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Help wanted for David Mayo Clear article

David Mayo wrote an article on the state of Clear presumably when he was working with Sarge Gerbode at Menlo Park, California (the International Society of Independents). This was reissued in International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 1, May 1991. ( page 5 on)

I considered it a very important article. And therefore I am in the process of preparing it for Scientolipedia.

It is rather a controversial subject and I think it is important to be as impartial and factual as possible, which includes quoting sources.

The article is in preparation, and available to those who have a link in what is called in Scientolipedia/Wikipedia a sandbox. The link to it is: .   Now posted, available to all with Internet connection; see link at the end of this article

I would appreciate your help in one matter. David Mayo wrote an article (presumably a bulletin and presumably under Ron's name) where he talked about there being harmonics of Clear. I cannot find that Bulletin.
My memory is that Ron wrote a quite scathing Bulletin about what David Mayo had written. I cannot find that.

I looked in PDF files of the old and new Red and Green Policy Letters and Bulletins. I suspect that the new Bulletins have failed to publish those 2 bulletins. (The old volumes do not go that far as far as I can see)

So the big question is can you help me by looking?

My address: .

UPDATED 28 January 2019

I have found some relevant bulletins, including a confidential one with the definition of Clear and a statement of the end phenomena. I have not found the Bulletin written by David Mayo and later cancelled which talks about harmonics. So if you get hold of that let me know please.

But you can find the article with all the Bulletins and Policy Letters I could find in Scientolipedia at the following address:

actually when you in Scientolipedia you can just search for "Clear by David Mayo"