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Going Clear - The Antology Way

I have just (30th March 2015) heard that I appear in the newly released prize winning Film Going Clear.

Although I have not seen the film, some of a film/video of my clear speech when I went Clear I have seen on YouTube*. I believe the BBC (or some body) was given permission to film that day. According to my worn out silver Clear Bracelet I went clear on 17-5-67 and I was (and possibly still am, officially) Clear No. 368. My reaction when I saw the film a year or so ago on YouTube was in the direction of "Ugh! - What an awful Scientology robot!".

I think the story behind it is of interest to those with a smattering of interest in Scientology Auditing Tech.

At that time to be declared Clear one had to have what was called a Clear Check. It seemed to be based on an earlier Scientology process, where you mocked up objects around you and did things like keeping them from going a way, making them more solid, and holding them still (possibly in another sequence). At any rate the Clear Test was based on doing one or more of those things and getting an appropriate e-meter read. And I passed it! It happened to be after I had gone through the Clearing Course platens three or four times (earlier, I believe, you had to go through ten, or was it seven times – but at that point you could go for a clear test when you felt you were clear, and I felt I was clear because I could do out tech things while running it and not experience repercussions, as I had done earlier).

However, interesting point, it was not checked as when you went clear, only if you were clear (according to some test). It is probably that the requisites are different now but I have not been wildly interested in following that area up.

Later, when I had somehow been allowed to progress up to OT IV I found out when I went Clear. In OT IV, which I completed in Denmark in 1969 or 1970, one of the steps was to ascertain the date when one went clear (apparently). My auditor (Phil Petsonk) dutifully dated it - and came forth with a date in 1959 – some years before the Clearing Course was "invented".

Perhaps that sounds weird, although of course before that 1959 date we had had people who had been declared Step Six Clears, who became clear by running first help processes and then what was called Step VI processes (involving the processes I mentioned of mocking up objects and keeping them from going a way, holding them still, and making them more solid – a procedure which was later abandoned because it "beefed up the bank").

I think my story is fascinating, and perhaps a little revealing. The process I was run on was known as Engram Running by Scientology, and had been pioneered (rather drastically – which I intend writing a couple of articles about for Scientolipedia) on the 5th London ACC, in the Autumn of 1958. The auditor dated an incident and then ran the single command "What part of that incident could you confront?" My auditor (Carl Jensen – a London HGC auditor) found a date 1000 years ago. And ran it for four or five 3 hour sessions (the practice then). It developed nicely. It occurred near an African Village, where I was the only child and got eaten by a lion and lioness. The thing became more and more real. However I came in for auditing one day, and it did not seem to work. The incident was no longer up on the wall over a large fireplace (this was at 7 Fitzroy Street, London, an oldish building having the typical English fireplace). It had otherwise nicely developed from wondering what on earth could there be 1000 years ago, to quite a "real" story of a ten year old boy, with no playmates in the village (I never found out why no other children) who went out alone and got eaten.

We spent some time trying to get the picture back up on the wall, gave up and ended the 25 hour intensive door out of doors  doing Scientology objective processes.

So that was my story on so called Clear.

But was I clear? Do I look clear on that Clear Speech film, which you may come to see?* About ten years ago (very approximately 2004) my 2D (sexual partner for the uninitiated) was diagnosed as having dementia of the Alzheimer sect. I went to a number of fairly large public meetings here in Denmark on the subject (which was somewhat new in the public eyes). I remember those meetings well – from one aspect only: how embarrassed, shy, and unhappy I was. Looking back, I was in fear. Is that what you expect of a Clear? I can say that things have changed vastly for me in the last ten years, through the use of many "lower level" Scientology processes, though there is still room for improvement.

But that is the way an Antologist (the only one) goes Clear.

*Footnote added 2nd April 15  - I have just seen the documentary.  I am only shown standing still and then receiving my Clear certificate and there is no hint of my Clear Speech, which is what I was referring to - I have seen it on You Tube, but could not find it - if any one has a link to it I would appreciate it. Ant 2nd April 2015l.