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Letter from Max Hauri (temporary intended for Books Weekly readers)

Dear all

We can have a long discussion if homosexuality is perverse, if it is an aberration or if it is an overt and all that things.

Fact is that esp. the society we are living in, with that I want to put my finger on the socialism and communism and also deep state, that they destroy a healthy second dynamic. (I could give you plenty of examples.)

Take a careful look: They do all that there are no healthy families and enough children. Our society is lacking a huge amount of children.

population pyramid

population pyramid

population pyramid

population pyramid

I am not voting that we have a stat like in Niger.

But our society is going to have a huge problem because we don't have working 2D. We lose the ability to grow up and educate children. And we are giving that power to the state = communism.

In school I really learnt a good lesson. To understand if something is good or bad, right or wrong, etc. Put it into extreme. In other words all homosexual = no babies = no future = no homosexuality.

Don't get me wrong, the key question goes beyond homosexuality: How do you exchange the fact that you received a body and were raised? The only exchange you can give is to give life to a child. There is no other exchange.

Much love Max