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Past Life Medley

Ant's impromptu introduction:

Scientology is a spiritual subject. Spirits are immortal. The way things are set up they have past lives. One of the things that can happen in Scientology is that the techniques can be used to help a person explore his/her past lives. On 31 July 2021 we are beginning this small collection of recollections, advice and techniques with regard to past lives.




On 30-07-2021 11:11, beth guest wrote:



This write up is based on various recalls I have had in the auditing chair.

Through them I discovered that I had a drive for spiritual enlightenment/awareness of/search for God in several relatively recent lifetimes.

This lifetime

No member of my English family is religious, however my mum told me I asked to go to Sunday School so I went to Methodist church as a youngster (aged 9?). I went for many years.

Playing with the idea that God is omnipotent ”He knows what you are doing” came from the Sunday School,

I recall jumping on pavement on the way home, jumping on alternate cracks between the stones. I kept changing my mind about which stone I should jump on. I was thinking, "God didn’t know I was going to do that!”

As a hippy I read I Ching, Thoughts of Chairman Mao, The Doors of Perception and more. I went to university to study philosophy, I tried various drugs for spiritual enlightenment - most drugs once each.

(LSD was extremely interesting but that’s another write up. It did prevent my entrance to the Sea Org, something for which I am now very grateful.)

And then of course there was Scientology...

I got up to OT4 before leaving. What a journey! As Jerry Garcia said,

"What a long strange trip it’s been”

One aspect if the "long strange trip” has been discovering my continuous postulate in relatively recent years (ie years with bodies - no whole track) to find spiritual enlightenment and, through the tech, my discoveries of how this postulate has affected various lifetimes. Here are some examples:

Recent years – probably England

I was an old lady, no partner or family that were relevant. I had been a Christian for many years, going to church and following teachings in the bible.

I was therefore confident that I would be picked up and taken to heaven, I had done everything right you see.

So, in the church/around my grave/ I waited for angels/heavenly host/whatever..

And I waited.

And I waited.

And I waited.

Jesus/angels/ heavenly host were not there.

In the end I moved away. But even to this day this memory makes me chuckle.


This lifetime, before Scientology, I visited the Tower of London and saw many suits of armour. Seeing the Chinese armour I felt a very strong feeling of hate.

Later I realised that this was a memory from my time as a Samurai. (NB I am not sure about the name Samurai but this is the name I use now so readers will know about Japanese warriors)

What is interesting is that there was, for me, NO DOUBT or reservation about the lifestyle/ philosophy at the time. To be a samurai was total beingness.

A later lifetime was in China as a pauper. I lived on the streets, one of the lowest of the low. I now think this was me trying to correct my karma ie make up for my overts committed as a Samurai, killing lots of people without doubt or reservation. Interestingly, when I was a Samurai I KNEW I was right...

Central America

I was in training as a priest. Not sure of modern name, might have been Mayan. The sun was definitely central to beliefs and imagery. I was very serious about the studies and part of the training was to undertake certain tasks to demonstrate spiritual progress. One particular ritual was so awful I can’t bring myself to write it up. The idea was that a true priest should be able to confront/have anything and this task was to demonstrate that prowess. I do know that I failed. I was spiritually crushed; I caved in. I would like to say that my failure to complete the task was because the task was cruel and unethical. Yes it was cruel and unethical by modern standards but that’s not why I didn’t do it I simply got overwhelmed; I was thinking about myself only not others.

What I find interesting is:

1. That my goal of looking for spiritual enlightenment was there through many lifetimes.

2. That I did "penance” lifetimes to correct my "overts”. But what is an overt in one lifetime is not an overt in another. This is an observation with which I have struggled.

3. In all (?) of these lifetimes I did make spiritual progress.


The teachings of LRH helped me put different beliefs into context. Most notably this was with Christianity when I feel I suddenly understood what it was all about. I won’t go into details but I suspect other readers have done much the same.

I’ve come to realise that, no matter how awful CofS might be, the tech and teachings and philosophy have been priceless.





Antony reports briefly.

In 1959 Ron got interested in past lives as a possible method of drawing people into Scientology. There had been quite a famous example of somebody remembering a past life and being able to verify it (see 
Bridey Murphy in Wikipedia etc.) Then Scientology had some data in that area Ron reckoned it would be a good way of getting people into Scientology so he worked on it notably in the fifth and the sixth London ACCs. The fifth London ACC resulted in the book "Have You Lived before This Life". There is a downloadable PDF of the book in my homepage. As I remember it the technique was to assess the backtrack incident with the most charge (why  not using a gradient?) And then run it on the command "what part of that incident could you confront?" (there were four commands but only the first one was run). I was working in the building where the students co-audited and the noise of some of their dramatisation was quite loud.

The sixth London ACC was a little different. (I was on that ACC for five out of the six weeks.) We were assessed by an instructor and then run by our auditor on the item found. I found five or six past lives and ran them, some more interesting than others. The most interesting was the one at the time of the Crusades. I was the Lord of the Manor in a place probably had some distance from London. I had a wife and two or three children's and a good house and at the other end of the village I had another wife with one child. This was apparently accepted generally except my two wives nag me rather a lot about the other one. This became quite a problem which I solved deciding that God wanted me to go to Jerusalem/Palestine fight the infidels.

Again in 1959 I had a staff intensive and ran a past life. That's to say I was on the staff and as a staff member you could get a 25 hour intensive (one week) by forgoing your pay (units, unit system) if you paid the units of the auditor when the unit was low this was a sort of bargain. 

My auditor was Carl Jensen and we audited in a large first floor front room at number 7 Fitzroy St (the HASI was at number 37, a building we owned, but seven was hired as it had a large hall where they could hold the ACCs). Carl dated an incident (I think it was 500 years ago) and ran it on me using the command "What part of that incident could you confront?" I am/was what was a so-called a "black case"which meant didn't see pictures (easily). But I ran the incident quite happily and it appeared to have been on the wall over the fireplace. I was a 10 year old boy in Africa, went out to play alone, fell asleep, and woke up to find myself being eaten by a lion and lioness.

However on probably the third day when I got there the incident wasn't up on the wall above the fireplace. I complained about this somewhat and (being considered a "black-case" they ran me on a number of remedies for black cases. So they gave up and I spent the last two or so days of the intensive being run on locational processes on in the street (open-air processing).

However, one stopping mocking up an incident is the end phenomena of clear! (See my YouTube video "Four Decades of Clear

There is a sequel to this years later, when I had left the services of Scientology and was a member of their public working in Copenhagen I got colitis didn't seem to go away. I was away from work for six months and my weight went down to I think 22 kg — I was pretty weak. I was also a bit silly and refused medicine! I did manage to drag myself to the AOSH and get touches since which I paid for. At one of these I had a sort of cognition. I sort of speculated to my auditor "I wonder if when I died at the age of 10 500 years ago I decided that I couldn't live after I was 10 years old" (or something like that). That evening or a day after I dragged myself out one evening to visit a friend and felt hungry. I asked if she would give me a slice of bread and butter. Eating had been almost impossible. She did and I ate it with relish and that was the end of my colitis.

Strange stories you meet in Scientology!


Running Past Lives.

By Antony Phillips

I don't think there's any great difficulty for a competent auditor with good TR's running past lives on a preclear. Of course you only run preclear is on what their attention is on and what their attention is self determinedly on not on something a registrar has put their attention on.

But life can put their attention on something else when you're in the middle of auditing them, and that has been the case with me. So here you get the last example of past lives which I have to give you.

The background to this is that when I was a child there was a sort of family joke. During the 1914 to 18 war my father had been mentioned in dispatches. Mentioned in dispatches is a distinction just below the level of a metal given for bravery. He had a there is leg (that's another interesting story – before vitamin C et cetera for heard of he had gangrene in his leg but a Harley Street, London, Doctor had prescribed greens and wholemeal bread which had largely cured it. However he wasn't capable of military service, so as a member of the YMCA was helping the war effort by driving relatives of wounded soldiers from a channel port to the Western front. At some point he was with a woman driver (without any soldiers dependence I guess, shelling started, they tried to take shelter. She didn't have a helmet, so he gave her his, and it was for that act of valour that he was mentioned in dispatches.

Apparently he framed that paper when he got married but my mother wouldn't have the thing hanging in the house, so it hung in the loft. Which was a bit of a joke.

Many years later, in the 1970s, a few years before my father died, I got to wondering whether I was that woman driver. Now there's a fair certainty that I was and I have audited a bit but owing perhaps to my atrocious life in the Scientology Publications Org there's bits of case which still needs handling so I'm stopped in investigation it more thoroughly. You have to follow priorities when you're  an auditor/PC/CS team.

 It appears I went by the name of Betty Smith, but when I went into places where women were not allowed and met opposition I used to proclaim "but I'm the Duke of Bedford's daughter". There is a good deal more to it lying around and it seems to also open up to earlier lives in the kingdom of Wessex. A little bit frustrating having such mysteries where there are more urgent things to audit.



 Added first of August 2021 from Barry Steffensen

The first incident was from my last lifetime, it came up in a student co-audit while on the HPA course in Sydney in 1965. I’d had dreams of being a pilot in an old bi-plane during WWI where I was shooting down an enemy plane. That however, was an alteration or dub in of the real incident which I ran when a student.

That incident morphed into it being me that was shot down in WWI but it again changed to being a Chinese coolie working in a rice field in China when a Japanese plane came flying along at tree top level guns blazing mowing down the workers in the field including me.

When I left the body I decided I wanted to go somewhere safer so I chose Australia. At that point I arrived in Sydney in the suburb of Hurlstone Park. My position was 30’ above the ground and looking around I saw an 18 months old baby in a crib in an upstairs room over a shop fronting the street.

Upon examining the baby I saw that there was no one occupying the body so I assumed it. Once attached to the body I made it my own and looked around to see if anyone had noticed.

After my session I casually asked my mother if she had noticed any changes in me at around 18 months old. She replied "No, you were just like any other baby”. I have no idea what had happened to the original owner of the body as I don’t recall anyone coming back for it.

Barry Stephenson