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Books Weekly – Emergency Noticeboard


9th. March 2021

Letter received concerning Scientolipedia.



Hello Disseminator!


I'm writing to donor-supporters of Scientolipedia, like yourself, to give you a brief update about the planned upgrades to the website.

Some have donated to support Scientolipedia and our ongoing mission to tell the true story of the SUBJECT of Scientology, its people, history and founder while some others have also donated specifically to help fund the needed upgrades to the site's software.


First let me say THANK YOU for your support.

I don't say that often enough but the truth is...without the support from many people like yourself the site would have disappeared some time ago.

And we would not be in the position to update its software...which is sorely overdue for upgrades.


I won't bore you with the specific details about what is needed, and quite likely give you some MU's in the process, but for anyone who would like a copy of my "scope of work" document you can reply to this email and I'll send it back as an attachment.


Normally a website's upgrades are fairly straightforward and "server tech's" and/or software developers are easy to find.

Scientolipedia uses the same software as Wikipedia (Mediawiki) but the Semantic Mediawiki we use on top of that is where some complexity enters.

Experts in that are not so easy to find, and ones who can handle the server side as well are even rarer.

The semantic stuff you could say is the cool stuff you've probably liked about the site....

Upgrading the backend server gizmo's will break that cool stuff and the average server guy might not be able to get us up-and-running again without making a complete mess of it.

So I've been taking my time to make sure I pick the right guy(s) for the work.


The good news is that last week I got in comm with one of the very top semantic mediawiki guru's in the world. (he developed much of Wikipedia and Semantic Mediawiki)


He told me they had recently turned down a project with a budget 10 times greater than ours but, for whatever reason - hmmm, perhaps a good comm cycle? - he left the door open to taking us on in a couple weeks.

I'm going to keep looking and will find the right developer to work with as soon as possible while not "sitting in wait" for the guru guy.

FYI - getting the software upgrades is just phase one. Phase two will be changing the "skin", the "look" of the site to make it modern and also improve search engine optimization along with fixing some features of the site. (such as the streaming service)

Here's the semantic mediawiki website where you can get an idea of what I am referring to.


Thanks again for your support and please let me know if you have any questions!




Dave LaCroix



"The answer is to remain organized, mutual assistance and integrity and not lose touch with our responsibility for all levels of life forms and societies." LRH - HCO Policy Letter of 25 June AD13, An International Objective