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Reflections on Anita Moorjani's Near Death Experience


2014 text

I was very excited when I began to look at the material from Anita Moorjani, and recommended it rather widely. Was a little surprised when I encountered people who were not particularly excited about it, despite having looked at some of it.

[ for the book/Kindle. There are also nearly 20 YouTube Videos - Search for Annita Moorjani]

I feel it made a profound change to my life - though now, days later "the shine has worn off" smiley)

But I thought it might be worthwhile to summarise a little of what I got out of it.

What attracted me first was a sort of real "present time" (smiley ) experience that time does not exist. She was in communication with dead people. Since then I have found that others have been. 

Along side that we have a sort of "proof" that space does not exist, in that she communicated ("saw and heard things") which were at a distance from where her body was (whoops, again not that surprising, since she was /is a thetan and not a MEST object and "we" believe we can be anywhere).

What made me think a lot was her account of how her cancer was caused, or at least magnified, by fear. Made me think a lot about that, since I have had cancer seven times, and was not particularly afraid of it. However the body part where I had 6 of the cancers was one which I had an enormous amount of attention on since I was about four. That may have been connected to what Ron says in PDC 24 lecture (1952) "That to which he devotes energy, he finally has". I am still a little puzzled on this area - but getting auditing on it (something going on since I was four - that 80 years ago! Time something was done about it!)

I thought a lot about this question of fear. As a tone scale phenomenon, I believe I was below fear when I came into Scientology, and have gone up through fear. It was hidden from many with a social valence, or what in later times might be called "good TRs". Now, looking at different aspects of life, I can see many ways that fear has influenced me. I found out that I am a bit of a skinflint [n (ca. 1700) : a person who would save, gain, or extort money by any means : miser] basically because I was afraid of not having enough money. And that despite the fact that Ron talks about thinking in abundance, and that you can not have something unless you can waste it! There is also fear in other areas which I am realising has hampered me.

The other thing that "stuck in my throat" was Anita's frequent emphasising of unconditional love.

Love has tended to be something that stuck in my throat, especially when used frequently. I can remember (sometime ago, shortly after the time when I entered an environment where it was accepted if one made slightly negative comments about Ron) how one or more people complained that Ron rarely talked about love, and did not define it. I have puzzled over this. Of course Ron-dependency is not a good thing, and if love is a separate, tangible thing, why don't they go and define it themselves, if they wanted a definition. But for me I could not find anything in my existence to explain or define love other than high degrees of affinity (with good communication and reality). What did people want more than that? I think my parents loved me, they had a high long term affinity, and as for the irritating things I did, they had a reality that children were not always that understanding, children had a lot to learn (and my parents did a lot to see I became more understanding).

The interesting thing is that when Anita talked about (in the near death experience) experiencing unconditional love, I could see what she meant (or I think I understood) and it made a lot of sense. But thinking of it from the viewpoint of static, of nothingness, what else could there be? I also remembered in the early days of the split (or at least when Internet came in) Allen Hacker had his own brand, which he called Acceptance. And perhaps that word acceptance was really what Anita was meaning when she talked of unconditional love. I had forgotten Allen Hacker, till then, but there was another thing I remembered.

The Scientology idea of granting of beingness is something some stumble over (especially those who don't like Ron-invented new terminology!). I have a suspicion that I have understood it, as it applies to auditing, but I have long felt strongly that granting of beingness is also a tool to be used to be successful in life (it precludes making people wrong, or trying to dominate). So perhaps granting of beingness (to a Scientologist who understands it) is a better term than unconditional love.

If one thinks of an Almighty God (which I do not) perhaps when they talk of God loving all his creatures (including you) what they mean is that he grants beingness to them (us).

Added next day:

I've remembered a few other things.  The idea of synchronicity# was not new to me.  It occurs for me sometimes with unplanned meetings. I had come to accept it, sort of explaining it away with being due to my guardian angel, or my higher self.  Now I am a little more inclined to rely on it.

On the question of fear, I now recall my first meeting with Scientology's OT III material, in Alicante, Spain in 1968.  I have described this in my story: Briefly I arrived there, not knowing what OT III was and knowing that I had to complete it to be back on my staff post the Tuesday after Easter. I sat in my hotel room and read what OT III was - I had to audit beings that were sticking to me. There was fear! and I was stuck on OT III for eleven years!  (see heading Auditing )

One thing her accounts did not explain was how this fantastic MEST universe, with so many complexities, and a good deal of beauty, got here. That is a subject I am very curious about.

# the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection

Antony Phillips November 20th/21st 2014


Postscript April 2017.

There is now a very comprehensive YouTube video, about an hour and 1/2, concerning the NDE and the result. You will find it at the following link: (I signed in with Facebook as the other possibility login didn't seem to work).

However there is newer YouTube video, also a long one, speaking about how you apply in everyday life the things she experienced/learnt during her near death experience. The link to that is as follows: . This is an hour-long video.

The brief story behind it is that she thought in writing her book and in giving so many video interviews that she had done what was needed to be done from her side. However she was besieged with communication from people who are having trouble in life and were not quite able to see how to apply in their lives what Anita had learnt when she was dead. I suppose you could say they were problems like "How does loving myself solve the problems of the world or help me deal with a vicious mate?" So she got to work at it and one result is the video I've just given your reference to and another result is book she has written which I got in a Kindle version with the title What If This Is Heaven. (See: )

I had actually forgotten about Anita, or rather I put it in the background, life being fairly full. But I have an acquaintance who has difficulties with computers and with reading. This friend came round, I played that 2nd long YouTube video, was most impressed and while we were looking at it I ordered and downloaded the new book. Reading the book is rather amazing (for me I dyed in the wool Scientologist). So much of it is Scientology principles of how to handle life and yourself and your re-stimulations. At one point she recommends EFT (Emotional Freedom Technology) which I have tried and was extremely pleased with. I would recommend Anita's new book and video broadly.

NDE = Near Death Experience.