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Ant's Pseudoblog

I'm sorry to have to tell you but this page is a failed purpose! None of the links work and I'll have to take it down discreetly when I find time to do such a thing. Ant April 2017.

12th May 2014.  I have started something that is a bit like a Blog.

I tried to do it through my Dropbox, but it works poorly  (I meant to give a link to the directory all the files will be in, but this does not work except for me when I am logged in to the Internet version of my Dropbox  - the files in the directory, so far two, will not open, but you have to download them).

Therefore I am placing the Dropbox links to the various items here.  At the moment there are two items. When I add further ones, a notification will be sent to those who subscriber to my newsletter (at )


Ant's PseudoBlog A - Introduction



(I wanted a solution where the file would open when you clicked on the link - but the Higher Powers seem unwilling :-(   You apparently have to download and open both the above. )


 Ant's PseudoBlog Z   (10th May 2014)


Later ones will be added here, if I do not find another way of handling it.