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Handling Real GPM's

Edited and expanded reply to following letter (sent and replied to 11 December 2016):

Hello Ant. thanks for everything .

I am XXX, and I follow Trom.

To search real GPM.

You have these? Where can I

find them?

Thank you .

Happy holidays to all.

Dear XXX,

Thanks for your email. However you have unfortunately flummoxed me!

I personally believe that handling "real" GPM's is something of a wild goose chase.

I've seen Ron working on GPM's for years, and even been there when Ron made a film at St Hill where he made GPM's in clay on a clay table and showed how they fitted together.

However I personally stopped looking.

You do run your own GPM endwords on grade V. In that case it's things that are personal/relevant to you. You do run something similar on Clearing Course and OT level II but they are things given you to run and are not necessary real all relevant to you at that time, although when I ran them I did appear to get charge off according to the E meter. And I've seen people trying all sorts of other things (that's a bit of an exaggeration for a man who's got tired of new things!).

So sorry to disappoint you.

My conclusion is that there is a strong tendency to get things done fast and make shortcuts, and the shortcuts are a bit like swimming through a lake full of crocodiles when the safer way would be to walk round the lake. It appears to take longer though, but you're more likely to get to the destination and you're more likely to remember what it is you are actually after. Fighting crocodiles can take your attention off what you really want in life. It certainly gives you a different game than you had before you jumped into the lake!

Any GPMs that are relevant will be causing you case difficulties in present time, and the safe way to handle that is to handle what comes up in present time as "case difficulties" to be handled. And there are a fair number of processes for doing that, and that's what I've been doing for the last 10 to 15 years and I can see changes in my life which are very acceptable.

Hope this helps rather than discourages.

All best wishes,


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DK 2800 Lyngby

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