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Interview of Ant and two Ant-trends January 2023

The interview concerned my experience of Scientology in the 1950s. The link to it is:

In 1981 I was trained and interned on the Happiness Rundown. The version I was trained on (the 1981 version) was cancelled in 1984 version made. However I was thrown out of Scientology 1983. Little bit after I was thrown out of Scientology I discovered Scientolipedia made a fairly comprehensive review of the Happiness Rundown, including its effects by getting people to leave the Scientology official organisation. You can see my account of this at the following link: Although I got a lot out of that internship (three quarters of which was concerned with basic auditing) I audited a lot of things but not very much Happiness Rundown,  possibly due to my experience on the internship (see the account on Scientolipedia).

At the end of last year I ran a preclear on the Happiness Rundown and was surprised and impressed.

So my first trend at the moment is to reintroduce the Happiness Rundown a very slow gradient. There's a reason for the very slow gradient which I may write in here when I get more time.

The other trend is on auditing past lives. In 1959 I was on 5 weeks (out of 6) of the 6th London ACC. The 5th and the 6th London ACCs were concerned with past lives. There had been a surge of interest in the possibility of past lives in the "general public" and Ron thought this was a way of getting people into Scientology and ordered the book Have You Lived before This Life to be made. This book was based on the 5th London ACC procedures which I consider overwhelm the preclears resulting in a lot of unreal dubin.

In 1959 I got a staff auditing intensive of 25 hours (the staff member took a week off without pay, but paid the wages, units it was called, of the auditor, thus getting it rather cheaply). We audited something that occurred 500 years ago approximately, I was a small African boy in the village where there were no other children, went out to play and to sleep found myself being eaten by a lion and lioness.

In about 1972 I got an inkling (a suspicion or vague idea) that I had been associated with my present life father in the 1910s. I had an auditor run this on me by the family of processes used on the 6th London ACC which I call Speculative Questioning. The actual process we ran at the alternative commands:
"What might you have done as Betty Smith?"
"What might you have withheld as Betty Smith?"

As a comparison I would say my reality on that past life as Betty Smith is something like the reality I have on my school days. I know I studied Shakespeare's play 12th Night, played both cricket, soccer, and rugby football but details of those things are gone (no doubt recallable). I know that in my last life my father was the Duke of Bedford, and I found out that why my attempts to find myself in the Encyclopaedia Britannica were in vain was because I was illegitimate. I lived in his house, disguised for strangers in the uniform of a domestic servant, and remember the joy of travelling alone by train to Southampton able to wear really posh clothes and flirt openly with the dining car attendant/waiter.

With regard to trend number one, the Happiness Rundown, I am working on this very slowly in the "back bedroom" (so to speak). Reasons for that have to do with approaching the matter on a very low gradient (the opposite to how Ron introduced new things). I think it wise to introduce it generally as an offshoot of Scientology, so letting the "bad reputation" of Scientology lesson/receed is a valid approach. It also seems to be true that in the majority of cases you don't need to know the complexities that have been introduced and argued about with regard to auditing technology.. So you are just getting a preliminary announcement.

 [added12 September 2020 – — As an addition to the above. I have had the Happiness Rundown run again on me, this time over the Internet, and was very pleased. This time it was run in Danish so I'm specialising in Danish at the moment, and at the moment I'm collecting the materials to make them available and they are temporally at the following dropbox link:

With regard to trend number two (past life auditing) I don't regard it as very important but it is a valued part of Scientology in my opinion. Perhaps more important is planning for and creating one's future life (one's next bodies life I mean). I think the adage "what you put your attention on you get" is valid and that you do have some control of where you end up next life (or more properly "next body").


Ant (this initial version written 26th of January 2023).