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Entity Handling
Dear reader of this thread,

Others select the Pilot's fortnightly posts I send each week, and there was a little back log which I had not read. 

The one I just sent out, Entity Handling, had been waiting for a little time unread by me. Looking at the date stamp I felt I ought to send it now. When I looked at the contents I had a strong aversion to sending it, although I felt I ought to - there is certainly a fair amount of mention of BTs, etc. in the things that reach me on exScn channels, so it is a subject that probably would be of interest to the list. 
But I did not want to have anything to do with it, and I have been thinking it over in the last 24 hours both directly and as I got on with other things.

At Easter 1967 [or 1968], I sat in a hotel room in Alicanti, Spain, (I expect with the door locked) and opened a packet of papers concerning how I should solo audit myself on OT III. In that packet I was told something in the direction of my body being crowded with entities. That was evaluation, which goes against the auditor's code. (It also scared me stiff!!!)

I was to find them one by one, and audit them on a certain pair of incidents. I was to audit them whether they liked it or not (overcoming self determination) and I was to audit them on a definite incident, which meant I was evaluating for them*.

Something similar has happened to a number of other Scientologists, and a common reality has built up that these things exist, which I think is verified, to some degree by sources such as (I believe) Gurdjief and the Tibeten Book of the Dead. A fairly common reality has built up as to how one should "handle" them, which probably is not shared by anyone outside of Scientology. The Pilot was caught up in that reality, accepted it, and worked to make it more workable, as shown by the post I just sent out.

But it was and is based on a violation of one of the most basic things in Scientology, part of what made it so effective as a therapy. Do not evaluate for the preclear. It is also based on another violations of an extremely vital part of Scientology as a therapy, granting beingness, in that in what I was taught, one pushed these entities through incidents whether they liked it or not.

But a host of well intentioned individuals believe in it and practice it and quite possibly regard me as a heretic (sort of) for expressing here disagreement to it, especially as I base my disagreement to it on Scientology principles, which we share, and a sort of loyalty to much of what Ron did and sought after.

I have heard that auditors have come across preclears who originated a concern or problem with an entity, and that concern or problem was handled with conventional (or perhaps we should say common or garden) Scientology processes, with out the need to go into the melodrama which is also part of the standard OT III belief.

Personally, I decided to stop struggling with Solo NOTs about fifteen years ago, and moved to handling directly a mass of unwanted conditions I had. With that procedure (done nearly entirely with co-auditing and auditing from others, very little self auditing) I have, to use a rather overused phrase, become a new person.

A further thought of mine a little later. Looking at this again, it seems to me to be a particularly vicious treacherous act. You build up trust and confidence by receiving common sense which works (much data in Scientology), you are given auditing which produces good, sometimes miraculous, results and you are lead to expect something even more marvelous, which however is secret - you have not a clue as to what it is. Having paid a fortune, expecting something really fantastic, you come into this secret area which you must not discuss with any one. Your judgement could be somewhat lessened by this background. You get this weird stuff about entities and their supposed history, who are living beings (or are they? - questions arise which could create a bit of confusion). You try it out, and, either through expectation, fluke or yourself unknowingly postulating it, you get an actual result. You are caught in the web, and you cannot discuss with any one, as that would get you in trouble, and if you are not careful, cost you your relationship with one or more beings really close to you possibly including business associates and perhaps income sources. So you work on, trusting despite the glaring outpoints I mentioned earlier, it has become part of your life, and you are not very interested in reading the sort of comment I made. You have possibly become part of the fairly large body of people outside of the official "Church" who continue with NOTs and OT III material as part of your stable data. Any other course involves confronting a confusion (stable data and confusion theory). And if you are delivering this stuff it involves you in confronting people who have paid you good money, and explaining to them your predicament. That requires guts!

All best wishes,


*This, that happened in the hotel room in Alicanti, happened while I had an enormous respect for all that L.Ron Hubbard wrote, a fact which caused me not to think for myself, and see the unreality of it, and the break with Scientology fundamentals.