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Two book reviews of therapies

The first book is just issued: copyright © 2014 by David St Lawrence, (2014-09-12). Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology: A Practical Solution for Changing Your Life (Kindle Location 8). Kindle Edition.

It is written by a Scientologist (perhaps he calls himself ex-Scientologist) and is the first really sensible address to the question of "disembodied souls" that help or hinder us human beings that I have seen. I have seen in Scientology a number of theories and practices which I don't agree with. Although it is written by a Scientologist you would not know it by reading it (if you were not fairly familiar with Scientology). If you are an ex-Scientologist you may recognise some concepts and in fact there are some terms which I recognise from Scientology, but all technical terms are explained.

Chapter headings are:

What is Spiritual Rescue Technology?

How do Spiritual Beings affect your life?

Historical support for spiritual communication

History of Spiritual Rescue Technology

A short list of ways Spiritual Entities can affect your life

How does Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) work?

Some useful definitions

Basic steps of a Spiritual Rescue Technology process

Theory behind the SRT process steps

Step by step instructions for rescuing Spiritual Entities

Some examples of handling entities with SRT

Successes from using SRT on self or on others

Spiritual Counsellor's Code

About the author



Incidentally, the Spiritual Counsellor's Code is obviously taken with very little editing from a latter day version of the Auditor's Code (including the rather superfluous "I promise"), requires common sense editing, and is the only place where I felt improvement could be made. (In my opinion the first (or second) Auditors Code is much better)

The theory is that many can handle their Spiritual Beings without further help than the book, and I suspect this is true for many who have not been scared stiff by talk of high confidentiality and dreadful consequences from just saying "Boo!" to a Spiritual Entity without a C/S OK and a dreadful amount of training.

The introduction starts of:

This book is about the real factors that influence your everyday life. Once you understand what they are, your life will never be the same. Do you ever catch yourself doing or saying something that you instantly regret? Have you ever felt that you don't belong and there is no one who understands you? Have you ever felt that all of the hard work and sacrifices you made have led you to a dead end in life? Are you still looking for answers to these questions and others? You are not alone in feeling this way. Hundreds of thousands of people in all walks of life are constantly battling fears and anxieties and don't know where these feelings are coming from. By the time you finish this book, you will know where these feelings originate and how to handle them. Furthermore, you will either be able to do this by yourself or will know where you can find someone to coach you through the simple steps that will set you free from these mysterious fears and inhibitions forever. If you have been looking for answers, you may have noticed that there are hundreds of different methodologies, therapies and philosophies for dealing with feelings of depression, disappointment , and even rage. These methods of treatment range from drugs to prayer and spiritual practices of all kinds. Almost all of them work after a fashion, but we have discovered that most of them, after an initial period of improvement, actually worsen the condition because they are using methods of improvement that do not acknowledge or benefit the spiritual beings who surround you.

People who do not know that they are surrounded by spiritual beings think their success is due to their own heroic efforts and perhaps some luck. They are often quite surprised to find how much of their "good fortune” is aided by the action of helpful spiritual beings. They also have no idea that much of the "bad luck” they experience is caused by troubled beings in their vicinity. These beings have negative thoughts and emotions which affect the person and the people he encounters.

I got the book in the Kindle edition, and after downloading Kindle to both my computer and tablet, it was a joy to read this and the following books that way. Magically if you read so far on one computer, if you start on the other one, it offers to take you to where you got.

St Lawrence, David (2014-09-12).Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology: A Practical Solution for Changing Your Life. David St Lawrence. Kindle Edition.

(I'd like to tell you how many pages it is – but that seems to vary with how you set it up in your Kindle, and there are no page numbers :-( . It is not a big book )

The other therapy book is also a kindle edition, and both of them cost less than $13, easily purchased with a Visa debit card, and (relatively) easily down loaded direct to my two computers. I ran across it while working with my new Kindle.

It concerns itself with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Very briefly, these involve tapping on acupuncture points on the body with attention on something you want to handle (eliminate), and a number of supporting actions. It is based on Thought Field Therapy or TFT. Some years ago a man by the name of Gary Craig refined this a bit calling it EFT, and made a great effort to get it widely known. When I first met it you could download the basic manual for free, and he sold CD video demonstrations on the condition that you did not make and pass on more than 100 copies. (This was before YouTube was widely used - now there are a lot of demos on You Tube, but I did not see those Craig made.)

I tried it, and found it worked. But I love Scientology, and have the luxury of having auditors available, so I neglected it. One of my preclears (the one who gave me the success story at had moved away to an area where he could not get to an auditor (and Skype was perhaps not invented, or little known). He used EFT on himself with great success and in many areas.

When I look at "alternative practices" (amongst those I have looked at are Silva Method, and Landmark Forum) I (almost compulsively) compare them to the way Scientology evolved.  This one I was extremely impressed with at the time I first met it.  Gary Craig was explaining it (and promoting it) together with a lady. He was obviously aiming to make it used and well known, and had developed a relatively simple technique, which was pretty good for "do it yourself" use. I got the impression that there were people "squirreling", to use a Scientology term; making their own experiments and methods of running it.  He just appeared to emphasis what he had evolved. 

I thought no more about it, until I bought the above book (Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology).  While doing so, at the Amazon play store, I was shown a number of books on EFT, amongst them a very familiar cover, a picture of an enigmatic woman. But I had seen it on the book Gary Craig wrote (I bought a print copy at the time).  Now it appeared as a Kindle book, and with the author Dawson Church. Had there been a takeover?


No. Looking at the copyright page of my Kindle version I find "Revision of: The EFT manual / by Gary Craig. 2011."  Kindle allows you to search, so I searched for Craig and found 19 references to "Craig". They are all connected with either the history of EFT or are in the reference section.

Craig, after I guess spending a lot money on promoting EFT, a lot of time on researching it and promoting has quietly dropped behind the scenes.


[I may do further revisions on this.  Ant]