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The Place of Books in Scientology

Books associated with Scientology form an important reference point in the history of Scientology.

Perhaps it is because books are more objective as one is not dragged into the tragedies and disagreements that have occurred in the organisation itself. At the moment is a major site for preserving these books. It's a private site and these things should be preserved in a place which has a more public and therefore long-term existence in the way that Wikipedia has. At the moment it is not possible because Scientolipedia is working on a shoestring and also many of these items are large and beyond the capacity of Scientolipedia in its present form. I expect Scientolipedia to expand, get used more, expand, and have this increasing funding so that in due course these book copies can be preserved in Scientolipedia.

It is also worth noting that early in Scientology, L Ron Hubbard recommended people read books in order to understand the subject as it left them free to look at and judge what they read without human relationships with a "proselytiser" influencing them (that is my interpretation of what he said!).

An important part of the collection was made by one person (who wishes to be anonymous) and is to be found under the main menu point "Early Scientology History" as the first item ("First Editions of Scientology Books"). These are all early editions of the books and in many cases the first edition or manuscript edition. They have been very carefully worked on. They are in the most sophisticated form of PDF file where you have both a picture of the original pages and the text which is searchable (some PDF files are just pictures, images, which you cannot search or copy). I have chosen to keep these in a directory by themselves as they are somewhat special. From other sources I have copies of early or first editions of things of interest to Scientologists. At the moment they are stored in my dropbox (at the moment, ).

Two Circa 1980 Valuable Tech Issues

In 1982 New Era Publications (familiarly known as Pubs Org) published a ring binder of about 150 pages with the title Introductory and demonstration Processes & Assists. I have the original as separate pages in  a ring binder. Fortunately another or others have made two PDF copies of it. Take a look! It is an interesting item, certainly from the Scientology processing technical point of view. You can find two versions of it in the above Dropbox link. Neither of them have the publication data, the note to the reader, the important notice or the preface attributed to Ron. I need someone local to scan those in!

In March 1980 I went on a course called the Professional Debug Course. I was issued with a ring binder with many pages of data on the various techniques evolved for debugging. I have searched on the Internet in vain for any trace of it. Action needs to be taken on this. Probably the following steps:
1. a more rigourous search for a copy in good condition, failing that,
2. my whole pack needs to be scanned in (and some of the items are not very legible) and formed up as a PDF file (searchable) and placed available for download, alternatively,
3. (in view of the fact that is in very poor condition) typing it in again and setting it up as a PDF file, a gargantuan task.

Alternatively (in view of the poor state my copies in) a group of tech experts could write up a summary including, for example, each debug technique, and references to the material involved in it.
[23rd January 2018. Some progress has been made on this. At the following temporary dropbox link you will find parts of The Introductory Processes and Assists and (Professional) Product Debug Reference Pack.]


There is food for thought here and possibly a challenge to one or two readers of this. There are valuable social and business techniques in that second item that should not get lost as a single comprehensive work. Many different problems arise in work and pleasure areas and they need handling with the right remedy (debug) technique. In his good moments Hubbard devised or relayed many good solutions and many of them are are collected in this book/pamphlet/production.