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Having had 60+ years experience of Scientology, in and out of the church, and despite some disagreements with the way it is presented at the moment by many people, I want the essentials of what I understand to be Scientology (Antology) to continue for many years after this body is dead and gone. I've done this to some degree with this site, and more recently I've been working on Scientolipedia.

But I've got a good deal of experience and historical knowledge to pass on and I'm trying another way of doing it; being a mentor to a specific person or group.

If I can carry out my intention you will see some notes about it here in the future.

It has a benefit to me in that individual communication reveals something to me of the reality different people have on Scientology, and the world generally. Most interesting!

So in the due course at this site and this page you will probably see something of my comments and experiences.