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The big type on the front page of this site tells it all. Perhaps, though, I should emphasis that the word Scientology has a different meaning for me than for many people, perhaps you. Throughout this site, Scientology is a subject I met in 1954, as a form of therapy, and since became for me also a philosophy, the first thing I came across which gave a fairly reasonable (though at first hard to grasp) understanding of life.

After I first contacted Scientology a Church of Scientology was formed (I think first there was something called "The Church of American Science", which I believe Ray Kemp was a minister of). Much later people began to regard the organisation, and even buildings as "Scientology".

So you, reading this, may think of something different from what I think of when I think of Scientology, but I have no other word. So please accept that when I mention Scientology I mean a subject, both a philosophy of life, and to some degree a therapy (more a way of increasing ability).

If you remember that as you read this site (if you do), then we will get along better.

I hope to get this site up and "finished" with in the next few years - pushed a bit by the fact the end of my present bodies life is approaching. I do not think it will be easy for me, as I am changing my opinions, and importances as time goes on.

Perhaps the most important thing to mention in this introduction is that you will not really learn what Scientology is from this site. The site assumes you know a fair amount about it, I would hope that you have read all Hubbard's books from the 50's, preferably in a version which has not been edited by what I call the "Latter Day Church" - for changes were made around 2005 and instructions given for all earlier versions to be destroyed (typical of a cult or regime with something to hide). It would also be helpful if you had heard some of Hubbard's lectures, preferably from the 50's, and probably best with a transcript. These are available, with the pieces which have been removed at a later time still there. And ideally you should have used Scientology in life (the basic principles) and in auditing others (the old motto was "any two people can do it"), and had a smattering of training from some one (or group) with their head screwed on straight.

With regard to my background, I have put my Scientology passport on to give some indication of some details of my Scientology career. To those who go up in classification, I should make clear that I have no classification other than a Class V (the story behind that is a big joke). I do have certificates (who hasn't who has been any time in Scientology!); notably an HPA certificate from June 1956, and a Hubbard Happiness Rundown Auditor Certificate (I also was interned successfully) from about 1980. So if you are looking for a Class XII with authority you can remove this home page from your favourites. In fact my Scientology staff career (about ten years) was divided fairly equally between admin and tech. And the Admin included time in the newly formed Scientology Publications Organisation. I have, however, never been in the Sea Org. When the time for that came, 1970, I could not face it (poor confront :-) ). So you are looking at a sort of all rounder, perhaps a jack of all trades and master of none, as the saying goes.