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Entered May 4, 2016

I thought that I slept well, but something recently happened to convince me that I didn't really.

I got up two or three times in the night to urinate, and when I came back it took a bit of time before I slept again, so I often looked in my tablet for any emails that might have come in since I closed my computer, and even looked at other things on my tablet.

A few months ago (in order to handle a problem with balance when I was cycling) I went to a practitioner who gave me a whole lot of things including acupuncture.

To my surprise my sleep improved markedly, to the extent that I do still go two or three times during the night to the toilet, but fall asleep immediately after coming back and hardly remember having gone out.

Since the practitioner did a number of things including "bypassing" my self determinism on my diet, cranial sacral therapy and some peculiar Chinese thing with the application of heat, you couldn't scientifically say that it was the acupuncture that produced this minor miracle. So I am unscientifically claiming that it was the acupuncture that did it.

The sequel is that I stopped going to that practitioner, but feeling that acupuncture (which I had never experienced before) might be a useful avenue to explore I found a local practitioner (actually the leading light in the little local "Sundays Tai Chi" group which I belong to) has recently studied acupuncture and begun a practice, so I'm searching that channel with her. I have gone in to EFT a few years ago which I found worked remarkably well, and has a basis in the acupuncture system. I dropped it, because I am more familiar with Scientology and that certainly works very well when one really understands it.

There are two criteria here. Number one – does it work? Number two – do you understand how it works?
So far as Scientology is concerned, at the moment I'm talking about Scientology therapy, so far as I'm concerned it answers broadly both criteria. So far as EFT and acupuncture are concerned, and in my universe, they answer criteria number one, and so far as criteria number two is concerned I am puzzled, though studying The Pilot' s Cosmic History I can see there may be some connection with his theory that some of the systems in the human body are inherited from earlier universities but have to admit that really I don't know what the hell is going on. But answering criteria number one is enough for me.