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It's the International Bankers

I owe a lot to Ron. Not only my insouciance (which perhaps some may
not like, or understand) but the fact I am alive (in this body)
today, at what used to be called a ripe old age. Add to that the fact
that I have been able to help some people markedly with the
technology Ron gave us (see some examples in recent article "Hubbard cancelled 

the Process"). And there have been remarkable simplicities he relayed such as a pc being in
session when s/he was interested in case and willing to talk to
auditor, and the perhaps over simplification that all auditors talk
too much. Loads of other things - remember the thre Ps:
Predispostion, precipitation, and prolongation?

Perhaps the fact that so much good and truth has come via him has got
some to believe that everything Ron says or does is admirable or
true. I think he went a bit "weird" and some of the things he said or
did, need casting by the wayside.

Thus we have the idea that all the worlds troubles (or at least all
not due to natural disasters like earthquakes) are due to the hidden
influence of International Bankers or the World Federation of Mental
Health. Perhaps the younger generation of Scientogists are not aware
of those things (history being hidden in the "Church") but the
tradition lives on; present management finds it a convenient method
of taking attention off their bad (or selfish) management.

Here is an example from my time, Pubs Org in Edinburgh 1969:

"One day, another Sea Org Officer arrived, a big, florid man named
Bill Robertson, or "Captain Bill." No one knew what he was up to; it
was "confidential." After a few days, suddenly all of the Scottish
kids working in the Shipping Department were fired. Captain Bill gave
us a briefing that all of these kids had been in the pay of the
"World Federation of Mental Health," or "Smersh" as he called it
(after the shadowy evil organization in the James Bond novels). They
had been hired by a local "Psych" to come into the Pubs Org and
sabotage the shipping lines.

"Just like in a James Bond novel. Right. The whole thing sounded
weirdly implausible and paranoid to me, but we duly applauded Captain
Bill for his heroics. That was my first encounter with the wild and
wonderful world of Bill Robertson.

"To strike back at the "psychs," he sent us out one dark night on a
"raid" of what we were told was the local headquarters of the WFMH.
We rushed through the building, putting up lurid posters that Hubbard
had sent from the ship, depicting psychiatrists as leering
deaths-head skulls, terrorizing innocent citizens. It seemed to me
more like a college prank. Captain Bill then left, having struck a
crippling blow against the enemy!"

Author: Jeff Hawkins, from his blog at: 

(also published as the book Counterfeit Dreams).

I do not remember that actual incident.  I guess I was a bit of an
old fogey (Jeff kindly describes me as "bookish", I think), and they
were young hippies, certainly not my cup of tea. So I was aware of a
lot of running about and talking of Smersh, but I thought it was sort
of James Bond games of an innocent nature the youngsters were
playing, perhaps to keep their spirits up.

I recommend a study of the Data Series.Perhaps an internship in it. For reading the words just once, is not sufficient.  Getting some mass with demos, and examples, preferably with some one who really knows and has used Data Series Evaluation succesfully many times. It is one of the pearls of Ron's legacy, worth more than (as they say) "a lick and a promise".