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Rambling update – page under preparation


Written in June 2016. Sometime I've been a little bit unhappy about the fact that I don't keep this homepage,, more up-to-date. So this article is an attempt to give you a little glimpse into my present views and activities. I have been running an activity for the past year or so (on and off) which I call Books Weekly. I'm about to start studying a new book with this little group of people, and am engaged in sending out invitations in case anybody new wants to join it. You may read this after I finished this new book, but if you go to the following link you will get a current picture of what I'm doing, and the opportunity to sign up if there's something just about to start. The link is: .

I have an Internet list, old contacts including some who were on the mailing list of a magazine I ran. There are about 90 people on this list and I sent out a little letter to them a week or so ago in case anybody was interested in coming on this Books Weekly activity with the new book. The letter I sent out does contain references to some of the things I'm doing and am interested in, so the next part of this rather rambling a ragbag of an article contains excerpts from that letter.

First excerpt:

This letter is to everybody on my BCC list (English speaking).

It is mainly to give you news of my activities, but I'll start off with something else. Do you have a curiosity and interest in the life of L Ron Hubbard? If you do you share it with me. I found of interest the reminiscences and ponderings of a man who worked very close to Ron two times in his life, both as Butler and "household in charge" at Saint Hill in the early sixties and as Ron's personal secretary on the ship where he was present when Ron was CSing folders. If you are interested the link is: .

Second excerpt:


I recently visited a friend of mine, Rolf Dane Krause. He is the man who did a prodigious piece of work. He was in the USA at the time and did it under the pseudonym of Clearbird. It is a marvellous presentation of standard Scientology technology. There is a reference to it on the Scientolipedia site ( , put "Clearbird" into the search box). Scientolipedia is open to anybody to add to or alter, and (see further reference later in this letter) someone had added a sentence saying that Clearbird was an offshoot of Scientology and removing an endorsement which said "Clearbird is recognized by the Association of Professional Independent Scientologists (APIS) [1] for giving a technically correct rendition of Standard Technology". After checking with Rolf I replace that statement which is accurate. Rolf also showed me some work he had done in making a video which described the workings of a technique he has. I was impressed by it, and felt it was a very good description of the essentials of Scientology auditing. Maybe you have friends who don't understand why you got involved in Scientology, so it might be a good idea to introduce them to this video. The link to it is . There are a few videos there, but it's the first one I'm referring to: "DEEP Clearing in 5 Minutes". 

Third excerpt:


I have been rather proud of being British, despite the fact that I've lived more than half my life in Denmark. This pride took a bit of a knock when a slight majority of people who voted in Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the referendum last year voted to leave the European Union. I've come to believe, influenced by my acquaintance with Scientology, that cooperation, and getting on well together, is preferable to isolation. Also I can remember hiding in air raid shelters during the war when enemy bombers flew overhead. So my "British and best" attitude took a bit of a knock. In recent years it has been possible for a Danish citizen to have dual nationality, so as a mild protest on my part I am working to get Danish citizenship. It involves taking an exam in Danish history, culture, politics et cetera, another exam in the Danish language, and being approved as part of an act of Parliament. Today I got the results of the exam in history, culture et cetera – 33 questions correct out of 40, with 32 being the pass mark, so I can't really claim to a pass with honours! But I did gain some interesting insights in studying the book they let you have to prepare for the exam. Denmark is an interesting country and culture! 

Fourth excerpt:


I am finding myself with a little bit too much to do in the time I have available, so I'm taking this opportunity of telling you bit about it (if you're interested in reading on) with the hope that one of this newsletter's 90 recipients will be able to think of someone who might be able to help and would like to do so. Since 2013 I have been contributing to Scientolipedia. Scientolipedia is supposed to be like Wikipedia, where many people contribute, thus adding to the richness, impartiality and all roundness of the picture of Scientology painted. Unfortunately it is not really the case yet that "many" people contribute. As an example of what I've done I created the page "Books – Scientology – including LRH books". You can put that into Scientolipedia's search box, or go to the following link . I created this item, wrote most of the article (as you can see by clicking on the "View history" button near the top in the middle of the page). Most items on that page have a link to a fuller description the book which I also wrote. I got a little bit tired and disheartened with this (wanted to do other things). Nobody else is joining in, though there is one man, Dave, busy keeping a complicated site going and a couple of others who write some articles or in one case designed an application for use on an iPad.

However a ray of light has entered into my life as someone under the pseudonym Bikoswartz has joined in. So far his main action has been to add in the introduction to some pages the following text: "NOTE: This article discusses an offshoot. Offshoots are considered something OTHER than Scientology, as they were not developed by L. Ron Hubbard, and they have never been practiced in any Scientology Church." We do need more people checking the quality of the articles, as well as supplementing what has so far gone up.

Apart from being tired of writing on books, I have another project I want to get going for Scientolipedia, which is a catalogue of the Scientology magazines which have been issued without the blessing of the Church of Scientology. I know of quite a lot including 4 to 6 issued in the nineteen fifties.

So in my spare spare time I am working up plans for encouraging other people to help with the book recording and cataloguing project.

Just to give you some mass on the matter here are a couple of pictures of the books I have not yet catalogued (about 30).
Fifth excerpt:

As an example of where I stand, take a look at the following link: .
This is an item that is nearly ready to go into Scientolipedia. 3 books out of 4 handled. I haven't read the fourth book. I don't want to spend time reading the fourth book. Do you know of anybody who would like to read the fourth L.Kin volume and provide me with a summary that I can fit into the empty gap there? (By the way you have to scroll down to get the last bit.)

Here to end is the front page of a non-official Scientology magazine issued in 1956. It would be part of the account of non-authorised Scientology magazines which I would like to make and publish on Scientolipedia: 

Sixth excerpt: 

You can see we had some cheeky "squirrels" even in the nineteen fifties. The term in Scientology "squirrel" was created by Ron in the fifties, originally just for an auditor who changed the process. As far as I can remember I subscribed to two of their magazines. If I get time and inclination I will rummage around and see if I can find them both and make some sort of an account. What is my motivation you might ask? I want the important parts of Scientology to survive well into the future. That's the parts that really help people in the game of life. For those parts to survive well I believe thorough record of the history of "the rise and fall of the Scientology Empire" needs to be made. I am no Gibbon, so I need help of Internet and many people to do what Gibbon seems to have done with regard to the Roman Empire!

I hope some of you would like to join our Books Weekly activity, and one of two of you will find some people in your network who might be interested in helping on the Scientolipedia project.

All best wishes,

Interview (youtube) Part 1:
Interview (youtube Danish):
Jernbanevej 3F 4th
DK 2800 Lyngby
Telephone: (+45) 4588 8869
That is the end of excerpts.
Now for some "original" material.

Written on the 24th of June, I hear on the radio that in Turkey the "theory of evolution" has been ordered to be stopped being taught in schools. The fear seems to be that this tokens an increase in the state tending towards the bias towards Islam. A little bit funny in that when Darwin brought forward his theory of evolution it was regarded as a threat to Christianity (which still seem to be surviving despite Darwin).

From my point of view, somewhat exterior, it is on the border of being laughable. I have long since (well it is only about 10 years) ceased to believe that my body was evolved.

I remember as a child my father bought a new car every few years (probably as part of his work, and paid for by his employers). He always chose a Vauxhall and explain to me how Vauxhall's all had a distinguishing feature; a sort of silver stripe laid in on the on both sides of the bonnet. So on the basis of that you could talk about the evolution of the Vauxhall car, for apart from the stripes on the bonnet each new version had improvements on the former ones and thus of course they were evolving. But that is not really what Darwin had in mind.

I suspect that my body was designed. Furthermore it was designed to survive in far more rigid, harsh conditions than it is existing in at the moment. It was designed for a rough life. It was also, I suspect, designed using experience gained, for example, in the digestive systems of a vast number of different animal bodies existing in a vast number of different climatic conditions (on this planet) with different foods available.

I remember, long before I came to the above conclusion, hearing Ron mentioning in a taped lecture that the human body  thrived best when it was treated roughly.

The way I treat my body, and possibly the reason for my longevity, is partly based on the above philosophical conclusions.

I might add that I doubt whether the people designing bodies for this planet had in mind the possibility that the planet will become severely polluted, a consideration to be borne in mind when planning how to feed and look after one's own body.

You might at this point be asking who created bodies for this planet? My (as usual always tentative) conclusion is that it was beings like us. For what other sort of beings could there be? There is only theta and MEST. Anyway that is my interpretation of axioms 1, 2 and 3. And in getting audited I have a few times run into the suspicion that I was involved in planning and "creating" the growth (evolvement in young human bodies) of a certain part of the male human body.


26th of June 2017 break because there was quite an event yesterday.


Yesterday Scientolipedia announced that they had Ron's lectures available for streaming. This is quite an event. You can see the page at: .
I immediately told a friend advising him to listen to the following:
590406 Special Hubbard Professional Auditor's Course - London  .
Unfortunately he couldn't find it so I'm getting the matter looked into. I consider it important.
There are 26 lectures which I have in MP3 format and I have transcripts also though the transcripts are a bit problematic.
I regard these as very important lectures, since most of Hubbard's lectures are aimed either at people who were not auditors, sort of beginners, or they were aimed at qualified auditors on the Briefing Course or ACC which was supposed to be the cream of auditors being polished up and made even better, being given new developments. The above lecture series, which appears to be missing, was given to the students on the first level of professional course in England called the Hubbard Professional Auditor Course, and thus gave the essential things that an auditor needs to know explained on the reality level of people who don't know the subject well.


How I came up with the idea of bodies being designed rather than evolving according to Darwin.

Well it is a long story. When I came into Scientology in 1954 I had recently been a Christian, to the degree of beginning training as a priest in the Methodist church (the first step is to become a lay preacher, called their local preacher). However Scientology, although it didn't seem to give me any case results in the beginning, certainly began to give me some sort of more usable stable data on life. But it was puzzling. For example I used to get Ability Magazine (one of the two membership magazines). I remember one that came out. It was headed Straight Wire and was a thick issue. I remember it told me that I was mocking up the MEST universe. A strange idea. But as I was regarding Scientology now as "my authority" I went around for a while with a sort of fear that maybe the wall would vanish because I'd stopped mocking it up.

I won't give you, partly because I can't recall it all and partly because it's dull, all the steps I went through in the 50 or so years that followed. However many years later, and I had been thrown out of the church of Scientology, I ran into a fellow who called himself The Pilot. He produced a large book which he called SuperScio. Some of the book was wild, a lot I took with a pinch of salt, and a good deal of the book I couldn't bring myself to read. But there was one section which he entitled Cosmic History. I studied it fairly thoroughly in an interesting sort of a way, which took many years. At that time, I was running some FriScientology magazines, and associated with that I ran some Internet lists. These were an Internet activity where people who were members could write into one address and what they wrote will be distributed to all the members – a sort of chat group. I had a number of these groups running, mainly ones for members of the magazine I was running. I therefore ran one for people who are interested in The Pilot's Cosmic History. I sent out a chapter every week. Members commented on it. I did this a number of times over the next 10 or so years. I began to sort out for myself which part of that hypothetical history of our existence were feasible and which I should throw away, or at least be sceptical about.

In the end I discarded as irrelevant, or at least of low importance, a number of the things which The Pilot suggested. Briefly said I came up with the understanding that we as immortal beings have a very long time track and in fact at the beginning of it we were rather simple. Things got more complicated. We came to create a universe and then other universes, all the time getting more complex. So the most recent, and it is nevertheless a looong time ago, universe which in Scientology is called the Magic Universe, got very dull. We'd been in it for a long time. It was a universe where you did everything by postulate. In other words you could say you were OT.

So one day (or rather one time not sure if there were days) everybody had became extremely bored. Somebody had a new idea, which was to build a universe where you couldn't do things by postulate you had to work a bit. So this universe (the one we are in now, or at least I am) is one which we created very laboriously. But it was fun.

I won't go into details here. Because I consider it important I have made an Internet site called . In that I have posted the results from last time I sent out pieces of the Pilot's Cosmic History and people commented on them. The site is at the following address: , and a particularly relevant part of it, which I refer to as my revelation, is at: .

Before I go on further I'd like to emphasise that axioms one, two are basic to all this. There is a subject which Ron talked about in the fifties which is the dichotomy of know and not-know. You can only have a game if there are some unknown factors. If you know you're going to win why bother to play. It's the uncertainty that makes a game fun. And as stated later in the axioms, life is a game.

So you see my suspicion now is that we designed this universe, including some planets (I guess there are more than one) where we could design some form of life, and then designed life. And then we build this playing field and made some bodys to play with and we not-knew it.  If this interests you you might like to look at Scientology Axiom 2 and speculate on whether what I stated above is impossible. My hunch at the moment is that having made this playing field we wanted to play in it, and to have a game there must be some unknown factors so we not knew, perhaps for five lifetimes, a lot of what we knew.

I think I've gone deeply enough into this for the moment.


Why am I not frail and senile in my old age?
I'm 87 years old. I live on the fourth floor, alone, with five flights of stairs which I surmount easily even with a heavy load of shopping. I cycle almost daily with a 27 gear cycle, achieving relatively high speeds and enjoying looking around different areas in the vicinity. I suppose an average of about 6 kilometres a day.

Although in the Western world people are getting older and to some degree fitter I think my condition is a little unusual. I expect to celebrate this bodies hundred years, still relatively fit and agile, and perhaps, because I'm a little self-centred, have pondered some times what I would say if some reporter came along and asked "To what do you tribute your long life?"

I would guess they must be at least 50 different reasons (positive contributing factors).

There are hereditary, or inherited, factors (both positive and negative). On the negative inherited side I have a tendency to have strokes. My father's death at the age of 79, rather decrepit (he ended doing the shopping with the help of his electric wheelchair), was partly precipitated by strokes. Fortunately the tendency in me was discovered some years ago and medication, non-existent in my father's time, is handling it.

Mentally I tended to be stuck in childhood and for many years I didn't really consider myself as grown-up. I also had very little, during the whole of my life, to do with aged and frail people and I also had very little to do with children which possibly contributed to my not feeling I was grown-up. My own consideration is that fear can bring about an unwanted condition. I got this idea from Anita Moorjani (whose two in books are well worth reading). Her hypothesis is that illness, such as the cancer she had, is caused by fear. I think this is a partial truth. Nearer the truth, possibly, is the saying that I've heard in Scientology "What you put your attention on you get" because I've never really been in touch with frail old people I've never built up in fear of the conditions often associated with old age and, to use a favourite Scientology term, "pulled it in".

Up to the time I left Pubs Org staff in about 1972 I paid absolutely no attention to nutrition and exercise and other factors for good health (so now I've got no teeth!). After about 1980 I had a proficient person monitor mineral and vitamin supplements.

That reminds me of another thing, an attitude. As mentioned above I believe the human body was designed. It was designed for a hard life without modern luxuries (now considered necessities). But it was not designed to live in a polluted world, and that needs to be taken into account. So since about 1975 I started running (a Scientology friend who stayed in the church and is now dead introduced me to that which I was very happy about) and for much of the time since then I've been in a condition where every month I ran for 10 kilometres (a monthly event running round a local lake).


At the beginning of last year (2016) I began to feel a little bit uncertain cycling. Was my sense of balance failing me? Should I have to give up cycling as a precaution? I was very loath to do that, as I had already given up running and the thought of having to walk to get any exercise was far too pedestrian for me.

I have a friend who for some time had a little difficulty with his balance when walking. I met him one day and he said his balance had improved. I found out that it was a certain practitioner, went to that practitioner and my balance improved. It was a bit rigourous. I had to visit her 3 times for two-hour sessions within a week of each other which was quite expensive. I also had to travel quite a way to reach her, it was not cheap, and she used a number of different techniques (mostly from Chinese medicine) so I didn't know which one was having a good effect. I also had the problem that I felt her attitude to me was very patronising and that is something I can't stand! I did however have the hunch that it was the acupuncture which was what was producing a good result. Fortunately somebody I had known for years (she had been a leading light In the Tai Chi which I'd been practising for years) had recently studied acupuncture and was able to give me sessions. She recommended a book, sort of Encyclopaedia of Chinese Medicine, and I was able to get a 2nd hand copy which looks new to me. There is a good deal to learn about it but the simplicity is that it balances the ying and the yang and different body meridians which are associated with different organs and areas. I found it was also useful for prolonging a bodies life. So I'm sold on it.

Incidentally, and perhaps coincidentally, I went to my Biopat after the first few sessions of acupuncture. I'd been on the same set of vitamins and minerals for some years, but on this occasion (after the acupuncture) the number the number which she prescribed was reduced by half.

It seems to me that there are a number of differing practices (apart from medicine) which help keep one's body going healthily, and is a bit much to try all of them. I have a friend who is just completed his first year studying homeopathy. I'm pretty sure there's a lot to be gained out of herbal remedies.

[PS on raising handlebar, picture of bike, and a reduction of  pills.]


In the early nineteen eighties, about 3 years before I was thrown out of Scientology, I took the Purification Rundown (I don't think it made any difference for I was the last person in the world to go near drugs). On the Purification Rundown at that time one took a large amount of Vitamins and minerals and a practitioner had to vet what one was taking and certify that it wasn't harmful to you. At that time Biopathy (which might be a Danish only phenomenon) was very new and a friend or someone who became a close friend, Ole  Smidt, became my Biopathy practitioner until he died.

Part of the basis of Biopathy is an instrument called a Biotran which was used. It consisted of an electronic device where the client held an electrode in one hand while the practitioner placed the other electrode in the form of a needle in various acupuncture points, usually on the clients hands but sometimes on the foot. This way you are able to find out which organs or body areas were weak. The practitioner would then prescribe vitamins, minerals, and/or herbal remedies and was able to test these using the Biotran. I remember that early on Ole  found a deficiency in my digestive system (not surprising as I had been off work earlier for 6 months, during which I wouldn't take the doctors medicine, for colitis) and handled it.

So since 1980 or so I have relied on a Biopathist to monitor my vitamin and mineral supplements. I did make a mistake once by relying on what she said when she tested the medicine I was taking (against strokes). Shortly after stopping I experienced transitory strokes and started on the medicine again fast!


Kranio-sakral therapy
My experience of craniosacral therapy divides into two parts, a brief and unsuccessful "flirtation" with it in the seventies and a more successful use of it more recently.

Failed start
From about 1973 to 1979 I was working an insurance company and was in close contact with Scientology and Scientology friends. Through that contact I came to hear of craniosacral therapy, which was relatively new at that point. Someone had come over from America with it and was teaching it in Silkeborg, a town in the middle of Jutland. It sounded interesting to me, and the course was only a week, so I took a holiday and went over to Silkeborg, took the course and then tried to use it. I had 3 or 4 Scientologists who were willing to be guinea pigs. The attempt fizzled out, mainly because we were taught that the end phenomenon for certain actions was that you could feel a pulse and I was totally incapable of that. If

working and useful
How I met craniosacral therapy is a little bit circuitous. The motivation to it is that I have always been careful about my back, having heard many people in my childhood complaining about a bad back. I have always avoided lifting heavy things, usually getting other people in the vicinity to do it for me. At a certain point, at least a decade after the incident when I first met craniosacral therapy I did have trouble with my back. A friend of mine recommended me to something called Body Self-Development System (or something similar). I believe it is limited to Denmark. I went to a practitioner and the trouble was handled but I understood that I should get treatment every two or three months, which I did. The treatment was very heavy-handed, and painful. What I remember as most unpleasant was that the practitioner always took hold of my feet and move them around in a most painful manner. This wasn't very acceptable to me! Particularly because of my background in Scientology I felt that the use of force was not productive of good results normally and also the knowledge concerned with the data of the effect scale seem to me to indicate that making small effects, which were usually more acceptable, with a more permanent way of handling things. However I had no alternative (and apparently was not very inquisitive), until at a certain point I got trouble with my back despite regularly going to BSDS. I had an appointment with my BSDS practitioner  and at first I felt I ought to keep the appointment. A sort of loyalty and "keep what you promise" set of considerations.

However, after figuring about the situation a few days I decided to cancel the appointment. But I had no alternative, and didn't really know who to ask. However I had the idea of asking my Biopat. I rang her and she suggested craniosacral therapy. That was all right, I had heard of it and I'd not heard anything unfavourable. So I asked her if she could recommend any practitioner. A little hesitantly she told me "Well, I do craniosacral therapy". Since I'd known her for some years at that time and got on very well with her I booked with her.

It suited me down to a tee. So I go to her now and again (about every 3 to 5 months) and usually I get craniosacral therapy. It's very gentle. I take an hour session. It's lying down with my clothes on except shoes. And I tend to go to sleep! I have not discussed it with her particularly except for the fact that she gets me to look in a mirror and she can see that my body is a little bit lopsided (that's partly because I've got one leg shorter than the other – we may come to that later in this ramble). My private theory, and I've never discussed this with anybody, is that if you get the body to relax irregularities caused by tension (possibly caused by fear or stress) fall away in the body relaxes to the way it was designed.




Pains in right knee

Welfare state and old age


Theory: trauma (not pain and unconsciousness)
(refer to verbal bits of
5th of July 2017: it looks like will be a break before I get down to continuing this. In the meantime I've just found the following, which I may not have put into my and Scientology story yet (it was on a little pocket USB stick which I'm cleaning up a further use.)

Here's a copy of it (I'm going to delete it from the USB stick).

ANT's SCN X (ten)

Covering from leaving Athena Publications to 1979 (leaving Ny Danske)

Exhileration ”got a good secure job”


getting flat through Nye Danske

Training Hovedvagtsgade and rosenborgade - gave up Super Literate rundown

E-meter repair

Don Maier and 2-3 Danes

Auditor's Association

I wanted to work there – must be on org premises.

DK and Cop Org combined – Scot Leland

Capt. Bill and 7 Div Org board -”report for cramming”

Scientology Minigruppe 1

Scientology Minigruppe 2 Data Series translating - paying for flag data Series

paying off debts to AO

My OTIII cancelled - did some level 0 and other things

did TR 8 in Academy – why should some one on OT III do that?

Did OT VII (for OT III expanded) enjoyment of auditor, Phil Petsonk when I slow cogniting

Doing more OTIII - two big key-ins (out tech) - NOTs issued and no need for more OTIII

Enheriting ½ a house


whoops! I found another file on the USB stick. I'm going to raise it and the following is what it contained.


ANT's SCN XI (eleven)

Covering leaving Ny Danske to declared SP - extremes of good and bad

Converting Clearing Course films to film cassette – Peter Phillips editing -

NOTs with Per Schiøttz

Free Briefing Course (level 0 and I survival rundown - pregnancy rundown)

Happiness Rundown Course and Internship. (Bent as Pc)

(out long co-audit and four famous persons)

Bill Remaks AA (not on org premises) and declare.

Trying to sell LRH Admin tech.

Admin Scales

Money ran out – Bent got me part time job.

Last auditing (sec Check) -qula ethics -EULO -Deck Project Force

SP declare


ANT's SCN XI (eleven)

Covering leaving Ny Danske to declared SP - extremes of good and bad

Converting Clearing Course films to film cassette – Peter Phillips editing -

NOTs with Per Schiøttz

Free Briefing Course (level 0 and I survival rundown - pregnancy rundown)

Happiness Rundown Course and Internship. (Bent as Pc)

(out long co-audit and four famous persons)

Bill Remaks AA (not on org premises) and declare.

Trying to sell LRH Admin tech.

Admin Scales

Money ran out – Bent got me part time job.

Last auditing (sec Check) -qula ethics -EULO -Deck Project Force

SP declare



Getting full time job (using Krak)

Danes Tops Letter - Bill Remak (don't put return address)