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Historical Articles

The idea for this series of articles arose at the end of 2011, when it seemed to me that my opinions about auditing technology were far less important (judged over future years) than my experience with Scientology. Therefore I will write some articles about what I experienced. I have no qualifications for being an historian, so these can not be regarded as much more than source materials from some one experienced in historical work. Such a person, with experience and training in historical research and presentation, can combine with other accounts and make a more comprehensive account.

These historical pages may not get done very fast, but when important additions are made, those on the mailing list will be notified. Get on the mailing list using the entry to the right of this marked Newsletter subscription .

The present official Scientology body, is not only reticent in publishing Scientology's history. It is also highly likely that it suppresses and misreports, which makes the presence of independent reports (hopefully a number) important to the future practice of things based on Scientology data.

In due course these Historical articles will be transferred to come under this sites heading "Early Scientology History” (and we may drop the word "early” in the heading, since the whole group should eventually cover my viewpoint (experience) of its history up to near the point of my death).

Ant Phillips: 12/31/11 01:41:05 PM