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Did Hubbard have a service FAC?

 This rough article was placed on the Books Weekly Internet list on the 15th of August 2018. It was amplified a few times in the following weeks.



We have received a comment from: Luca Terzi

It is replying/responding to the email I sent to all of you announcing the election results with the majority for the Data Series Evaluator's Course. Here it is:


Luca, who resides in Italy, was a well respected member of the IVy Internet list (ivy-subscribers) which was run as an auxiliary to The International  Viewpoints (IVy) magazine which ran from 1991 to 2008. That was quite a lively list and there was some disappointment when I decided it was time to end that cycle. IVy Magazine was a group effort as was the list. Many contributed. So far as the magazine was concerned I was the sort of figurehead and probably got more acknowledgement than I was due. There were many that helped in various activities including of course the writing of articles. However many of those who contributed wanted to be anonymous (motives unknown and could have varied from shyness to some sort of fear of the Church of Scientology).

I was not all that happy about the possible repercussion from the church of Scientology (nothing ever happened!) and I tried to print a large list of contributors to make it look as though we were a body to be reckoned with! Rather a vain attempt!

I mentioned last time that Louisa Kelly contributed to the Data Series. That is data I got from Ed Berwick who said Louisa told him. It really does not matter as the important thing is does the Data Series  work, which is something you would have a chance to begin to have an opinion on as we work through it. The point I would like to make is that Scientology is a joint effort.

I can remember in the fifties reading a Policy Letter by L Ron Hubbard stating that if we did not use the word Hubbard at the beginning of the titles of all the Scientology courses people would not come to the courses. I thought at the time that was a bit odd and did not really think people that idiotic as to come to take a course not because it worked (on themselves or on others). However in the spirit of a good potential slave I kept those thoughts to myself.

It may be (and it is something that I believe at the moment) that there have been universes before this present physical universe and some of them it may have been possible to be OT and decide everything for oneself. It is not possible in this universe. Anything great needs teamwork.

One of the great things in Scientology is the theory behind the service facsimile (service FAC). That is quite a deep subject. Perhaps it will come up when we deal with Data Series. Briefly my thesis is that why Scientology (the organisation) went sour and possibly was taken over was because Ron Hubbard had begun to dramatize a service FAC which he was unable to see and when anybody got close to bringing his attention onto it they got thrown out. David Mayo and Otto Roos for example. 

Possibly in your universe (reality) that is a rather far-fetched theory that Antony has. I will ask you to bear it mind. We can probably look at it further. This certainly explains to me how the subject Scientology has got such a bad reputation and gives more hope for being able to use the good parts of it.



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The following is Otto Roos's account of what happened when he tried to handle Ron Hubbard's case. It is rather long but I think it is a good viewpoint on Ron's attitude, and perhaps reinforces the possibility that he had very big service FAC. It comes from a longer writing of Otto Roos which is in Scientolipedia at the following link:  . 

Here is Otto Roos's writing:




8 Otto starts reviewing all Ron's earlier auditing folders

When LRH was very sick in Jan 1972 he sent a note to Jim Dincalci, MO (Medical Officer), stating 'Jim, I don't think I'm going to make it'.

Jim called me for help.

I wrote to LRH, asking his approval that 'as he now had the services of the first perfect auditors, the Class XII's, I wanted to get all his folders, get a Council of XII's to go through them and FES and programme the lot, to get his past auditing history corrected/handled.' 

He sent back an approval (plus a 7 page handwritten Commendation, "I'm delighted that somebody is finally going to take responsibility for my auditing")

My function was C/S, either Tommy Klingvall, Brian Livingston, or Jeff Walker to be the auditor, and MSH as daily checkpoint . David Meyers or Jim Dincalci acted as D/P.

Folders came in from all over the world, going back to 1948. Most of the old stuff were often scraps of paper. Solo Research data went as far as what he called then OT 19.

It became a stack of some 8 feet high, an entire filing cabinet full. The aligning and FESing, even in the hands of the XII's, took months.

He had, with the Commendation, also sent a note down regarding the body with some instructions, (not just his body, but bodies as an item). I wrote back, stating that I thought the point raised regarding them had been covered in the OT 3 materials, but he wrote that this was incomplete and to solo test-run 'Body Blue Print'.

This was done during the next few months, the sessions sent up to him. Apart from session gradings and acks, and his being 'very pleased', I don't know what eventually happened with the data. He certainly was too sick physically to check it out on himself even though it was 'being of great interest'.

He, while the FESing and programming cycles occurred was on MO cycles, got D of P interviews, also some assists by a Class VIII and even Examiner cycles by myself.

In the folders we found virtually every process known as well as lots of never published actions. There were thousands upon thousands of pages of LISTS (3GAXX, 3MX, 3N, R2-12, umpty Goals/Oppose lists, enough for about ten million correction lists, so to speak), all of them O/R), over a TA of 6.0 etc.

This was the tech of those times, the auditors, I'm sure, did the best they could (LRH himself was one of them, soloing lists endlessly!!)

Rehab data, the Laws of L/N etc., were unknown at the time of these sessions, and were never applied to him. F/N data the same.

As a matter of fact, this was the reason for my setting up this project!

There were lots of, what was later labelled, 'discreditable' reads.

This was what R2-12 and Tiger Drilling had been all about and it certainly wasn't something the FESers attached any further significance to than noting it down for future handling.

There were in the Research and Solo folders also lots of personal data, like in any pc folder, which again was of no further significance than items in need of verification and/or correction.

The recent research folders, OT 3 on up, were, though in order of date, quite upside down as to the data handled as (as was always the case in research) the items were written down as and when they came up. Realignment was always a later step in the procedure (Early OT 2 auditors will remember that old OT 2 was also run from the top down in its initial stages, like OT 3 used to be run back to front.)

The folders were divided over the different auditors with cross checks. I, as C/S, went through all the folders, and when one of the auditors (FESing) could not confront some of the upper level research data and material in the personal folders and got sick, I did the FESing of that stack myself.

The section which is called OT 8 today had been part of much earlier research and had already been given out by him to myself to test run, but had become stranded on what much later became known as the NOTS materials.

The same barriers, NOTS and OT 8, looking at it now, also shipwrecked, so I imagine, the Body Blue Print steps. This last statement is my opinion only, based on knowing the tech, it is not something he ever indicated to me!

The thing which needs stressing here is that as C/S or FESer one is not concerned with the identity of the pc, one is only concerned about the application of the tech, anything beyond that is quite irrelevant.

There is also the rule that no pc gets to see his own folders.

He had an attack in March/April, was in MO care and some weeks later, per David Meyers latest D/P interview was starting to recover.

One day, when all the XII's were on leave, except myself, he sent a Messenger down, stating he wanted the folders. After refusal by myself (C/S hat) he became 'Commodore' and ordered the folders up, sending some hefty guys down to just get them (a cabinet file full!).

They were just taken, and that was that.

A few days later I was called up to his office and upon entry was hit, kicked, screamed and shouted at. (Even the Aides were not in sight, they were hiding as he was really mad!)

He just blew his stack on finding the references to 'discreditable' reads and the contents of some of the personal folders.

He shouted that he had never had such reads and screamed at me to check this with the auditor, MSH, who was also in the room.

She said with a straight face, 'No Sir, you never had such reads.' This while there were stacks of folders lying right there full of them.

There is another kind of read which, in writing them down, closely resembles the reads concerned, a read which is also of prevalence in Goals type auditing. As the handwriting is small and as he needs glasses, it was implied that it was the 2nd type read, an entirely 'acceptable' item which had been written down.

This is not what several XII's, including I, with good eyes had seen, and even, had there been a mistake, it would not have been hundreds of them. As said, what FESer cares about such things? They are merely items to verify/correct/handle. They certainly attached no special significance to this.

He then screamed that I and the other XII's had 'of course talked and laughed about it' among ourselves and had 'undoubtedly told this all over the ship.'

Completely maniacal reactions, especially toward the best and most experienced C/Ses and Auditors in the world who had seen and done just about everything.

However, also typical Missed Withhold Reactions, mere pc dramatizations, pc's should not read their own folders.

He had also looked at tons of out lists, wrong items, unhandled drugs, as well as 'discreditable' data (like is found in any pc folder), none of it of any significance to FESers, C/Ses or auditors, except as items in need of handling, but of lots of significance to pcs, especially when wrongly, incompletely or not handled at all.

This pc had certainly never been handled. His altitude, apart from the lack of know how in earlier tech days, alone prevented any auditor from just going in there and even putting his ruds in.

An auditor he had selected once certainly never did. She caved in and I had to, as Examiner, handle that session at that time. This Class VIII had been known as a weak auditor, yet he had chosen that individual, while he had had some super XII's available. It is not hard to guess who controlled the session!!

There were in the solo folders a lot of things personal to him. But who cared! He read it (data most probably long since forgotten as having been written down), got stirred up with the idea of 'others knowing about it', etc. Pc's should not read their own folders.

He was very angry and I confronted him, after which he said, 'What are you looking at me for!' When I said, 'Well, Sir, seeing you trained me on TR's and how to run them, you couldn't now expect me to break up'. (Which was true.) He then quieted down and ordered me to cabin arrest.

The other XII's had not been around so I caught the brunt of all of this alone. His hitting hadn't bothered me, he was an old man.

What I really minded was MSH's denying of having seen and written down these reads, thereby giving him umpty wrong items by denying reads which did occur and indicating reads which didn't. This with lists, many of which were 100's of pages long, and more, so already wrong enough without needing further inval of their meter reads!

Later that evening MSH came down to my cabin. She kept coming in and out with different folders of his, showing the reads clear as day, and then 'explaining' to me that these reads had been 'old time F/N reactions' (see page 10, last paragraph, orig. doc.) and that I, as an old timer and Class XII 'should have know that'.

My answer was that this might all be true but that I, as C/S, could not just surmise things and they had to be verified and handled, and the more she talked the more stubborn I became.

As Diana Hubbard also came to shout at me 'I hate you', 'I hate you', 'I hate you', it was obvious that things would not become too easy.

David Mayo, Class X trainee at the time, and not involved in the Project, was in the cabin next to mine and witnessed the MSH 'explanations'.

LRH somehow refused the truth of the folders, and my stubbornness clinched the matter.

'Station Termination', my days were numbered.

It was interesting to see how many people suddenly 'discovered' what an SP I had always been. Fallen, after years at the top, it did not take the undertakers long to dig the grave.

A slight goof by Quentin (then C/S) and myself a few days later (running a GF, technically a correct action, on a wrongly handled experimental XDN pc) got me comm-eved and declared, etc. The C/S was not mentioned.

However, knowing what was in the folders, I did not give up the action and left the ship (with approval!) to get the Klingvalls and bring them back to complete the auditing programme. I returned to Flag, without even knowing where it was, I spotted Flag's location in Oporto and on the dock got the Expulsion Order, signed by Norman Starkey. And that was that!!

But there still was an 8 feet stack of folders which needed handling!!!

I left Portugal with $100 in my pocket, subsequently did well in the 'wog' world, but had a very rough time with self struggle, like, 'Is he senior to Truth?', 'Does he really stand above the requirements of the Tech?', etc. Yet, I would always come back to the same conclusion that my decisions would be the same again, regardless of 'losing the Upper Levels, etc.'

In fact, I lost nothing, as neither NOTS, nor OT 8 contained any mysteries for me, and I had already virtually completed OT 8 years before, as I discovered when getting the contents of what is known today as OT 8 at David Mayo's. It would have been quite an inval of the tech and my own ability, as well as a waste if, even having reached the very top of training, knowingness and know how, I still would not have been able to help myself. 


For definitions of service FAC see the following link:


The following here is Ant view-pointing on the above starting off by asking you a question:

I have just referred you to definitions of service facsimile. What did you think of them?
I think they are lousy (to use the colloquial term from my youth).

I have no doubt that Ron was a genius. In a very highly populated planet like ours there are a host of geniuses, and I regard Ron as one of them. However I regard him as a lopsided genius.

In his (so-called) research into study he came up with some very interesting things. Important things. He has talked about dictionaries and what they should contain. He also made a sort of joke about what he called the "dinky dictionaries" – little dictionaries with very short "definitions" which did not fulfil his description of how a dictionary should be. He did however describe quite fully how a dictionary should be. However rather belatedly he discovered that there was no Scientology dictionary so he issued an order (which was a long time being carried out) that a dictionary was to be made. And here in my opinion you can see his service FAC. For he ordered the people who made the dictionary to use his works exclusively. This resulted in a dictionary which does not comply with the usual the ordinary accepted rules of what a dictionary should contain. The dictionary "definition" I referred you to above is typical.

I would define a service FAC (and this is a bit off the cuff) as "a behaviour mechanism whereby the person works to make other people wrong and him or her and self right: to dominate over other people and thus avoid being dominated themselves".

You see it also in the fact that when somebody worked closely with him and became really competent like Otto Roos and David Mayo (and others) they were kicked out quite ferociously.

It was also apparent in the fifties. I, as one of his very obedient disciples (perhaps you should read "slaves") believed all he said. There was a particular passage in Scientology Fundamentals of Thought when he makes quite disparaging remarks about the philosopher Wundt, which I accepted thinking how terrible psychology had become. More recently, when we were studying Fundamentals of Thought in my Books Weekly little group I got to wondering about that passage. I have a friend who studied psychology quite deeply so I wrote him a little letter asking him about it and he was kind enough to write back an article which I have since published in Scientolipedia. Most interesting. You yourself can read it at the following link:,_Fundamentals_of_Thoughts_and_Scientology

Anyway at this point I stop writing and adding to this article. I hope it has given you food for thought and perhaps some stable data.