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Exteriorisation – Altered Importance II

Roge Boswarva wrote on Tue, 30 Apr 2013 07:09:58 -0700:

As usual, you are fun to be in comm with! Laughing These are nice observations you wrote for which I do have much to say.

LRH too often either mis-perceived or otherwise misinterpreted what he did perceive. Ext is one of those screwed up subjects in Scn.

The question is: exterior to/from WHAT?

It really is rather dinky and small time to make such a big deal and problem out of having become aware of either being separate to/from one's body or becoming aware of being bigger than one's body.

Attached is a copy of Alan Walter's Gods in Disguise book [not received - cogitating on what to do about it]. . . note the subject of the earlier "universes" . . . . Alan and I discussed the use of the word "universe" . . . it works and is real to the average Joe, but he agreed that my reference to these constructs as being "domains of our spiritual existence"---constructs of game domains that we occupy or occupied, is very correct and for advanced case individuals a better understanding of the things.

I have personally, over the years, been ext at various levels of existence . . . this often involuntarily and as a result of various stress situations that occurred in this game of live but also in auditing. I will link to some of my ESMB write-ups on them.

One Ext occurred in (O/R) CCHs when I went ext and knowingly interfaced with the "energy level" of the physical universe about the building I was being auditing in in Melbourne . . . and I was so enamored with and interested in the atmospheric energy I began to add to it and enhance it . . . and then I began to realize I was changing the weather pattern of that immediate area. So I told the auditor that we were about to have a monster storm hit our area outside the auditing room . . . and bingo! It hit! The auditor freaked out! (a young woman late teens).

During the 60's-70's I routinely exteriorized in time to be aware of futures. And today I do connect spiritually with folks I know around the globe. I recently, last week, had the love of my life (from 1972) who ended up marrying someone else after we broke up search me out on the internet because she felt me in contact and wanting to be in touch. I did not know her sequence of married (twice) names and had lost track of her.

So, in the context of "earlier universes or domains of existence constructs" . . . . we've gone into a lot of "things"; we've put ourselves inside of lots of "things"; and we've also exited, gotten out of, and/or otherwise sought to be exterior to or abandon many things . . . the PT physical universe itself is something we are capable of exteriorizing from.

There is, of course, a or various bottom line reasons for these goings in and getting out-ofs. However, the action of event of these motions is all based on and carried out by INTENTION. (See the link below of Paul Adams and me developing a process for this)

All the above was missed by LRH. He actually failed to handle what in fact was a big case gain and win for the PC . . . that of honoring and working to stabilize the newly recovered awareness or power/ability of being separate to the priorly conceived "I am a body, stuck in a body" condition.

This link is a dialogue between Paul Adams and myself on this very issue of Ext-Int. We actually developed a process to correctly handle and empower people who have gone ext.

Dialogue between Paul and me on Out-Int:

These links discuss various other related events:

The death at Bronte 1963. This was an involuntary ext, triggered by the fear I experienced of the threat of drowning . . . that fear booted me out of my body. It was an instantaneous thing, but once I was out and feeling comfortable about being me, the fear vanished and I regained control.

The 1805 incident 3DH turn-on:

Blowing the physical Universe with Max

Ant, there are a number of other posts of mine on ESMB where I related ext activity, but the above should suffice.

If you wish, you can re-post this info to help others. This is an important subject for folks to understand. Ext-Int as understood and dealt with on KSW lines is a disaster of errors!

In actuality, had LRH gotten it right, what could/should have happened is validate the WIN and empower the state and ability to knowingly and with volition be at will where and as one chooses and to then process the rest of the case from that empowered state! Alan Walter handled this sequence by applying his Celebration of Recovered States, Powers, Abilities and Win Procedure. That is, ALL big wins are addressed with this R/D to stabilize and empower the ascended to or recovered state of Being or power.