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Confidentiality in Scientology


The question of confidentiality, secrecy, and the associated question of reporting to authorities other people's possibly negative activities (like Knowledge Reports in Scientology and children reporting parents in East Germany) has been noted as one of the signs (characteristics) of a suppressive group.

My experience in Scientology in the fifties (possibly around 1957) was that Ron Hubbard said/wrote something to the effect that there was nothing confidential in Scientology, anybody could have the data, but if a professor of a University got hold of it he would not be able to use it because he lacked Scientology training in it (roughly paraphrased from my memory).

I first experienced confidentiality (secrets) in Scientology when I worked at St Hill and Power Processing was brought out. In the beginning of Power processing there was no confidentiality. However after a short period preclear's doing the solo level V (Power processing) began going around with labels on their breasts clearly saying something in the nature of "I am on Power processing – do not ask me any questions".

Also associated with confidentiality was the fact it at a certain point processes started to be invented which had a definite end phenomena – you could not end the process until that specific end phenomena was reached. The question of confidentiality came in to this area because if the person knew what the end phenomena was to the process he was running he would tend to work and think towards that end phenomenon. Thus partially invalidate the actual process. (See the the 5th article – menu on the left under Viewpoints)

It is my thesis that it is difficult to undo the effects of a suppressive group if you maintain some of its secrecy. The question of clear has been a central subject in Scientology since the days of Dianetics Modern Science of Mental Health. The end phenomenon of clear and the definition of clear has been a matter of confidentiality. In the article I have published on Scientolipedia on clear which was written by David Mayo I have also published all the bulletins which David is referring to in his article ( There is also a confidential one he had not mentioned in his article.

People who leave the domination of the Scientology church, having often been under its influence for quite a while, sometimes still have quite a reverence for Ron's orders. It is a matter of a stable datum (the stable data and confusion principle). For some time in many cases their stable data has been built up around what they experience daily within the church of Scientology including the question of confidentiality and though no longer under the control of the church may for example be enthusiastic about maintaining confidentiality that Ron set up. Therefore in the article I published in Scientolipedia there is no reference to confidentiality. Only those who make a deep study of the article, looking at all the bulletins referred to, will discover that there is a confidential bulletin there were Ron describes the end phenomena of clear and gives a definition of clear. In my estimation the two definitions do not fit together; they are illogical. However, if you care to, go into it and make your own mind up for yourself.

Scientolipedia is free for anybody to look at, and it is free for anybody to add material and to correct or alter material. I think it would be sad if that confidential material was taken out of the public domain (in Scientolipedia). Therefore though you are free to pass this newsletter on to other people I hope you will not pass it on to anyone who is liable to kick up a fuss about my discreetly passing on confidential data.

Unfortunately Scientolipedia is not set up administratively like Wikipedia where there is something like a foundation (a number of people working together) responsible for it and also the funding seems to be adequate. Dave Lacroix had the idea of Scientolipedia, promoted it and hoped somebody else would take the ball and make the thing a success. Nobody else did so he reluctantly started the whole thing up; a valiant and craving piece of work. It is still that way. It is a bit expensive to run and he is dependent on his own pocket and any donations that come in. Perhaps you get something of the picture. There are many possibilities. The worst scenario with regard to this is that somebody who has left the church recently, one of those who are really rich, objects to that confidential bulletin being hidden in a corner Scientolipedia, offers Dave Lacroix a large sum (to keep the site going) on condition that all confidential data is removed. That sort of puts Dave on the spot. So to be on the safe side just pass this on only to people who you can really trust. If you like the idea of keeping this available to all, put "donate" in the search box of Scientolipedia, find the "Donate" button on the page that shows up, and donate to Scientolipedia.

To find the David Mayo article is easy. Just go to the and in the search box put "Clear by David Mayo". I for one appreciate it if you do so.

ADDED 15th of October 2019: a year ago I made a YouTube video where I was interviewed on four different experiences of mine which have a relationship to clear. It has not been posted until this month. You can look at it at the following Four Decades of Clear .  You can write to me with comments and questions at the following address: