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A Bypass of the "Church's" OT levels

I recently (Oct 2013) received an interesting account of how some one "gave up" trying to get "OT levels" from the "Church".  I rather liked it, for the way the spirit of adventure finally broke free, and details of the account.  So I got permission to post it on my Home Page.  Here you are:

In August of 1998 I concluded that the CofS was not helping me get up the bridge but was actively preventing my progress, that some kind of strange infiltration of the church had occurred and that I had better try to get there on my own using what materials I could gather. I found that Ralph Hilton's NOTS write up and LKIN's book Pied Pipers of Heaven to be most helpful.  I didn't really need LRH stuff beyond the fact of confirming that there were no obvious contradictions between these approaches.

But my experience with the OT levels bears some telling because I was not a 'professional standard auditor' but had only been trained up through HSDC (Hubbard Standard Dianetics Course) and Level 0 to Level 1.  I had co-audit experience with the Survival Rundown Objectives, M-1, and ran a bit of R-3-r but only as a student auditor.  I had done the Purif [Purification Rundown], but I had NO grades. I had worked on Staff in LA in 1979 to 1984 so I knew my way around the whole S.O. and had staff experience, I saw the changes in 1984 purge era.  At that time I had brief encounters with Captn. Bill [Robertson], me knowing him, he not knowing me. So this means that I knew how to run an emeter and had completed the "Professional TRs Course" at Flag in about 1994. 
The whole time I was in Scientology (since 1977) the OT levels themselves were a complete mystery to me and I had no idea what they entailed except that according to RJ67 [RJ = Ron's Journal] something about a 'great catastrophy'. 
In 1998 the internet becomes more available to me and I started coming across mentions of CofS mgmt being a problem in the 80's to today and I had to agree. But it all came to a roaring cognition after reading Captn. Bill transcripts that CofS had been infiltrated in some manner and it indicated to me and my experiences so much that at that exact instant everything for me and Scientology changed. I felt I had broken through something.  And it was funny, but at that exact moment that I had woken up to the infiltration situation I got distracted by a perceived little tiny pinpoint of energy swiftly flying around that reminded me of Walt Disney's Tinker Bell† and it shot off... sounds weird but it is what happened and when it happened, I had the questioning feeling "what the hell was that? was it good? or did I trip off some kind of alarm!?? I had more a sense that it was GOOD.
Soon on the internet I encountered the idea of body thetans... I found this to be a pretty wild and intense even a bit scary idea, "could it be that in my mind I can have interactions with other thetans?" Gads, that seemed pretty serious...and a little too 'in your face' - I seemed to have enough "clear" mind space that I could sense vectors of force potential when I looked in certain areas of my mind - so this seemed real to me.  The problem was how to approach it? How do I audit it without the CofS to 'lead me through the wall of fire'? 
Around this time I was also reading Hiltons write up of NOTS and LKIN (and of course Filbert's, The Pilots, Captn. Bill, et al) and one night specifically I decided that I was going to have to take the plunge and try to do my own solo auditing through this wall of fire and come hell or high water, it would probably be my only chance... I was worried because I only had a MK V wooden emeter and not the superduper Quantium whatever, and I had not done the Solo course nor the case preparation etc., was I putting my very life at risk?

Oh well, it is what it is... so after making the decision that I was going to attempt this possibly deadly action I had better try to find out WHAT and HOW to proceed.  I got Hilton's write ups, and all Captn. Bill's and read all I could. 
It all came to a pressing need when this 'case' started to run out by itself, one evening while preparing for bed after reading the LKIN Pied Pipers material I was of course thinking about it all when I felt something, and perceived this very thin (flat) black mass just peel off and up from me! What the hell was that? I clearly felt it and saw it, I wasn't trying to do anything it just happened automatically! I was intrigued and it was so interesting as I analyzed what I had really perceived, it seemed to have a shape that was exactly like we draw ghosts as kids... you know, the generic two black eyes, flat form, arms and hands and the whole form was so flat that it looked like they had been run over by a steam roller! The "legs" were more indistinct like just a cookie cutter bottom! I concluded that my 'OTIII' case was starting to run itself out! The whole thing was flat, in hind sight it is rather comical to think that such a thing is possible, but its what I saw and felt!  It was like a black dead "ghost" was rising out of a grave just like we draw in cartoons! But it was coming off my body! It was oblivious too - not alive really, more like a mechanical entity than a live aware thetan... some kind of genetic entity?
After that I knew there was no turning back now!  So some time later I started my first attempt at solo auditing, I rolled up and rigged up some Scientology junk mail to act as can connector [insulator] so I could hold both cans in one hand (finally I found a good use for all that stupid scientology junk mail! LOL! ) and started... it was a week night about 10 p.m already a violation of the auditors code but by this time I felt liberated and said "I don't care, I can take it..."  I decided that I would just hang on to the cans set the needle and see what happens well it wasn't long before I saw a nice fall... and not knowing what to do about it, I simply acknowledged it by saying/thinking "Thank you". A nice normal TR 2... then, shortly thereafter, another fall, but this was different in character... and again I said/thought "Thank you" and another fall/ack "thank you" (not "good" not "Okay" not, "I got that", just the same ack "Thank you"). I did not want to evaluate anything.  So then I started getting all sorts of various reads and needle action and yes, real TA action! I was happy I was impressed, I felt empowered and for the next 2 hours (or more) I just continued in this fashion and I could feel the mass blowing and I felt great, I didn't want to stop I had to strike while the iron was hot, but I forced myself to end eventually and felt just fantastic and I knew that I could be in control of my own destiny! Note, I didn't expect to see pictures of incidents, or even receive communications directed to me from these - I just objectively watched the meter needle, any read at all, the attitude was if its there, something may happen, and when the something was a read, I did a "Thank you" (kind of like the "hello Okay" Ron used to talk about).  I was establishing a communication line with whatever's.
So the short story is this continued for the following weeks and I just kept doing what I was doing and felt GREAT, absolutely fantastic.
There are some implications about all this: Solo course is not necessary (and probably would have hampered and restrained my progress as I would feel obliged to do it some particular way)
I did not even need a C/S! I did NO admin! though at times I would make notes. I concluded that as long as the person (me) knows TRs - has the ability to be there comfortably and confront and not add extra mind cycles to the environment, and knows how to work a meter, has the auditors code in mind, accepts what happens to be really is, grants beingness, is patient and mostly neutral - then they would get a result. The type of auditing I did did not exist, except as simple communication. Call this "metered acknowledged auditing" or "metered 'thank you' auditing" which I think I prefer as more descriptive.
So that was great but I didn't feel like I had ever really gone through THE wall of fire... not a real OT III!  Now this was not all sweetness and light, there were some intense times, especially as I was contemplating clusters and larger forms while on the crowded subways... mostly however I was in excellent condition - but during this period, I did get pretty sick with a flu! FYI.
I continued in this endeavor and after the 'thank you' auditing seemed to run out I was searching for some way to try to do OT III and 'run' that particular incident - the 'great catastrophy' that Ron talks about in the very public RJ67 lecture. But, I needed some guidance on how the heck this was run.  The LKIN book, had good clear instructions so I decided to try that.  

Now this turns out that it was a pretty good test for the entire incident, I wasn't trying to test it, but it turns out that it was a valid test.  Which I can explain when I describe how I ran it. Now remember, at that time, and to this day I still do not know proper LRH CofS instructions for how to run OT III, from what I gather, there is no clear cut method of approach, but I could be wrong, I just never did the course or saw the materials. 
I followed the LKIN directions:  A series of commands (which I am not going to write here, please seek them out on pdf format they are available all over the net).
Each of the go tos' describe in sequence various descriptive aspects that make up that exact incident (incident ii) so it's asking for those high light aspects of incident II.
1. Go to... [Thank you]
2. Go to...Go to... [Thank you]
3. Go to... Go to... [Thank you]
4. Go to...  Go to... [Thank you]
5. Go to... [Thank you]
6. Go to... [Thank you]
etc.  I don't remember now how many commands it was, maybe about 8 and one or two conditional commands... sometimes I just would repeat the same command over and over but would ack before moving on to next one.
I didn't require that I get any kind of picture. I didn't require that I get any kind of communication, acknowledgement, meter read or anything at all, it was just a bare bones running through the commands super objectively and this turns out to be a good test this OTIII wall of fire using the LKIN instructions.  As I was not adding anything but the exact commands, I didn't even 'think about' what it might look like, it felt like that I was doing a drill, or just repeating a command with no intention even, maybe like a bit of 'self hypnosis' if you can handle that idea.
More points: 
I just assumed that any command I would give was going to be received by who/whatever was needing that command... I would not care if I got a comm in response, I would just assume it was penetrating .. and if these 'BTs' were in such poor shape I could not expect direct communication, so during this session, I was very anaten [sleepy;unaware]and just let myself relax almost napping!  but would occasionally I would waken up a bit, look at the command then repeat it again and sometimes give a "Tku" ack and move on...
This continued for about maybe half an hour or more when suddenly I got the the biggest most intense powerful jolt of energy that literally exploded in/on me, and the needle hit the pin on the right so hard it just stayed there, the needle looked like it was shot out of a gun and the electrical shock was so intense that my body reacted by jumping out of the chair and throwing down the cans, I said out loud to myself, "I'm in over my head!" I took a moment or two to compose myself and thought, oh boy now I had done it! I had not taken a solo course and that would have told me what to do... but all I could think of was what I read in LKIN and Capt. Bill "Two rights of a thetan" which really came from LRH on PDC - so I picked up the cans and proceeded to declare that "You have the right to your own determination" and "you have the right to leave a game" the needle was alive (not a R/S I have seen real rock slams, they are light looking) this needle looked like it was heavy and massive in its wavering about... and unlike the other things I had this one was alive!  But was oblivous to me being present.   Its intention seemed to be saying to itself panting and saying "omg...! omg...! now I remember now I remember!  I am me I exist!" (or some such idea) and swoosh off it went! It flew up and shot out of my space, but it had completely ignored me, it was like not even aware of me. It was totally wrapped up in itself and its own realization of having suddenly woken up from that incident millions of years ago! I was absolutely changed by that physically, mentally, spiritually I was excited and amazed and awed at the whole experience and encounter and what it meant also was that there was something very intense about this OTIII incident (as that was what I was running) and believe me, I didn't "believe" OT III automatically, or not, just wanted to test it for myself, just in case, and I just followed command wise what was in LKIN and would 'see what happens...'.
The next day I did another session the same way and after about 15 min the same damn thing happened! I was shocked at the energy impact and again I jumped up and threw down the cans, I didn't think it would happen again! This needle speed and intensity was faster then touching the cans together... that is light looking, these were heavy and massy looking reads.  The thing blew right away and I was like "wooh!" end of session!
The following day, I did think it might happen again, and it did, but this time the whole thing was just less jolting... this continued a couple more times in the next few days/sessions and sure enough each time was less and less... I suppose that was OT III!  I didn't get any pictures, any communications other then the observations of the entities 'waking up' and blowing away.  I didn't even really feel like I was doing real auditing, but just assumed the 'pc' existed and whom/what ever needed the command would get it!  It worked wonderfully.  If interested it may be worth a try but I think there is danger that our intention can interfere with the intention of the commands and that it is important to be as neutral as possible. 
So, the whole point of this is I think that I gave this OT III a pretty fair test and there is something to it.  But don't expect to see pictures (though you may) don't expect fire works (though there may be).  And it was not like "this happened to me" It looks like I had to run it on the 'others'. 
I wanted to share the above with you Ant and other scientologists who may be able to benefit from my experience, I would not short change OT III incident II, it did not short change me. 
Do not be afraid to audit, think about it from a "if this were true, then how could it possibly work?"  
Questions or comments may be sent to 

P.S. I have since co-audited the Grades with no C/S even, we‡ just did each grade as written until the ability gained was achieved!  It was fun effective and best of all it was all the auditing we wanted FREE!
Do not EVER be afraid to audit!  If you and the pc know the tech that knowledge WILL PROTECT YOU!  There is probably no such thing as perfect auditing, but you don't need perfect auditing either, just know the tech, TRs be confident and you will see results. 
Maybe the 'otherside' has rules for us mortals and LRH broke those rules and they got pissed and only allowed certain levels of Scientology auditing approach certain areas, (incident II) but that NOTs went beyond the acceptable agreements and that otherside had to put a stop to it!  That is speculation only.
There is one other weird thing that happened, later I tried to do a remote view of the moon with some kind of question "who or what is suppressing Scientology?" (I think that is what it was) and again I was super neutral about it when suddenly I got this point of view face to face with this guy that looked exactly like the hooded white guy in one of the Star Wars movies... he seemed surprised and angry to find 'me' there and he blurts out "You people are not supposed to be here!" (here being on the moon!) and 'bang' it was over! 
Pretty interesting isn't it?  I would love to hear others experiences like these of your auditing if you have some please send them to me!  Scientologists needs some real useful OT Phenomena for a change!  (but you know, I don't want this to set up some kind of standard either, so don't let my "case" data necessarily mean that yours is going to go the same way). 
But sharing and speculation about this is I think, helpful to get this planet "destimulated."
And I think we need to be free to experiment and look no matter how far fetched it may seem.


 ***************************************** Footnotes:

The author sent me the following on "Tinker Bell":
I think there is more about the "tinker bell' thing that should be added, I don't know if you want to include this, but my sense was that the 'tinker bell' was like some kind of trip wire monitor that had an intention of "hey we got another one here breaking through!" and it was whooshing off to 'report' that somewhere.  It happened at the exact moment that I was suddenly realizing that Scientology had been infiltrated and that the facade for me was over... and I am not kidding when I say this was a quite sudden realization, it was like BONG!  COGNITION!  OF COURSE!  I'm reading Captn. Bill briefings one minute and the next I was like "Holy Bleep, the Church HAS been infiltrated so that explains it!"  See, I knew personally who Capt Bill was, so I had great respect and trust and he was declared?  Come on! So what happened I wondered?  So I was reading all his stuff as I was a part of it to some small degree... and in his Teegeeack book and the series of SP declares was one "Alan Hubert" !  and I had had a very entheta encounter while in the S.O in LA with him via the Guardians Office Allen Hubbert, he was very high pressure about some point or other from me taken from my "life history" and I felt so humiliated and degraded that from that moment on I truly hated that man... the only time I ever hated anyone!  So imagine my joy at reading Captn. Bill lists him (Alan Hubert) as one of the super SPs in his SP Declare!!!  So at that moment I was relieved as that explained the CofS situation and that was when I was like "holy bleep...the SPs felt that the church had to be stopped from freeing beings!" And that is when I sensed this tinker bell like energy thing swirl around then take off.

I (Ant) had a misunderstood on this sentence, and wondered where the "we" came from (was it the "Royal We"? smiley) ). His explanation is interesting:
My Co-auditor friend was the other in the 'we'... you can change it to your suggestion adding "with him" if you don't mind. The 'We" meant myself and co-auditor of course! I audited him till he realized that he had the ability gained for that grade and he would audit me until I believed that I had that ability gained - thus "we audited our grades till each ability was gained" or however it was phrased.  But the grades are mostly these very simple commands, there is only the L/N part later on, and they could be practiced and then run or even skipped for now and just run all the listen style commands.  I am still doing personal analysis of these grades to understand how/why they work, as it is now I just believe they balance the flows turning those items of "Disagree" to "Agree" (PDC flows) a person has had so many things done to them that they disagreed with causing the arc/break or the entheta that to balance it all you have to do is make enough "agreement" flows (by answering the grade question which are usually worded like "what would you be willing to [have happen etc.,]" and that willingness is the opposite flow of disagree and when they are equal the whole clump of mass/energy will untie (like a knot) and will balance and 'as is'!  (done in all flows or in 'brackets' as LRH used to say) Take a look at the commands for the grades and you will see what I mean, these kinds of auditing commands are similar (what are you WILLING to have happen etc - which is agreement) in ALL of the grades!  These can be run easily!  A c/s is not necessarily necessary! The second ACC goes into this more too, but PDC first talks in detail about flows.