more or less the same as the book Auditor’s Handbook including Intensive Procedure, 1954. The last part consists of several articles published in 1953 and early 1954 in the Journal of Scientology. This edition does not make these sources clear, and is poorly organized. The second page of the Contents has the wrong page numbers for S. O. P. 8 and afterwards. This edition contains an eight-page preface omitted from the 2007 edition and replaced by a one-page letter from the Auditor’s Handbook. The credits for the development of R2-70, included in the 1955 edition, are deleted from the 2007 edition. The section entitled L’Envoi is five pages longer here than in the 2007 edition.

The Problems of Work, First Edition 1956 (6.5 MB)
No comment.

Triton Excerpts, 1949 (2 MB)
The dust jacket describes Hubbard as a hypnotist, and he dedicates the book to his wife, Sara, whom he later denied marrying.

What to Audit 1952 (9 MB)
Later editions of this book were titled History of Man, with some changes in wording. When the LRH Compilations unit changed the wording back to the original, they were unfairly accused of altering LRH’s writing by people who did not have access to this original edition.