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When I started this home page, I had a list of items which I considered important in life and in auditing/processing. I meant to write a little article on each of them. That has not happened up to now, so I am here going to publish the list. Hopefully I will get round to writing about them. However it may be that just the list will help you. So here is is. The order giving here is completely random, and some are not very important (I think).

Differentiate, associate, identify

Two valued Logic (A) and infinity valued logic - gradients

Create- survive - destroy

start - change - stop

confusion - stable data


mystery sandwich

randomity (plus, optimum, minus)

overts, motivators, withholds.

Withold (ability to) is connected to IQ

Communication - Itsa


granting of beingness

Trs and communication

What your attention is put on you get

Relationship Rundown

End Points (article written)

Happiness Rundown (including internship)

Cosmic (our) History (see sister page: )

Missed withholds


In session


LRH Books


Know and Not-Know


Training (It is possible to get trained as an auditor, both outside of "the Church" and outside of non Church organisations)

Attention (auditor in better control than client and use in life)

Teaching by Agreement