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 In 1958 to 59 I was an instructor in the London HASI (Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International). This was before instructors were forbidden and replaced by supervisors who did not teach.

At that time, and ever since EPs (End Phenomena, now also termed End Points) were important. E-meters were not being used, so meter phenomena did not have a place in EPs. We taught very simple data, namely:

You could end a process with:

  1. three equal communication lags in succession

  2. no change

  3. a minor cognition.

You must end a process (and the session) with:

  1. a major cognition

  2. an ability regained.

This is more or less the data I use today, as I do not use an e-meter. I modify it a bit, to the point that if a process is running well, with pc getting insights and in session, and extroverted and we have run for an hour or so, I may end session (particularly if the process involves a number of commands run cyclically, like service fac processing) after a cycle of commands, picking it up at the next session.

Incidentally I find Gerbode's comments on End Points interesting, in that he finds that few other therapies have such data. Ref his Book Beyond Psychology (first edition 1988, Chapter "Viewing - An Effective Enhancement procedure" subsection "End Points and Overruns")

With the advent of the E-meter, E-meter phenomena were added to the End Points, as were good indicators at some point.

I do not use an emeter at the moment, but if I did I would not indicate to the preclear (meaning tell her/him) if the needle floated. In all cases I consider that an evaluation, and in certain cases it could be an invalidation.

So my current practice (Jan 2010) is end processes (for the day) when the preclear has good indicators, which would include being extroverted, and for ending a specific procedure, I'd definitely stop if there was a big "blow out" (preclear well extroverted, and possibly surprised).

If I needed to end session without good indicators (lack of time), I would comm this with her/him, and probably run a small bit of extroverting process, such as locational, or a havingness process.

Ant Feb 2011

It should be noted that in the old days some processes were regarded as unlimited, but in wanting to finish for the day, or move to another, perhaps more relevant, process you would use the above criteria. I could also add that you are welcome to use your intuition (or some may call it your gut feeling) though if your gut feeling suggests invalidating the preclear or other code breaks, you would be wise to doubt whether it was intuition.

Ant March 2015