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Why is there only one Antologist?

Why is there only one Antologist?

I hold, usually once a month, get-togethers (in Danish, Sammenkomster). The people invited have had some connection with Scientology, sometimes inside the Church, sometimes outside. I have been doing this for nearly 30 years. For many years I got a speaker to speak, but in recent years it's a question of getting people in ARC with each other, learning things from each other, and has been quite successful with that model. Recently not so many people have come. We have had up to twenty in my little flat. Today, when only two people had booked, I got a last-minute message to the effect that someone I knew was coming with a friend who I had never met before. I came to fantasise over how I would explain that I lived in such a small flat which (still fantasising) was a worldwide headquarters of Antology.

It was rather easy to explain, for the most basic tenet of Antology is that one should think for oneself. The moment someone, after reading this site, puts into practice the idea of thinking for oneself, they are no longer an Antologist. If their name is Yvonne then they become an Yvonneologist!

It's so simple!

You can write to me if you have any comments on this. (Surely it can't be so simple!)
(Of course I didn't get a chance to spin this yarn, for they were all people who had some knowledge of Scientology, possibly were a bit in the direction of Communication Release, and started talking without me having to do anything about it!)