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Cases – bridges – paths – ladders

My (Ant's) experience of auditing is not very wide, my Scientology years were spent in tech, admin, and Pubs Org (almost equally in all three spheres). So I publish (with permission) an account by an auditor with lots of experience both in and outside the “church” giving his opinion based on hours of auditing of all sorts of cases.

The following is by Per Schiøttz of Denmark

Here are my experiences from work with PCs, Pre-OTs and clients.

There is ONE aspect with Ron's and Bill's tech which has been coming up now and then. Both of them "found" their tech working with their own cases and then assumed that since they found what they found on their own case, they would find it on every other case. This is an actuality, not my idea. I have seen quite a few cases where they were NOT stacked the way Ron or Bill suggested. They were different. Some tended more in the direction of the description in other theory issues like A History of Man for instance.

Then again I have seen cases where similar stuff to Ron's and Bill's ran very real because the person had mocked it up himself first. And yet again cases where nothing like it could be found, but other stuff handled made the PC / Pre-OT attain very similar states to those Ron and Bill had predicted could be obtained when those case phenomenon were handled.

This shows various degrees of suggestibility. People, also those who has a higher level of awareness, have a high level of ability to create whatever you ask them to create, directly or via a solo C/S instruction. That they can do this is not an invalidation but an observation of an ability demonstrated in order to obtain a promised level of freedom/ability. I have seen this at a very subtle level too where the client would create it unconsciously at my suggestion, just by asking if it's there. Being a very "nice" and obedient client, again without invalidation, creating what is being asked for, right away, consciously or subconsciously. It was NOT there before I asked for it, and would NOT come up if I ran whatever the client offered to run.

So there are all kinds of levels of reality based on these observations. I find it therefore to be my most important job to find out what to run on each case without ANY evaluation as in the auditors code. This can be quite a task, but so far, to me, it has been the most valuable task.

Some clients come from the Church or from elsewhere and have heard about these case phenomena and got them so solidly mocked up already, and with such a wish to run it, that it is not possible for me to negate it in any way, but they also get great gains running it the way they have already mocked it up.

Therefore it is my experience after all these hours in the chair and C/Sing (40,000 hours) that you really have to observe and handle cases individually and not assume anything beforehand. This means auditing the case in front of you and not some postulated or imagined case which you assume is there, just because the previous one was like that.

Why are there so many technologies or practices? Why aren't there just ONE? One which all cases would follow and gain from? In my opinion this is because different cases unfold and open up in different ways. Different clients need different approaches to their cases.

The biggest gains obtainable pr. auditing minute I have found by using PTS-handling, Power Auditing, NOTs and Op Pro by Dup. (Book and Bottle) for different cases.

End of article by Per Schiøttz.  You may be curious as to what background Per has for making such statements, so here is his summary of his experience.

Per Schiøttz: My auditing career as a short story:
After basic courses in DK-Org I did the Standard Dianetics course in 1968. Then audited and ran the course in the mission in Birkerød, Denmark with Joan Schnehage, LRH-trained Class VIII from South Africa. As a staff member there and as an FSM I won the SHSBC which could be done by Clears without Academy training first those days. The first part of that SHSBC was the entire Academy levels 0
toIV once again, so I didn't miss out on anything anyway.

After the Briefing Course I went to Copenhagen Org
to where the Birkerød Mission public had all been shipped when Joan went back to South Africa. I worked in the HGC for a couple of years, then let myself be pushed off purpose onto various admin posts and ended up as CO [Commandinbg Officer] there and finally joined the Sea Org. At FOLO EU & AF I did the returning missionaries Sec Checks, and as D/CO I got an exchange with Maria Maloney done so she went to FOLO from St Hill EU & AF and I went to AOEU & AF as HGC auditor, good.

There I did the Class VII internship and audited a lot of Power in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English and German and a lot of reviews too. Did the Class VIII course and was send to Flag to be on the first NOTs (Class IX) course. There I studied all the Ls as I had NOTs Pre-OTs with out-lists that had to be corrected (Listing and Nulling has always been my specialty), and there were not yet any class XIIs who had done the NOTs course of course.

Returned to Denmark I became the NOTs Lead Auditor for a unit with 6 auditors. The entire unit was in power for years. I was awarded Kah-Kahn by Ron. In 1982 I left organized Scientology and the Sea Org and in 1983 I started auditing in the field and in 1985 I started a centre and worked there and in another centre till 1996 where I took a job as harbour master as I wanted to get involved with real life which I had not been since I started in Scn.

3 years ago I went on pension as harbour master and started to audit again, which is what I like to do the most and which I am still doing. During all those years it has added up to about 40.000 hours in the chair and I still love it. Case cracking is my favourite pastime.

Love, Per Schiøttz
December 2011