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Duplication in Auditing.

There is a rather esoteric subject in Scientology: Perfect Duplication. This is where a copy is created in the same time and space as the original. It is not what I am discussing here.

What we are talking about here is duplication, or doing the same thing again and again, in auditing. In a sense it in the subject of Scientology from the start, in that in running incidents as found in DMSMH. You got the preclear to go through the incident a number of times.   Talk of incident running brings us to the phenomena of engrams and the reactive bank. (In parenthesis I am not inclined to "believe" in the reactive bank, or mind, and engrams as a physical thing but I am more inclined to think of it as actions the person does and very thoroughly hides doing it from him/her self).

Perhaps the basic thing about the reactive mind, and the most remarkable thing, is that it appears to be designed to prevent certain things from happening again by keeping one away from similar circumstances. In Scientology processing since DMSMH there is a rich variety of processes which incorporate (usually with other things) the aspect of duplication.

Early on we got the idea of repetitive commands or questions. An early one was Opening Procedure by 8c. This consists of looking at, going over to and touching walls, often just two facing walls, repetitively. This also incorporated the element of getting the person to confront the present time environment, also a valuable therapeutic element. It could be noted here that many can do this solo, which is to say without another person giving the commands – a valuable thing to have up ones sleeves if one encounters a disturbing happening and can not get an audited assist. Just decide to do it for a certain period of time (ten minutes, half an hour, for example, or until one feels "lighter").

An extreme on this is Opening Procedure by Duplication. Here one had two objects (often a book and a bottle) placed at table height at opposite ends of a reasonable sized room, the auditor asking the subject to look, go over to, pick up, tell its colour, its temperature and its weight, put it down in exactly the same place, and repeat with the other object. This is best down with an auditor and part of auditor training has often included running and having run on one this process for eight hours, because an auditor must be good a repeating the same question or command for hours without "dropping off".

There are other objective repetitive processes, aiming to bring one more into present time on a gradient, and there are also a host of subjective repetitive processes, aimed at gradiently taking the "sting" out of one's reactive mind. The literature is full of them, and if a person has a particular aspect he wants handled, or wants to be better at, a skilled auditor can find or invent one to suit the case.

The important point I want to make is that doing repetitive commands does, on a gradient, improve ones ability to confront (and ignore the "commands" of) her/his reactive mind. While doing these processes one confronts on a gradient different aspects of his/her reactive mind, keys them in a little (gradients working here). You know that you are keying them in and out because you experience changes. There are all sorts of possibilities of what changes (depending on what is in your reactive mind – but maybe you have got "almost everything" stored there!). Changes (subtle or gross) are the sign that things are working. When you stop getting changes (or get a remarkable feeling of relief or lightness) you should end for now. You have improved your ability to have things happen again.


Afterthought: Because what I do involves a lot of subjective work, I decided to start the day with 30 minutes of Opening Procedure of 8c. I find it rather useful, and in the process of "coming into present time", I usual manage to sort out the relative importances of what I want to do, and sometimes get a worry into better proportion with the rest of life.