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Started 12/31/11 02:05:42 PM

I have been buying Scientology books, and books associated with Scientology since I first contacted Scientology in 1954. Recently I have (rather haphazardly) begun to collect all my Scn, and associated with Scn. books together and I have been a bit surprised at how many there are.

This article will in due course give some account of them. First I will sort my books into those published by the official Scientology body at the time of publication, and those published independently (there seem to be quite a number of both). I have worked with Publications Organisation, and earlier in the same office (1964/5) where a non-Scientology typist made stencils from Ron's pages handwritten the previous night, and I can assure you that enormous respect was paid to duplicating exactly what Ron wrote, and I have nothing but contempt for the unsubstantiated statement by leaders of the "latter day” Church of Scientology that staff in the early days willfully altered what Ron wrote and the early books are inaccurate. Ron was some thing of a guru to those who worked for him, and one does not alter a guru's written words.

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Added 9th Sept 2013


Here is a list of my MetaScientology books (official Scientology, and Scientology related)

They are roughly in date order, and I have marked in red those either issued by the official Scientology body (at the time they were published) or (in two or three cases approved by Scientology at the time.  It should be noted that some of those marked as approved, may have at a later date been withdrawn.


1934 Wissenschaft von der Beschaffenheit und der Tauglichkeit des Wissens . Scientologie, by Dr. A Nordenholz (Science of the Constitution and Usefulness of Knowledge - Scientology  Reissued 1995

1950 Dianetics Modern Science of Mental Health. A number of editions. The first edition,  ninth printing 1956 has two diagrams in it ( see IVy 47 page 24 and 25, at, An introduction by J.A Winter, M.D. and four articles by others than Ron in the appendices, all of which are missing from later issues. [[Officially Approved]]

1950 May (?) Scientology: The Evolution of a Science (54 pages) This English edition lacks the forward the other two have which talks about "When your editor first heard that such a manuscript did in actuality exist, he begged...." (50 Pages softcover )[[Officially Approved]]

Ditto Copyright 1951  Plain green Hard cover (101 pages - Wichita, Kansas) [[Officially Approved]]

Ditto printed in Denmark. Green hard cover with jacket including white picture on blue background of the sad, bearded man and the subscription "Scientology is here to rescue you"[[Officially Approved]]

Ditto but 1983 and entitled The Dynamics of Life (154 Pages)[[Officially Approved]]

1951 (August) Self Analysis  largish, green softcover (106 pages) [[Officially Approved]]

Ditto, Danish soft cover (248 pages)  [[Officially Approved]]

1951  Child Dianetics (Written and edited by the staff of The Hubbard Dianetic Foundaton, Inc. (92 pages) [[Officially Approved]]

ditto Danish 1968 (?) edition ("with an introduction by L.Ron Hubbard"   - 188 pages) Stiff cover jacket has picture of dog. [[Officially Approved]]

approx 1952 An Outline of Dianetics including the latest developments.  Issued by The Dianetic Study Group, London NW3. (four articles by different authors - 22 pages) [[Officially Approved, I suppose]]

1951 Handbook for Preclears (1979 edition hard cver with jacket with picture of hands reaching upwards (244 pages) [[Officially Approved]]

1951 Science of Survival (two battered copies, both fourth printing, oct 1 1951, two volumes in one book 183 + 328 pages)[[Officially Approved]]

1952 Scientology 8-80  (86 pages) [[Officially Approved]]

1952 (but 1968 edition) History of  Man (78 pages hard cover dustjacket iwth picture of gorrila/man eating off a bone)[[Officially Approved]]

ditto copyright 1988 (142 pages - plain blue hard back, lettering only on spine) [[Officially Approved]]

1953 How to Live Though An Executive. (123 pages soft back black print on semistiff cream paper -"The manuscript of this book was prepared by RICHARD de MILLE who helped in the development of the communications system herein set forth)   [[Officially Approved]]

1953 Scientology 8-8008 (152 pages - but third edition jan 1956)) [[Officially Approved]]

1954 Creation of Human Ability (288 pages - has 50 Axiom - black hard bound, lettering on spine only) [[Officially Approved]]

ditto (1968 edition 290 pages - 50 axioms, but a loose page, copy of my typing in axioms 51 to 54 - black hard bound with dustjacket with picture of man/gorrilla eating meat on a large bone)[[Officially Approved]]

1955 Creative Learning - A Scientological Experimant in Schools by V. Silcox and L.J. Maynard (222 pages - blue had cover with yellow dustjacket with blue lettering) [[Officially Approved London Scientology Publications MCMLV]]

1955 Dianetics 55! (147 pages - Hard cover, light blue 1968 edition)  [[Officially Approved]]

ditto (174 pages - 1971 edition - hard cover green,gold embossed smallish writing on spine and fronf - dust jacket with picture of a man in white cloes and helmet manhandling a green snake hose tale is up in a tree - that and the other covers  from around 1970 are supposedly from the reactive bank, and should frighten people into buyihng the book!)  [[Officially Approved]]

1956 Scientology - The Fundamentals of Thought  (111 pages - Hard cover, black, lettering only on spine . Red dustjacket with a white picture of a bearded mans face (rather sad, or serious) and the words "Scientology is her to rescue you") [[Officially Approved]]

1956 Ditto Danish - Tankens Grundbegreber (141 pages - hard cover  maroon - Dustjacket Danish version of the English with "Scientologiener her for at redde dig") [[Officially Approved]]

1956 (1972 Danish edition of Problems of Work) Arbejdets Problemer (117 pages - hard back, blue - dustjacket with black silhouette of a huge man, his feet on, apparently, green foothils and snow covered mountains at the height of his ankles) [[Officially Approved]]

1957 All About Radiation By L. Ron Hubbard (183 pages - hard cover . dark red, with dustjacket with a picture that looks like egyptian stone carving, a face with the mouth open) [[Officially Approved]]

1958 Have You lived Before This life by L.Ron Hubbard (what a lie!) (183 pages - red hard cover - dustjacket has what looks to me like a picture of an Egyptian stone carving of face with mouth open)  (the story of this book, including authorship, should be in Ant's Scientology story at about 1958)

1958 Fremtiden Tur-Retur, (?Return to the Future) by L. Ron Hubbard, copyright by Winthers Forlag (144 pages)

1961 Summary of Scientology by Jack Horner (93 pages - soft cover upper part pink letters on red background, lower two thirds red letters on pink back ground - printed in New Zealand, as a way to get "currency" out of New Zealand) [[Officially Approved]]

1965 A New Slant on Life ( 1972 edition -158 pages  - brown hard cover- Dustjacket has a sort of golden rocket speeding down a little obliquely, just about to hit the words "L.RON HUBBARD")[[Officially Approved]]

DITTO Danish version (1972 with names of translators -142 pages -dark blue hard cover, dustjacket s above with Danish wording)[[Officially Approved]]

1968 Scientology Basic Staff Hat Book Number 1 (this was the first printed book with Policy letters - previously one got the individual issues mimeographed)  (174 pages - green on white, soft blue cover) [[Officially Approved]]

1969 When In Doubt Communicate, Ruth Minshull [[Officially Approved]]

1970 Scientology 8-80  (Ant did 2/3rd of typesetting)1.[[Officially Approved]]

1970 Background and Ceremonies of the Church [[Officially Approved]]

1970 Introduction to Scientology Ethics (?1973) [[Officially Approved]]

1970 Org Exec Course Volume 0 Basic Staff Volume (371 pages - hard green cover, as stand for all Organization Executive Course Volumes) [[Officially Approved]]

1970 Org Exec Course Volume 1 HCO Division (592 pages)[[Officially Approved]]

1971Org Exec Course Volume 2 HCO Dissemination Division 2 (402 pages)[[Officially Approved]]

1971 Org Exec Course Volume 3 Treasury Division 3 (368 pages) [[Officially Approved]]

1971 The Basic Scientology Picture Book (also in Danish)[[Officially Approved]]

1972 Org Exec Course Volume 4 Technical Division (616 pages) [[Officially Approved]]

1972 Org Exec Course Volume 5 Qualifications Division 5 (368 pages) [[Officially Approved]]

1972 Org Exec Course Volume 6 Distribution Division 6 (464 pages - my copy includes a seven page  errata issue where  a number of issues are cancelled for not being written by Ron, and little red Cancelled labels have been affixed to all cancelled policies) [[Officially Approved]]

1972 Basic Dianetics Picture Book (revised) [[Officially Approved]]

1971 Expanded Grades and Review Dictionary, Gary and Hazel Nelson, with Issue Authority[[Officially Approved]]

1972 Sig det som det er (danish edition of Say it as it is, by Peter Gilham). [[Officially Approved]]

1972 Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach -  not a Scientology book, but was much talked about by Scientologists at the time.

1972 Basic Study Manuel [[Officially Approved]]

1972  Management Series 1970-1972 (421 pages - same format as Org Exec course)[[Officially Approved]]

1973 Mission into Time (LRH) [[Officially Approved]]

1974 Pregnancy and Natural Childbirth, Margaret Mead, International Issue Authority obtained [[Officially Approved]]

1974 Hymn of Asia (LRH) [[Officially Approved]]

1974 Marriage Hats, by Mary Sue Hubbard [[Officially Approved]]

1974 Management Series 1970-1974 (541 pages - Same format some Org Exec ) [[Officially Approved]]

1974 (Danish) word list to Data Assimilation two versions (Scientology Minigruppe 1 had a hand in this, I think) [[Officially Approved]]

1972 Org Exec Course Volume 7 Executive Division (711 pages - This, the last of the"Admin volumes" has an acknowledgement at the bottom of the title page, where my name appears "Antony Phillips" despite the fact that I only worked a short time on it while I waited until a job outside the Scn org became available for me) [[Officially Approved]]

1975 Dianetics Today [[Officially Approved]]

1975 Technical Dictionary (first full technical Dictionary).[[Officially Approved]]

1976 Ups and Downs by Ruth Minshull (permission by Issue Authority Flag) [[Officially Approved]]

1976 Technical Bulletins I, 1950 - 1053  (this set are known as "The red volumes" have a red hard cover) (526 pages) [[Officially Approved]]

1976 Technical Bulletins II  1954 - 1956 (601 pages)[[Officially Approved]]"The red volumes"

1976 Technical Bulletins III 1957 - 1959 (596 pages) [[Officially Approved]]"The red volumes"

1976 Technical Bulletins IV 1960 - 1961 (493 pages) [[Officially Approved]]"The red volumes"

1976 Technical Bulletins V 1962 - 1964 (554 pages) [[Officially Approved]]"The red volumes"

1976 Technical Bulletins VI 1965 - 1969 (486 pages) [[Officially Approved]]"The red volumes"

1976 Technical Bulletins VII 1970 - 19971 (502 pages) [[Officially Approved]]"The red volumes"

1976 Technical Bulletins VIII 1972 - 1976  56 pages)[[Officially Approved]]"The red volumes"

1976 Technical Bulletins IX Auditing Series IX 1965 - 1975 (524 pages) [[Officially Approved]]"The red volumes"

1976 Technical Bulletins X C/S Series 1970 - 1976 (together with Cumulative Index to ten volumes, 541 pages)  "The red volumes" [ I, Ant, participated in making the indexes to the red volumes, and was promised, by Ken Delderfield, a complete set as a reward (it was unpaid work). Ken met lots of red tape in carrying out this promise, amongst other things it was supposedly off policy). I got them a few years later, and the first ones are the second printing, dated 1979]

1976 HCO PL Subject Index (333 pages - green hard cover) [[Officially Approved]]

1976 Modern Management Technology Defined (often refereed to as the Admin Dict) (679 pages - Org Exec Course format) [[Officially Approved]]

1976 The Volunteer Minister's Handbook  (663 pages - format like Org Exec Course, but large print)  [[Officially Approved]]

1977 The Road to Total Freedom, by Roy Wallis  

1978  Introduction to Scientology Ethics [[Officially Approved]]

1978 What is Scientology [[Officially Approved]]

1979 Technical BulletinsXI 1976- 1978 (575 pages)[[Officially Approved]] "The red volumes"

1980 Technical Bulletins XII 1978-1979 (512 pages) [[Officially Approved]] "The red volumes"

1980 Scientology Kirken (Danish translation of ceremonies etc.)[[Officially Approved]]

1980 The L. Ron Hubbard Purificatin Rundown (sent to Honorary LRH PROs) [[Officially Approved]]

1980  Success through Communication [[Officially Approved]]

1980 Keeping Scientology Working Technical Course 24 issues bound in one of those funny spine things.  They were cancelled later.  Probably written by David Mayo, the cancellation and related issues are also with it. Pubs Org DK, printed by Ivan Tønder, Abel Cathrines Gade 7 Copenhagen.  [[Officially Approved]]

1980 Research and Discovery Series 1 (822 pages - known as"The Blue Volumes) [[Officially Approved]]

1980 Research and Discovery Series 2 (619 pages) [[Officially Approved]]

1980 The Learning Book [[Officially Approved]]

1980 How to Choose your People (by Ruth Minshull) [[Officially Approved]]

1980 (date I took course) Debug tech reference pack (44 items as separate mimeoed EDs, Bulletins and mostly Policy Letters - ring binder.) [[Officially Approved]]

1981 The Second Dynamic [[Officially Approved]]

1981 The Way to Happiness  - Vejen til Lykke [[Officially Approved]]

1981 Happiness Rundown Course Pack [[Officially Approved]] (Actually not a book, a ring binder with check sheet and issue in it.  Started 10th July 1971finished 11th August 1981. The course was completed with in the targetted time.  I would not have believed it. As the course went on, we got more and more very good supervisors from Flag.  Very good course.  This is too late for the old Tech volumes. On the 10 January 1984  many of the issues are cancelled, and this .  I heard that it was because Sea Org Members were blowing after receiving it - it sort of enforcises  

1982 Understanding the E-meter [[Officially Approved]]

1982 Management Series Volume 1 (573 pages - same format as Org Exec Course) [[Officially Approved]]

1982 Introductory and demonstration processes and Assists (ring-binder 142 numbered pages + some unnumbered) [[Officially Approved]]

 1982 (Mike Smith, Dean Acheson) How to Deliver LRH Administrative Technology Professionally [[Officially Approved]]

1982 L. Ron Hubbard the Writer. [[Officially Approved]]

1982 Battlefield Earth [[Officially Approved]]

1982 Excalibur Revisited by Geoffrey C Filbert (791 pages)

1983 Dynamics and the Tone Scale (30 pages - booklet 29 of the Professional Course compiled by D. Folger - two different editions 1980 and 1093)  [[Officially Approved]]

1983 Pro Tr Series  (6 cassette tapes) [[Officially Approved]]

1984 The O J Roos Story (Otto Roos Debrief), Relayed by DEI (Det Europaiske Informationscenter)

1985 Sector 9 by Capt. Bill Robertson (no consecutive page numbering - looks like about 130 pages)

1985 The Sad Tale of Scientology by Eric Townsend (90 pages)

1986 Song of the Original Soundtrack "Confederation" by Aster Paramejgian (about 25 pages)

1986 DUGA Problems course by Todde Salen, (13 pages)

1986 DUGA Hjâp Kurs (10 pages)

1986 DUGA  Communications Course (8 Pages)

1986 How to Have More Time,edited by Eric Townsend, Anima Press. (41 pages)

1986 How to Get More out of Life, Edited by Eric Townsend, Anima Press (43 pages)

1988 (Danish version of above) Hvordan Man får mere ud af livet (44 pages)

1987 L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman, by Bent Coryden & L.Ron Hubbard Jnr.

1987 Neither Foes not Loving Friends by Eric Townsend (81 pages)

1988 Making Affirmations and Prayers Work by Bob Ross (49 pages)

1988 Beyond Psychology by Frank Gerbode (541 pages)

1988 Introduction to Stress Counselling (auditing) by Eric Townsend (44 Pages)

1988 Combating Cult Mind Control by Steven Hassan (226 pages - this is not only related to Scientology but to any "cult")

ca. 1988 - 1990 Static Magazine (Danish, 14 numbers) and Static International (3 numbers)

1989 Notes on the Lectures (232 pages - red hard cover, lettering only on spine) [[Officially Approved]]

Probably 1990's  Personlig Integrering vede Indre Lytning ((Personal Integration by Inner Listening) (about 35 pages)

1990 A Piece of Blue Sky by John Atack ( see the articles in IVy by Ken Uquhart on this, starting with IVy 48 (Aug 2000), page 28. You find them at  with contents of all IVys by author at

1990 The Paradigm Matrix by Alan C Walter (238 pages)

1991 The CB-Meter Course by Flemming Funch (74 pages)

1991 Management without Ulcers by Raymond Kemp (144 pages)

1991 Understanding Life by Lawrence West (96 pages)

1991 Scientology - More than a Cult ? by L Kin (199 pages - L.Kin 1)

1992 Exit Counseling - A family Intervention, by Carol Giambalvo (75 pages - this is not only related to Scientology but to any "cult")

1992 Technical Essays, Volume 2  Flemming Funch (224 pages)

1992 Study Basics Course by Flemming Funch (69 pages)

1992 Scientology - A Handbook for Use by L. Kin (219 pages - L. Kin 2)

1992 Hverdags-psykologi (Everyday psychology) by Lars Heslet (64 pages)

1993 Recovery from Abusive Groups by Wendy Ford (106 pages - this is not only related to Scientology but to any "cult")

1993 Gods in Disguise by Alan C Walter (83 pages)

1994 The Secrets to Increase your Power, Wealth, and Happiness by Alan C Walter (121 pages)

1994 The Pied Pipers of Heaven by L. Kin 354 pages -L. Kin 3)

1994 Developing the Will by Gregory Mitchell (17 pages)

1994 (bought in Nov)  Additional Information on Scenarios in Sector 9 complied from documents from Bill Cooper (149 pages)

1994 You Live as you Think by Raymond and Pamela Kemp (114 pages)

1994 Transformational Paths (Facilitator Training Manual #2) by Flemming Funch (223 pages)

1994 General Processing Modules (Supplement to Facilitator Training Manual #2) by Flemming Funch (122 pages)

1996 From the Bottom to the Top - The Way Out  by L Kin (223 pages - L. Kin 4 - final)

1996 L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman, by Bent Coryden ALONE(L.Ron Hubbard Jnr. had been bought off by the "Church")

1997 Self Clearing by The Pilot (Ken Ogger) (332 pages)

1997 Super Scio by The Pilot (Ken Ogger) (832 pages)

1997 Who Decides What You Imagine by Paul Meyer (ca. 50 pages)

1998 Brief Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by Stephen Bisbey and Lori Beth Bisbey (173 pages)

1998 (2000) PNOHTEFTU (From Internet in a ringbinder) by or edited by Maximilian J Sandor

1998-2000 Spickler, ringbinder with Internet contributions. (about 30 items)

1999 Asking the Right Questions by Carl Jensen (166 pages - I think this is a follow up on Jack Horner's work after Jack left the "Church")

2000 How to turn Upsets into Energy by John Mace (140 pages)

2000 In Search of Golden Nuggets by Enid Vien (147 pages)

2000 Coping with Cult involvement  by Livia Bardin (not specifically associated with Scn))

2002 The Thinking Book [[Officially Approved]]

2002 Polar Dynamics 1 by Maximilian J Sandor and Edward J Dawson (248 pages)

2004 Self Clearing by The Pilot (Ken Ogger) (revision - 402 pages)

2005 Understanding Humans by Chris Dunk (154 pages)

2006 Clearing - A Guide for Professionals by Hank Levin  (363 pages)

2007 Coping with Crisis by Jim Burtles (106 pages)

2010 Counterfeit Dreams by Jefferson Hawkins (336 Pages)

2011 Afhopperen - Mine 20 år i Scientology (The Deserter - My 20 years in Scientology) by Robert Dam (288 pages)

 DATE NOT KNOWN Idenics Practitioner Training Course, Basic Issues Pack, by John Galusha (43 pages)

 DATE NOT KNOWN (I think between 1985 and 1990) The Basic Book  (no author named, issued by ACC Edinburgh  - 45 pages)


ADDITIONALLY I have copies of the following magazines:

Auditor and Philosopher 1957 Woody McPheeters

1986 March The Journal of the Advanced Ability Center Church of the New Civilization (front and one inner page)

Certainty, the English magazine) from 1950 [[Officially Approved]]

Ability, The USA magazine in digital form, complete I guess, from 1955 to 1967 [[Officially Approved]]

since "the Split" (ca. 1983)

1992,1993  Clearing Today 

 Uafhængige Synspunkter (Danish)

 Free Theta 2005-2009

(The) Free Spirit (Journal) - in most cases a number of copies of each issue

International Viewpoints (IVy) - Many copies available and see

Static (Danish) and Static International

IRM News Letter 

Floating Needle  2009, 2010

Outward Bound


In addition to the above, there are a handful of books which I have had, but which have vanished from my collections. Here is something about them.

Self Analysis.  I had two copies of this, bought in England (published, I think, by Derrick Ridgeway in England).  On copy was my mothers.  We were both told by our auditors (a man and his wife) to self audit Self Analysis between session.

 When I worked at Shipping in the London Org (late 1957 and 1958) I was offered an early Dianetics book, because it was being withdrawn from sale. It was written by staff at the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, and concerned itself, as far as I remember, solely with aspects of homosexuality which came up under Dianetic auditing.

In the 50's there was available, and I bought it, a book called "Brainwashing" which was alleged to be a reprint (no doubt translated) of a Soviet book. You may find it mentioned elsewhere on the net. It was in a soft cover book, the background colour of the cover was a light brown.

Scientology published a book about the emeter, written by John Sanborn. All I remember of it at the moment was that it had a soft cover, and mentioned "valence points" on the meter, other than 2.0 and 3.0 for male and female clear. Again in the 50's

In a similar manner to Jack Horner's Summary of Scientology, a South African, U.Keith Gerry, published a summary, title forgotten. It was a little larger than the run of the mill books, about letter or A4 size. In the 50's. (I remember that U.Keith Gerry also made a South African version of the OCA/APA personality test)


Published outside of Scientology but very much promoted in Scientology was a book by Dame Muriel Payne (Dame is a title bestowed by British royalty to women, similar to knighthoods bestowed on men). It concerned itself with education, I think a lot of her work occurring in India, using Scientology principles of that time – this was before the big fuss about study tech, which started in the 60's).

I had a second copy of Introduction to Scientology Ethics [[Officially Approved]] which was different from the other one  - Ron had revised the lower Ethics levels, and I needed (I suppose for the course I was on), a copy of the revisions. 


When we are talking historically about Scientology books, something not to be forgotten as time goes by, is the big fuss about special book covers, painted to restimulate into buying the book. This was from mid 1968 onwards for a while. It is mentioned in Ant's Scientology Story on this home page and I hope to publish pictures of eight of the book covers in my possession.

[This ends the additions made to this page on 9thSeptember 2013.]