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Distant auditing

I have had some communication (by email) with a Scientologist in another land.  Went quite well.  I mentioned that I audited some one in Australia (I am in Denmark - rather a long distance away from Australia).  He wondered how I did it and the question seemed important because it involves auditing generally and what is behind it. So here is an edited version of my email in reply:


Dear xxx,

You asked:

"How do you run auditing someone in Australia from Denmark? Email works with full ARC straight wire?"

I think I will step back a bit for what (maybe) is behind your question.

What is auditing?

In fact I think the word auditing is a loaded word. It has been defined in various ways, statements have been made about it, also by Ron, there have been different view points on it, there has been verbal tech, and opinions that such and such is not auditing.

So I am going to talk round another something: blowing charge.

Putting my own words on something Ron said (in Science of Survival). My version of it is that there are three valid therapies:
  • Blowing charge
  • Education
  • Change of environment

I have quickly found (by searching in my digital copy of Science of Survival) that he calls them three valid processes*.

So how do you blow charge?

See Scn Axiom 30  (quoted verbatim from my digital copy  of Scientology 0-8 - don't like Ron's use of block letters for whole sentences, but let that be):
If only partially viewed, its intensity, at least, will decrease.
If you sit alone and communicate to (look at) a bit of your past (bank) you have previously avoided looking directly at - Bingo, a bit of "charge" blows.

You can sit alone and look at bits  (perhaps very tiny bits - you are working on a gradient) of your bank and blow them  - for example using the Pilot's Self Clearing.

You can sit in SmallTownVille, read an email of mine, and look at a bit of your (unpleasant or pleasant) past from an angle you had not used before, and Bingo, a bit of your "bank" vanishes - you can't stop it!

You can sit in SmallTownVille and I can get you to do an auditing command or answer an auditing question, you can look (communicate with your past) to answer the question or carry out the command in a way you had not done before, and a wee bit of your bank blows.

Now if you are in an auditing situation, the auditor needs a bit of feedback to know whether to continue the process, or move to another process, ask an other question (if it is general two way comm), let you have you win and re-orient yourself in a slightly new (and somewhat unusual) mental environment, etc.  I was audited six sessions a week for a few years just using an ordinary telephone line. That was USA to Denmark.  I am immensely grateful to that auditor, Ed, for that, for it really moved my case, and it was simple processes, nothing "OT" about it.

I wonder if you have heard of Skype?  It is a fairly well known Internet programme which allows two-way communication over Internet, and in good conditions conveys not only the sound, but also the living picture of the participants.  That is what I used auditing a bloke the other end (side) of the world.

Note:  some have used axiom 51 to assume that solo auditing (self auditing) is impossible.  Axiom 51 reads (from my digital Scientology 0-8):




Some assume that "live communication" means between two living beings. But experience seems to show that in self auditing there is live communication between you and your past. The opposite to live communication would be dead communication, and that seems to me to be a contradiction of terms.

All best wishes,


*Here is what is in the digital SoS I have:

An examination of this theory will demonstrate that there are three valid processes.

The first and the simplest of these processes consists of changing the environment of the preclear. His old environment possibly contains many restimulative objects and persons, so that his free theta is in continual enturbulence by reason of the restimulation. Shifting the preclear to an unrestimulative environment permits him to "settle out," which is to say, permits the temporarily enturbulated theta to disenturbulate and the "frozen" entheta to convert, in some minute quantity, to free theta. Part of the environmental change process would be, of course the bettering of affinity, reality, and communication in the environment of the preclear. This by itself could produce a rise in his tone. Falling in love, being an increase of affinity, can make a well man out of a sick man. Being rejected or falling out of love, being a decrease of affinity, can make a sick man out of a well man. Bettering a person's communication, even if only by giving him a new pair of glasses, will also raise his tone. Validating his realities which were in question can raise his tone. All these things could be considered environmental changes. A special part of environmental change would be changes in health, by reason of nutrition or better living conditions. This process must not be overlooked, since it has been our experience that some preclears who were not doing as well as could have been desired were deficient in their nutrition. The preclear who lives on coffee and sandwiches does not do as well during processing as one who has an adequate and balanced ration with proper vitamin supplements.

Good physical exercise can by itself markedly increase the individuals position on the tone scale and a whole therapy to aid psychotics could easily be worked out along the lines of exercise alone.
Probably the worst thing that can happen to a Psychotic is to be placed in the atmosphere normally provided for him by the state. Only a sane, healthy environment where he gets proper exercise and where he has unrestimulative individuals around him could do much to improve his condition. The psychotic will sometimes improve if he is given command over more MEST and, indeed. a fundamental in the production of psychosis is denying the individual a command over MEST.
No better method of tailor-making psychotics could be devised than the usual institution, and it is probable that if the normal person were placed in such an institution, in such an atmosphere, he would become psychotic. Indeed, the incidence of psychosis overtaking attendants and psychiatrists in attendance in such institutions is alarmingly high.
This is second only to psycho-surgery and shock treatment in the worsening of psychotics in a psychotic state. Rather than give psychotics such treatment it would be far kinder to kill them immediately and completely, and not partially as does psycho-surgery and electric shock.

The second process which is valid in producing results is education. Education, if defined as the process of making new data available to the individual and causing his mind to attend to and use that data, itself brings reason into the case. Education usually provides new areas of concentration in the environment of the individual and translates many of his unknowns into knowns. Unreason could be classed in two categories: too wide a zone of attention, and too fixed a zone of attention. In the first, the mind wanders over large areas unable to select pertinent data. In the second, where the mind is fixed, it cannot wander far enough to find pertinent data. In neither case can the mind resolve the problem about which it is concerned, due to the absence of data. Superstition is an effort, for lack of education, to find pertinent data in too wide a zone or to fix the attention upon irrelevant data. Personal experience in one's environment gives one what might be called personal education. A man has become embroiled with MEST, has freed himself, solved problems, has become embroiled again, has drawn back and solved problems anew, so that he has accumulated a fund of personal data about his task of living. Education might be said to be the process by which the individual is given the accumulated data of a long span of culture. It can, no less validly than personal experience, solve many of his problems. Free theta, confronted by too many problems, can, just by this, become enturbulated.

Good education can in this way convert some of the entheta of an individual into theta, with a consequent rise on the tone scale. A very sharp proviso, however, must here be entered. Authoritarian teaching, by which the facts are impressed upon the individual and his self-determinism in his utilization of those facts is suppressed, can reduce the free theta in the individual by involving it in a fixed state in the memory bank. Theta is reason. Fixed theta is entheta. Many a man with a college education hammered home by authoritarian professors has been reduced so far down the tone scale that he behaves in life more or less like an automaton. His self-determinism, and hence his persistence and ability to handle responsibility are so reduced as to unfit him for his role in life. Further, concentrating on educational processes past the mid-teens, after which a person should be solving problems of living, has an inhibitive effect upon the mind.

An artist specifically is hindered by authoritarian education, since his must be the highest self-determinism if his work is to have any value. Authoritarian education has more or less the same effect upon the individual as hypnotism, depressing him down the tone scale, and indeed, at this time most education is leveled as hypnotic commands rather than an invitation to reason. An education which invites reason and the comparison of taught data with the real world can raise the individual on the tone scale. 

The third process which can be considered valid in raising the individual on the tone scale is individual processing, by which is meant any method which will turn his entheta into theta by addressing him as an individual. 

It seems to be one of the characteristics of theta that when the theta present exceeds to a very high degree the entheta present, the entheta will tend to dis-enturbulate and become theta.

In other words, if we considered these matters in terms of polarity and energy, a positive field if sufficiently strong would inhibit and then convert a negative field near it. A very large magnet placed close to a small magnet will change the poles of the small magnet. When a very large amount of entheta is placed in the vicinity of a lesser amount of theta, the theta may rapidly become entheta. When theta and entheta exist together in more or less equal amounts, or when the disproportion is not large, a relatively stable condition exists, the theta tending to remain theta and the entheta tending to remain entheta. An example of this in the group is the phenomenon of mass hysteria, where one or two members of the group become enturbulated and very rapidly the remainder of the group becomes enturbulated.

This is the basic law of the contagion of aberration. Entheta will enturbulate theta.
Misemotion will change emotion into misemotion. Poor communication will change good communication into poor communication. Poor reality will change good reality into poor reality. The engrams in a case enturbulate theta into the entheta of secondaries and locks.
Amongst people one sees this exemplified when a person who is relatively insane enters a group which is relatively sane. The relatively sane may attempt to raise the sanity level of the
relatively insane person, and it may occur in this group that the relatively insane person becomes more sane. At the same time, however, the relatively sane people become less sane, unless they have some means or technology for preventing this phenomenon from occurring.