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One Percent (of Scientology promoted :-( )

The following appeared in Facebook, on the Scientolipedia group area. I think it is too good to let it "sink with all hands" in the whirlpool of Facebook. It was written before the HBO documentary "Going Clear" on Scientology, which had won a film award in January (2015), was publicly released on HBOs channel. Dave was the brave and industrious man who started a Wiki for Scientology, where all can contribute in the same way as in Wikipedia (see for example the end of this, also first appearing in Facebook). I therefore magnanimously add it into Antology :-)
Dave LaCroix
28 March at 16:27 ·

One Percent – done

Now that about one percent of the story of Scientology is set to get very broad international attention, I think it's time we figured out how we're going to tell the other 99% of the story.
That's right, all the hoopla surrounding the HBO film [Going Clear] and all the other print and media stories are only telling about one percent of the story of Scientology.

Don't believe it?

It's funny to watch any of the interviews of ex's [Ex-Scientologists] and see the internal gears kind of grind and sputter when they're asked something like "why didn't you leave sooner?" They invariably hem-and-haw and comm lag a bit and maybe sheepishly shrug their shoulders in a sort of resigned, boy-was-I-stupid sort of apathetic response. And guys like Ortega, Wright and the like, fill in this glaring outpoint with their own answer something along the lines that they must have been in a brainwashed state or under the oh-so-understandable "cult influence".

This is funny because these people are unable to confront the vast body of knowledge and activity that made Scientology.

Take Science of Survival for instance - that chart of attitudes and the precise breakdown of human behavior coincident with tone levels is off the chart genius. I've often said it's impossible for anyone to have written that book - yet there it is. 

But our beloved one percenters can't confront it much less acknowledge it's genius.

How about the Axioms and Logics and The Factors? The one percenters seem to have overlooked those.

Anybody ever had a look at the sheer genius of the Grades processes or experienced them subjectively or objectively in action?

Anybody ever experienced or witnessed the miracles that result from raising confront and communication by doing TR's?

I wonder if anyone here or if any of our one percent friends ever got any benefit from the study tech themselves or ever saw the miracles as a result of raising literacy in people? Will any of them take the time to help their own child apply some study tech so as to give them a better chance in studies and life?

The above are a few examples of the 99% "rest of the story" which is up to us to tell.

Don't expect the HBO's or Gibney's of the world to tell it.

We need to figure it out.

Dave also wrote: a little later in Facebook Scientolipedia area:

Dave LaCroix

14 hrs [ago when I extracted it]

Wikimania (a newly discovered disease with the following symptoms - an interest in computers/Internet combined with a passion to help provide "... free access to the sum of all human knowledge...")

Note: this disease has spread to 300 countries and translated into over 250 languages and has caused people to click on the Wikipedia website at the rate of over 200 clicks per second and half a billion times per month.

The US TV show "60 Minutes" featured Wikimania this past Sunday.

For anyone interested to learn more about why I chose the same software that Wikipedia uses and have attempted to copy their successful actions, the Wikimania segment starts at 26:58

(We've had a tribute page to Jimmy Wales since the beginning)

I went to 26.58 minutes in and was rather surprised. Cheers for Wikipedia and Jim Walsh. Italics on this page is Ant the only Antologist and the rest is genuine Dave LaCroix